Formerly Unlisted Video now available - Snowflake Chain Card

I originally created this project as a guest designer for a UStamp with Dawn and Friends event. You can read the original post here: Snowflake Chain Card

I keep the videos for these paid events unlisted for the first couple of months and then make them public once the video has "leaked out" via public Pinterest links.

As it turns out, this is a great day to share this video as it is another example of making a Pop 'n Cuts Window Card, which is the subject of today's *NEW* tutorial for how to create windows on the front of Pop 'n Cuts cards that will perfectly line up with the pop-up. I used the same technique for this Snowflake Chain card as with the new Coffee Card, minus the removable tape, which was an idea I thought of later. (To see the video for the Coffee Window Card, either scroll down to the post below this one or follow this handy link: December Designer Challenge - Anything Goes!)

For this card, there's another technique showcased as well, which is constructing a chain of items that will be visible through the window in the closed position, but then expand into a chain as the card is opened.

You could use this same technique with any image - think about hearts, or butterflies, or gingerbread men, or ???.


 Here is the video tutorial:


And one more photo from a side view:


 For this project I used these three Karen Burniston Pop 'n Cuts for Stampin' Up! dies: 

USwD&F: Heating up the Holidays Project #2: Snowflake Chain Card

This is my second project for the UStamp with Dawn and Friends Heating up the Holidays event. A private video tutorial and downloadable PDF instruction sheet should be uploaded to the site soon, and I imagine that Dawn will send out an e-mail to the registered students of the event letting them know when it loads.

What's nifty about this card is that a window on the front of the card allows the recipient to see the snowflake in the "closed" position, where it appears to be just a stationary embellishment behind the window. Open the card, however, and the snowflake expands into a chain of snowflakes. Plus, the chain is attached to the top of the Label Pop 'n Cuts, creating more pop-up dimension.

If you are not a registered student of the event you'll have to purchase access to download the full supply list and instructions, plus receive the private video tutorial link, but you'll also gain access to a bunch of other great holiday projects in the process, all made with Stampin' Up! products.

For this project I used these three exclusive Karen Burniston Pop 'n Cuts for Stampin' Up! products:

Just think of the other items you could chain together for this type of card - flowers, hearts, butterflies, etc. If you wanted to, you could also dangle things off the chain that would hang in the card while open. 

Oh the possibilities! Have fun!

Halloween Flying Easel Card w/*FREE* Ghost Template

I love it when I post a card idea and it inspires other people to try it. In the case of the Flying Easel Card, I posted a photo about a month ago of the Pop 'n Cuts Butterfly Flying Easel Card that I designed for UStamp with Dawn & Friends' Cards with Cool Moves event. That card has a video and PDF tutorial, but they are only available to the registered students of the CWCM event.

Not that you really need a video, mind you. It's one of those cards that you can just look at and figure out, which is what Frances Byrne did when she posted her beautiful Merry Christmas Flying Easel Card complete with flying Christmas tree.

This week Shelly Hickox posted a gorgeous Birdcage Flying Easel Card using her signature Faux Finishes. 

So now, in one of those "inspiration full circle" sort of things, my friends have inspired me to make another Flying Easel card, this time with a basic picture tutorial and a *FREE* template for the ghosts.

This card is heavily influenced by Shelly's. Her Faux Finishes are so beautiful that I took a baby step in that direction by embossing my hanging ghosts and frame to give them more weight and shine. Shelly also mentioned wanting to make a FEC that also pulled up a fence, and we discussed how that might be done using a combination of mechanisms. In my case, I took the lazy way out and just glued a fence behind the bottom section of the frame. The mechanism combo idea has great promise, though, and I'm hoping Shelly attempts it!


Both Shelly and Frances cut the inner (smaller) shape out of the Pop 'n Cuts Base and then glued a full frame around the opening, using adhesive only on the bottom half of the frame. This is a great way to make the card and for a photo tutorial of that method, check out Shelly's post

Mine is a little different because I also cut a half-outer-frame from the Pop 'n Cuts card base. This gives me a double layer for the upper frame so I can sandwich the fishing line between the two layers. Either way works and the card will look essentially the same regardless of the method you choose.

If you'd like to make my version of the card, first you'll need the template for the ghost. Click the link below to open the file and then you will be able to save it to your computer. (Personal use only!)

  Download Hanging_Ghost_Template

 Here's how I made my card:01_FEC

To make the outer frame, I used the largest two Wavy Labels Framelits. I used strips of Washi Tape over a piece of white cardstock until I got an area large enough to cut the frame.


For my ghosts, I cut them from white cardstock and then pounced them with Versamark ink, covered them with white embossing powder and then heat set. I repeated this three times to get an enamel look. To assemble the Ghosts, I started by sliding #2 into #1, getting the bottom notch in the slot, and then folding down the back of #2 to get it through the slot. Unfold on the other side to lock the pieces together.


The third Ghost goes in the same way - start by getting the bottom notch through BOTH of the previous ghosts until the bottom notch is in. Then fold down the back half and slide it through the slot, unfolding on the other side and locking the pieces together. You'll now have a triple ghost that will open and close.  


The solid Ghost can be used as an Easel Stopper. I flipped the ghost to the back, added strips of black Washi Tape over the eye holes, and then on the front I stuck small googly eyes to the sticky side of the tape. To make sure the eyes stayed permanently, I also added Glossy Accents around them.


To make the card, I first die cut a Pop 'n Cuts Square Card with Ornate Edge using no Pop 'n Cuts insert, so I had a solid card. I cut the oval from the front of the card.


For the outer frame, I only wanted to cut the upper half, so I stopped my upper cutting pad at the halfway point of the Framelit and then rolled it through. 


Now fold the front of the card as shown. The outer frame will stand up, providing a place to attach the fishing line that hangs the triple ghost. I also glued a die cut fence to the back side of the frame.


Then I glued the Washi Tape frame, which I had also pounced with Versamark Ink and embossed with clear powder until it was enameled, to the front of the card. I also added the solid ghost, on pop-dots, to the interior of the card in a position where the googly eyes would be viewable through the holes of the triple ghost when the card was closed.


You can see how the card operates in this side view. Notice the solid ghost elevated on pop-dots so the easel has a stopper.


The moon is just a 2" circle with a black stamped bat and some ink brushed around the edges. I attached it behind the upper part of the frame so it will raise and lower with the card. The greeting is from a Stampin' Up! stamp set called Best of Halloween. A lovely gift from my friend Fran Sabad. 


I cut another Pop 'n Cuts Card Base from black cardstock and added it to the back of the card to make it sturdier. I attached it lower than the other card so I would have room for some little photo turns to keep the card closed. It lays pretty flat without a closure, but it's nice for getting in and out of the envelope without an accidental reveal.


You can see in this close-up how I attached the fishing line. I used a crimp bead over the line to seal the loop and then just attached the ends between the two upper frames.


Here are some shopping links for the three dies I used:


Other Supplies:

Authentique "Glowing, Enchanted" Patterned Paper

Washi Tape

Stampin' Up! Greeting stamps

Lawn Fawn Bat stamp

Googly Eyes

Fishing line + crimp bead

White & Clear Embossing Powders

Happy Haunting!

EDITED TO ADD: Once my unlisted videos get leaked to the public via Pinterest then there's no reason to leave them unlisted. Here's a video tutorial for a Flying Easel Card:


USwD&F: Cards w/Cool Moves Project #2: Pop 'n Cuts Standing Dress Form Card


One of the lovely things about having product back in the Stampin' Up! catalog is that I get to be a guest designer again for UStamp with Dawn and Friends events. In fact, I've done enough of Dawn's events that my little avatar has moved out of the "Grand Guest Designer" category and into the "Creative Crew Girl" category. Go me! 

Except that I blew my deadlines for Cards with Cool Moves so terribly that I think my avatar might be moving back into guest status! (Sorry everyone!)

Cards with Cool Moves is over as far as new and/or live content, except for this final project from me, which should be posted to Dawn's site tonight with a video and PDF tutorial. The concept of this card is how to convert the Stampin' Up! Dress Form Pop 'n Cuts die from a 90 degree box design into a 180 degree stand-up design. It's a very simple technique, but opens up a lot of other possiblities for this die.

If you want access to the instructions you have to buy your way in, but I can say for certain that you'll learn a lot of great techniques in this event, even though all the live chats are done. All of the photos and tutorials are available for download if you purchase access. I perused Pinterest looking for pins from the designers who created for this event and compiled what I could find onto a UStamp with Dawn and Friends: Cards With Cool Moves Pinterest Board.

Check out the board to get a taste for the project suites available. You'll learn how to make triple easel cards, pop-up cards, accordion cards, swing cards, lever cards, penny cards, double sliders and more! The event is open to anyone who wants to learn fabulous techniques, it's not just for SU demos. Products used are all Stampin' Up! but the techniques can be used with any products. My Pop 'n Cuts Standing Dress Form card uses the SU Exclusive Pop 'n Cuts Card Base, the Dress Form insert, the Dress up Framelits plus the Deco Labels Framelits.

Click the blinkie below to purchase access to all the instructions. 

If you prefer to try out one of Dawn's events that is still currently going on, check out Heating up the Holidays. I am making two cards for this event as well - one will be Halloween and one will be Christmas. Both will use the Pop 'n Cuts dies that are exclusive to Stampin' Up!
I think if you click on this little blinkie it takes you where you need to go to sign up:

Many thanks to Dawn for the opportunity to guest design for these events. I love Stampin' Up! products!

Video Tutorial: Pop 'n Cuts Ribbon Tree Floating Floor

Today I'm blogging on the Sizzix blog with a Designer Challenge to use any of the Pop 'n Cuts inserts that depict imagery. Here are the ten inserts included in the challenge:


I invited ten designers from four countries and five states to create something using any of the ten inserts shown. A big thank you to Anna-Karin, Caz, Donna, Fran, Frances, Gretchen, Helen, Kelly, Raquel and Shelly. You will find all their projects with links to the full blog posts on the Sizzix blog: Pop 'n Cuts Imagery Inserts Designer Challenge

For my contribution, I created a Floating Floor for the Ribbon Tree Insert by scoring and folding the Pop 'n Cuts card itself. For the Stand-up designs (Ribbon Tree, Star, Poinsettia and Frame) you could use these same measurements to create a floor and you will not need a special template to do so.


The video tutorial shows how to achieve this effect:

Here are the measurements for the Floating Floor:


Here's a side view of the floor for a better visual of the L supports. The center tree is the original Pop 'n Cuts ribbon tree and is supported in the usual "tent" fashion, so there are no L supports for that tree. You'll only need L supports for any extra pop-up items that you place around the floor.


Here are shopping links for all three Pop 'n Cuts Base Die options, plus all ten Imagery inserts (plus the Noel insert because it's used in the project). For each insert, I've added a link to the decorator die (or dies) that perfectly coordinate. These are all shopping links for, who has everything in stock (as of this moment) except the Butterfly Window Insert and Bigz Butterflies & Labels. Sizzix tells me that a re-order is expected in a couple of weeks. The Stampin' Up! Exclusive dies can be ordered through your local demonstrator. 

Oh! And there's another great project to see - Anna-Karin's Butterfly Window masterpiece on the Simon Says Stamp Blog here.

Once again, a huge THANK YOU to my talented designer friends for accepting the Designer Challenge. Next month's challenge is scheduled for September 19th on the Sizzix blog.


Check out this Frantastic version of the Ribbon Tree Floating Floor card by Fran Sabad. (See it here: Floating Floor Santa Scene) I love how Fran added the little stamped Santa and Rudolph in front of the trees. Fran used the same scoring measurements with the Stampin' Up! Exclusive Pop 'n Cuts Base and it worked perfectly.


USwD&F: Cards w/Cool Moves Project #1: Pop 'n Cuts Flying Easel Card


One of the lovely things about having product back in the Stampin' Up! catalog is that I get to be a guest designer again for UStamp with Dawn and Friends events. In fact, I've done enough of Dawn's events that my little avatar has moved out of the "Grand Guest Designer" category and into the "Creative Crew Girl" category. Go me! 

My first card for Cards with Cool Moves has been posted and we will have a live chat tonight at 10pm EST on the CWCM website. All of the other projects have already been posted (other than my #2 project which will be posted next week) so after seeing them all I can say with certainty that you will learn AMAZING interactive projects by purchasing access to this event. 

In fact, I perused Pinterest looking for pins from the designers who created for this event and compiled what I could find onto a UStamp with Dawn and Friends: Cards With Cool Moves Pinterest Board.

Check out the board to get a taste for the project suites available. You'll learn how to make triple easel cards, pop-up cards, accordion cards, swing cards, lever cards, penny cards, double sliders and more! The event is open to anyone who wants to learn fabulous techniques, it's not just for SU demos. Products used are all Stampin' Up! but the techniques can be used with any products. My Pop 'n Cuts Flying Easel card uses the SU Exclusive Pop 'n Cuts Card Base plus the Deco Labels Framelits.

Click the blinkie below to purchase access to all the instructions. I also post private video instructions for my cards, in addition to a downloadable printable PDF instruction sheet.

I was lucky enough to meet Dawn in person at Stampin' Up! Convention a couple of weeks ago. I have scoured my phone looking for the photo that I know we took together, but can't find it! What?! Maybe she will send me hers. 

I met a lot of people at SU Convention - here's the view from my demo table. Talk about a big energetic awesome crowd! What a fantastic experience. I loved it!


Stampin' Up! Label Pop 'n Cuts Bird Card

Yes, I still exist. I'm still trying to get caught up on things after being gone a week at Stampin' Up! Convention followed by CHA. I'm sure I have some pictures somewhere I could post...

In the meantime, I realized that I never shared this card I made using the new Label Pop 'n Cuts insert exclusive to Stampin' Up! 


The nifty stamp that fits the Deco Label Framelits (black frame behind the bird and on the front of the card) is from the Morning Post Numbers set in the Holiday Catalog Page 36. Other stamp sets used: Papaya Collage (bird, butterfly) IB&C p 62, Chalk Talk IB&C p 12. I also the Polka Dot Parade DSP, the Natural Composition Specialty Paper, some leftover Tea For Two DSP, Crumbcake and Calypso Coral Cardstocks.

In addition to the Stampin' Up! Exclusive Pop 'n Cuts dies linked below, I also used the Little Leaves Sizzlits and a twig from the backyard!

Stampin' Up! Convention - Day 1 Requests!

OK, so I didn't know what to expect demoing at Stampin' Up! 25-year convention and now I do - a BIG CROWD!!!

What amazing creativity and talent is electrifying the air around the Salt Palace Convention Center. I am in awe and so honored and excited to be here.

For today's demo hours, from 11-5, I believe they're going to put up a mirror booth and have a mic, so it should be easier for more people to hear. 

As promised, I have assembled all my recent Tutorials using Stampin' Up! Pop 'n Cuts into this handy list. 

02 WeddingOpen

Doubling the dress form -  Click Here

Download a FREE Tuxedo Template to fit the Dress Form - Click Here

Watch a video tutorial for the Amour Dress Card - Click Here

Floating Framelits Card

Watch a video tutorial for the Floating Framelits Card - Click Here

03 Stampin Up Queen of Hearts Card Details

Download a Floating Floor template to fit the Dress Form - Click Here

Uncle Sam Pop n Cuts Inside Front

Download a Free Uncle Sam Template - Click Here

SU TY Butterfly Inside

Embossing Framelits - Click Here

Mothers Day Pop up Open

Dress Form Decorating Tips - Click Here

SU PNC Pinterest Board

Follow my Stampin' Up! Pop 'n Cuts Board on Pinterest (which includes photos and links to all the Pop 'n Cuts cards that were on the table by Fran Sabad plus many, many more!) - Click Here

Speaking of Fran Sabad - Bookmark her blog

How did I find all these tutorials so quickly? I just sorted my blog into just Stampin' Up! Posts. There's a handy little category tab at the top of the blog.

SU Posts

If you'd like to find me around the web, you'll find a handy set of links in this blog's sidebar to the left. You can also subscribe to this blog by e-mail.

Well it's time to get showered and dressed and head over for an exciting Day Two of SU Convention! Come see me in the Product Playground today from 11-5 pm!

Stampin' Up! Pop 'n Cuts - BIG NEWS! Plus two video tutorials

To all my Stampin' Up! crafty followers, I have some BIG NEWS that I am now free to share.

I will be demoing Pop 'n Cuts at SU! Convention in a few short weeks!

I am SO EXCITED! And honored, of course, because I am not a demonstrator myself, so I feel very privileged to be asked to be a special guest at Convention, and especially as they are celebrating 25 years! 

Who will I meet there? Leave me a comment if you're going.

In other SU-related news, I have unhidden a couple of previously unlisted video tutorials for a UStamp with Dawn & Friends event I did a few months ago. I noticed that the video links had been posted to Pinterest, so they had already become public, so there was no reason to leave them as "unlisted". Here they are:

Amour Dress Card


The second project is a way that you can create the look of an Accordion Card using nesting Framelits dies. 

Floating Framelits Card


Of course, if you don't want to have to do the work by hand, there's always the Bigz Accordion Album die with matching Bigz Frame & Label, Bracket die. They are in stock right now at Here are some shopping links. These dies tend to sell out fast, so grab them while you can:

I often am asked in my classes if all the cards I bring with me are posted on my blog. They are, but it can be somewhat difficult to find them here. A much easier place to find all the Pop 'n Cuts ideas is to follow me on Pinterest. I also repin ideas I find on Pinterest, so you'll get more ideas than just what's been posted here on my blog. However, if you fall in love with an idea, make sure you click to the associated website - you may find more photos or a tutorial.

I also have a Pinterest board where I pin ideas using my products for Stampin' Up!: Stampin' Up! Pop 'n Cuts cards

You can also Join my Mailing List - just click the big blue button in this blog's sidebar. Don't worry about a full in-box - I try to remember to send one newsletter a month, but that's usually the maximum. Sometimes I run special giveaways for my mailing list with code words, etc., so you wouldn't want to be left out of a prize.

I do also love subscribers to my YouTube channel.

Happy Crafting!

How to emboss Framelits (using *NEW* Stampin' Up! Deco Label)

The new Stampin' Up! 2013-2014 Annual Catalog is available now through your local demonstrator. There are two new designs to add to the exclusive Pop 'n Cuts collection at Stampin' Up! - the Label Pop 'n Cuts Insert, plus companion Deco Label Framelits to decorate.

SU TY Butterfly Front

There are four nesting labels in the Framelits set, including larger ones for the fronts of cards, in addition to one that will perfectly fit the Pop 'n Cuts insert, leaving a little shadow. Look how nicely the Framelits work with the From My Heart stamp set. I also used Polka Dot Parade DSP and Not Quite Navy ink, plus the Beautiful Wings Embosslits for the butterflies, cut from Glimmer Paper and attached with wire.

SU TY Butterfly Details

The cool embossed effect with the Framelits is the focus of today's tutorial. Let's look at the card's inside first:

SU TY Butterfly Inside

You can see that the new Label Pop 'n Cuts insert fits in the Pop 'n Cuts Card Base to cut a very quick, easy and generic pop-up card. I used the same stamp set and the same glimmer butterfly motif inside the card.

SU TY Butterfly Details2

This close-up photo will show how the Deco Label Framelits fit on the PNC and leaves a slight shadow all the way around. To ink the greetings, I used Stampin' Write markers in Not Quite Navy and Black directly on the stamps. I was inspired by Fran to make two-tone greetings. Hers always look so nice! I used wire to suspend the butterflies, taping the ends to the front of the pop-up before adding the decorator label over the top.

Here's how I achieved the embossed look to my Framelits:


01 Supplies
1. Use Sizzix 655120 Impressions Pad (rigid) and 655121 Silicone Rubber pad (flexible)
02 Emboss1
2. On Tab 1 of the Big Shot Multi-purpose platform, place the rigid pad, then the silicone pad, then the paper (face up), then the Framelits (blade up)
03 Emboss2
3. Add a standard cutting pad over the top and roll through the Big Shot
04 Emboss3
4. Remove the die and see how it has debossed the paper
05 Cut1
5. Switch to Tab 2 of the Multipurpose platform and make a standard Framelits sandwich, using a larger Framelits die from the set. Use a standard cutting pad on Tab 2, then the paper (face up), then the die (blade down), then another standard cutting pad. Roll through the machine.
06 Cut2
6. Remove the paper from the die.
07 Ink
7. Ink (if desired) to show the embossed/debossed areas.

Add the inked label to a Pop 'n Cuts card for a quick impressive card!

SU Thank You Butterfly Card

Besides Pop 'n Cuts (naturally), what are your favorite new products in the new Stampin' Up! catalog? I am excited to try the new Big Shot Magnetic Platform with my Framelits.

I am also excited to see some fun ideas with the new Label Pop 'n Cuts Insert and matching Deco Label Framelits!