Formerly Unlisted Video now available - Snowflake Chain Card

I originally created this project as a guest designer for a UStamp with Dawn and Friends event. You can read the original post here: Snowflake Chain Card

I keep the videos for these paid events unlisted for the first couple of months and then make them public once the video has "leaked out" via public Pinterest links.

As it turns out, this is a great day to share this video as it is another example of making a Pop 'n Cuts Window Card, which is the subject of today's *NEW* tutorial for how to create windows on the front of Pop 'n Cuts cards that will perfectly line up with the pop-up. I used the same technique for this Snowflake Chain card as with the new Coffee Card, minus the removable tape, which was an idea I thought of later. (To see the video for the Coffee Window Card, either scroll down to the post below this one or follow this handy link: December Designer Challenge - Anything Goes!)

For this card, there's another technique showcased as well, which is constructing a chain of items that will be visible through the window in the closed position, but then expand into a chain as the card is opened.

You could use this same technique with any image - think about hearts, or butterflies, or gingerbread men, or ???.


 Here is the video tutorial:


And one more photo from a side view:


 For this project I used these three Karen Burniston Pop 'n Cuts for Stampin' Up! dies: 

FINAL Sizzix Karen Burniston Designer Challenge - Anything Goes!

My final Sizzix Karen Burniston Designer Challenge is on the Sizzix blog today. For the challenge, I issued an Anything Goes theme - the designers could choose any Karen Burniston die to make a project of any theme, any style. The only catch was that I wanted them each to use a different Pop 'n Cuts insert or pop-up die, so the last challenge would showcase as many of my dies as possible. As it turns out, between all of the projects there are 35 different Karen Burniston dies used. How cool is that?!

Wow! They hit it out of the park! You'll definitely want to head over to the Sizzix Blog to see all their projects with links to their blog posts.

There is also a new project from me. This is the card I made for Gretchen's birthday last week. Gretchen loves coffee, the color green, Kraft colored cardstock, Alan Rickman, Adam Levine, and books, books and more books. I was able to work three of those passions into this card. (Alan Rickman was represented in her card from a few years ago, actually. See it here, in between the sock monkey and Jack Skellington: A snowman for any season)


The technique for Gretchen's birthday card is how to easily create windows in the front of Pop 'n Cuts cards that will perfectly line up with the pop-up in the closed position. This is a great way to let an image or greeting pull double-duty as both an exterior and interior decoration. You'll be able to use this technique on any of the inserts that work in a horizontal orientation. (See a list of those inserts on the Sizzix Blog Post)

Watch this video to learn how I made Gretchen's card using the Window technique:


Here are some additional photos, followed by some shopping links for the products used.








Now even though this is the final SIZZIX Designer Challenge, it is certainly not the end of the Karen Burniston Designer Challenges! We will pick back up again in February showcasing my brand new dies for Elizabeth Craft Designs. You'll see ideas from your favorite designers as well as some new designers, so definitely stay tuned for that. 

How do you stay tuned? I asked Gretchen to send me the code for a great summary of my accounts that she has posted on her blog. Thanks, G! You can also find these links in the left sidebar of this blog.

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Gretchen and I went to lunch yesterday to celebrate her birthday. She liked her card and the glass bead I gave her for her new Pandora bracelet. She told me her tee-shirt was a birthday present from herself! How cool is she? (Answer - very!!!)


I'll leave you with some shopping links for the Coffee Birthday Card: 

Get Started with Pop 'n Cuts - A2 Base + Circle Stitched Framelits

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Today I want to talk to the folks who haven't yet taken the plunge with Pop 'n Cuts. I often read comments on blogs where people say they have been "resisting" the Pop 'n Cuts dies. Why resist? They're so fun!

The A2 Pop 'n Cuts Base comes prebundled with your first insert, the Circle Label, and right out of the box you can be making some wonderful dynamic pop-up cards. Add in one accessory die - the Circles & Labels Stitched Framelits, and you've got everything you need to make awesome cards.

Patterned paper is a great way to fill space quickly and economically. Most scrapbooking papers are double-sided and there is usually at least one or two papers in every collection that include cut-out embellishments - tags, captions, borders, etc. 

Another comment I hear a lot is "I don't have the (time/skills/patience/die collection) to create the elaborate cards you feature on your blog, Karen."

Good point. I do sometimes cram a lot of dies and techniques into one card and/or video. What can I say? I crave attention. Ha ha.

OK, so here's what I set out to do today. I wanted to convince people that by purchasing just the A2 Pop 'n Cuts Base with included Circle Label plus the companion Circle & Labels Stitched Framelits, that it would be easy to make a pop-up card using just a few sheets of patterned paper and a little ribbon. 


All of my supplies are linked at the bottom of this post, by the way. The patterned paper is from Bo Bunny's Elf Magic collection.

OK, let's get started on the card. I cut a 5" vertical strip from one of the papers with a great graphic in the lower right corner. What a great way to let the patterned paper do all the work for me with my interior decorations. 


When using any Pop 'n Cuts insert, just make sure that the tick marks on the insert are aligned with the tick marks on the base. This ensures that you have the insert placed correctly for a centered card. I often use washi tape on my Pop 'n Cuts bases to show me where the edges of the cut blades are. Makes for easy placement of the paper plus I can identify my different Pop 'n Cuts Base Dies very quickly by just looking at the color/shape of the tape.

You'll need Extended Cutting Pads to use Pop 'n Cuts dies, since they are long dies. After placing the paper over the die cutting area, make a sandwich between the two long cutting pads and roll through the Big Shot. Notice how beat up my cutting pads are - they will etch the image of the dies every time you use them, until eventually they have to be replaced. This is normal!


The Circle Label is a simple box pop-up. Simply get your thumbs into the "box", slide them up to find the fold across the back, scissor your fingers around the card and this will allow you to easily work that fold across the back that brings the circle label forward into the card. Find where the "box" turns down (on both sides of the label) and then close the card to find the final fold, where the circle label touches the card.


To create a backing card (to cover the hole in the pop-up card) simply remove the insert from the die and place a piece of paper over the die with nothing in it. After die cutting using the extended cutting pads, you will have a plain A2-sized card with rounded corners. Fold the card in half.

Typically with Pop 'n Cuts cards you'll want to trim down either your inner pop-up card or your outer backing card so you are not trying to align two of the same-size card, which usually results in the outer card "shifting" when you close the card. 

For my card today, I wanted to preserve a full backing card AND a full pop-up card, so the secret, in that case, is to trim the pop-up card on the center tick marks.



Use scissors to shave just a little paper out of the center tick marks on both sides of the card. This will separate the back part of the card into two halves, but the pop-up itself will keep the halves joined together. Now use a tape runner on one half of the pop-up card, align the outer rounded corners of the pop-up and the backing cards and adhere. Then add tape runner to the other half of the pop-up card (always avoid the pop-up areas with adhesive) and line up the other end's rounded corners. You'll be left with a perfectly-aligned card (no shifting!) with a little stripe of backing card visible at the center line. 


Now I'm switching to the accessory die, and my first step is to cut a frame around one of the cute little Santas in the patterned paper. After die cutting the frame using two cutting pads and the Magnetic Platform, I then switch to the Silicone and Impressions pads to do the embossing step. For this card I did a pressed-down Debossed Stitch. Learn how to do this technique in this video:



You'll see in the photo on the left the way the debossed stitches look without ink. Add a little ink to them (right photo) and they are much more visible. Since the edges of the Framelits die are also debossed during this technique, they will also be highlighted with the ink.



To finish the card's interior I used pop dots on the back of the label and stuck it to the pop-up label. I also added a border strip (cut from the patterned papers) to the card up next to the fold and behind the pop-up. For the top half, I wrapped a ribbon around the card and tied in a decorative knot.


The card front was desperately simple. I simply cut out the greeting block from a piece of the patterned paper and attached it with pop-dots.



I thought this would be the end of my blog post, but as I looked at the pile of remaining supplies it struck me that I could surely get another basic card from the leftovers.



I am not going to walk through all the steps of this card, but I did want to show how you would align your paper and die when you want to make a horizontal Circle Label pop-up card.


Still align your tick marks on the Pop 'n Cuts Base, but then arrange the die so the fold line in the insert is toward the right. Also align your paper face up as shown. After die cutting, you'll have a pop-up that works as a horizontal card:



For this card I did have to add a piece of white cardstock. I didn't have a big enough leftover piece of patterned paper that would work in the horizontal direction needed for this card's backing card. I used one half of the white cardstock as a backing card and then used the Circle Label Stitched Framelits to make a large white decorator label from the leftover cardstock for the front of the card. On this label I tried something new - doing BOTH the debossed and the embossed stitches. After inking it gave an interesting effect where the raised stitches turned red and the debossed stitches stayed white.


 For decorating the pop-up I kept it very simple, with just raised stitch lines and a present (from the patterned paper) cut with the smallest Framelits die in the set.



This is a great illustration of how patterned paper can do all the heavy lifting in a card. Simply die cut, fold and you're practically done!




I definitely thought this would be the end of my blog post, but as I looked at the meager pile of leftover materials I thought . . . could I squeeze one more card out of them?



For this card I did not use the Pop 'n Cuts die to make the backing card. Instead, I was able to get half of an A2 card from leftover patterned paper and the other half from the leftover white cardstock. Before adhering the pop-up in the card I cut two parallel slits on the upper fold line to create an extra little stair-step pop-up inside the card. I affectionately refer to those little extra stairstep platforms as "chunky" and by making one, you get an extra platform for animating, in this case, my patterned paper present and postmark.



At the end of this card I was left with only these scraps. Not too shabby!





Can you believe it? Three quick, easy and affordable cards using just the Pop 'n Cuts Base Die and Circle Label Stitched Framelits plus three sheets of double-sided paper, one sheet of cardstock, some ribbon, ink and a few pop-dots. 

Well I hope I've convinced you that Pop 'n Cuts cards do not have to cost a fortune or take a lifetime to create. If you've been "resisting", it's time to take the leap and get started! Pop-up cards are like a little bit of magic and everyone loves to receive them!

Here are some shopping links: 

November Pop 'n Cuts Card Class (w/instructions)

Last week was insane. John was out of town all week on business, I had my monthly Designer Challenge post to complete, and because we were going out of town to a family wedding for the weekend, the dogs had to go to the vet for a mandatory canine flu vaccine, which resulted in Katie going to the doggie E.R. later that night with an allergic reaction.


I did manage to get Friday's card class designed and kitted, but ran out of time to complete my usual instruction sheets for each card. I promised my students that I would put the photos and instructions on my blog, so here they are.

 CARD #1: Butterfly Clear "Thank You" Card


  1. Using the Square Pop 'n Cuts Base with Ornate Edge, die cut a piece of Cinder Cardstock to be the backing card.
  2. Fold a piece of lightweight green spotted patterned paper in half and place it on the die with the fold line about 1/8" lower than the tick marks on the die. After die cutting, this will create a shorter version of the decorative-edged card, giving a two-tone effect top and bottom. Before adhering the green card inside the backing card, trim a little from both sides of the green card to create side borders.
  3. Place the Label Pop 'n Cuts Insert inside the Pop 'n Cuts Base and cover with a thin clear material (Grafix lightweight clear, write-on-transparency or Bazzill light plastic paper) Work the folds to create the pop-up label.
  4. Die cut two borders using the Banner & Borders Thinlits and glue them onto the transparency sheet near the top and near the bottom as shown. Use scissors to trim away any clear material above and below the borders. Add mini glue-dots or glue behind the border pieces and adhere the pop-up piece inside the card, aligning the center folds. (Use adhesive only behind the border pieces where it will be hidden.)
  5. Use the Label Framelits to cut a decorater label for the front of the pop-up. Also use the Framelits set to cut the center portion of a label to stamp with "Thank You". Layer the two pieces onto the pop-up label.
  6. Die cut a small butterfly from glitter paper. To attach the butterfly where it will definitely be hidden when the card is closed, first place the butterfly face down near the edge of the card. Add a mini-glue dot to the lower wing and close the card against it. This will attach the butterfly to the pop-up label in a position that works.
  7. Tie a ribbon bow and attach inside the card.
  8. For the front of the card, die cut a large patterned paper label using the Label Framelits Set, a large corrugated Butterfly using the Bigz Butterflies & Labels, and a cream cardstock Label Trellis Border using the Sizzlits Decorative Strip die. Cut a section of the border to layer vertically over the label.
  9. For the Butterfly, peel away some of the outer layer to reveal some corrugation and then spray paint with a mixture of glossy white and silver glitter. (Craft store purchases) After the paint dries, attach the butterfly to the label using a staple vertically in the center. Use two large self-adhesive pearls to cover the staple.
  10. The finished card measures 5" x 5" and can be mailed in an A7 rectangular envelope (5" x 7") for a single stamp.

Supply Links for Butterfly Card:

CARD #2: Rudolph Gift Card Holder


  1. Cut a 4" x 6" piece of green patterned paper. Place the Circle Label Pop 'n Cuts insert into the A2 Pop 'n Cuts Base die and align the tick marks in the center. Place the patterned paper centered over the Circle Label portion of the die and die cut. Work the folds to create the pop-up circle label.
  2. Remove the insert and die cut a patterned paper backing card. Fold the backing card in half and attach the pop-up label piece inside the backing card using a tape runner and avoiding the pop-up areas.
  3. Die cut a cream Gift Card Holder, a green small tag and a white large tag using the Gift Card Holder Framelits dies. Stamp the reindeer onto the gift card holder and then attach it to the front of the pop up. Add washi tape to the small tag and then staple it somewhere on the Gift Card Holder. Add a red glitter dot to the nose of the reindeer.
  4. Die cut two red swirly borders from the Banner & Borders Thinlits die set. Cut a 0.5" strip of leftover red and glue the red strip and one of the swirly borders inside the card over the paper seams. Add the large white tag as a place to write a personal greeting. 
  5. For the front of the card, emboss a 4" x 5" white piece of cardstock with the Label Trellis Embossing Folder. Cut a decorative edge onto that piece using the Square Pop 'n Cuts Base (or any other type of decorative edge). Glue the embossed piece to the front of the card and add the other red swirly border on the left side.
  6. Stamp the stockings onto a piece of white cardstock and then cut them out using the Labels & Stitched Frames Framelits set. After die cutting, switch to the stitching die to create a raised embossed stitch. Color the stamped image and highlight the raised stitches with a light gray marker. Glue the finished label to the front of the card. (Watch the video below to learn how to make a raised embossed stitch)
  7. The finished card can be mailed in an A2 envelope for a single stamp.

Supplies for Rudolph Gift Card Holder Card:

 CARD #3: Bunny Cocoa Card


  1. Die cut a backing card from patterned paper using the Square Pop 'n Cuts Base with Ornate Edge.  Also cut a black flourish from the same die. Fold the backing card in half.
  2. Cut a 4.25" x 8.5" piece of cream cardstock and center it over the Mug Pop 'n Cuts insert, placed in the Square Pop 'n Cuts Base die. Die cut and then work the folds to create a pop-up mug on the left side of the card as shown. Round all four corners and stamp the greeting in the lower right corner of the card.
  3. Place a piece of patterned paper over just the mug portion of the die and then trim to just the mug after die cutting. Highlight some of the snowflakes in the patterned paper with glitter dot stickers. 
  4. Hand cut some marshmallows from scraps of white cardstock and glue them to the pop-up mug before adding the paper mug over the top. If desired, highlight some of the marshmallow edges with a light gray marker. Also add two marshmallows to the card above the greeting.
  5. Use a tape runner to add the pop-up card inside the backing card, lining up the center folds and avoiding all the pop-up areas.
  6. Die cut a red felt heart and glue it to the pop-up heart.
  7. For the front of the card, stamp the bunny on a piece of cream cardstock and then use the Labels & Stitched Frames to cut it out, nesting the stitching die inside the cut die for a pressed stitch all in one step. Color the bunny as desired.
  8. Die cut a vellum snowflake and attach it to the label with a large silver brad. Use a red Copic marker to color the brad, if desired. Attach the finished label to the front of the card and overlay with the black flourish.
  9. The finished card measures 5" x 5" and can be mailed in an A7 rectangular envelope (5" x 7") for a single stamp.

Supplies for Bunny Cocoa Card:

CARD #4: Season's Greetings Poinsettia Card


  1. Cut a 4.75" x 12" strip of red patterned paper and red cardstock. Place the Poinsettia Insert in the A2 Pop 'n Cuts Base and die cut the patterned paper. Bring the two poinsettias up to meet in the middle and use a glue dot at the top to hold them together. Remove the Poinsettia Insert from the Pop 'n Cuts base and die cut a red cardstock backing card.
  2. Emboss the backing card using the Berry Swirls Embossing Folder. Before adhering the Pop 'n Cuts card inside the backing card, use scissors to cut the pop-up card on the center fold. (Make sure the Poinsettias are still connected to each other) Trim the length of the pop-up card so some of the background will be visible top and bottom. Use a tape runner to adhere each half of the card into the backing card. By cutting along the center fold the pop-up can open fully flat inside the backing card.
  3. Add Be Creative tape (or Xyron) white cardstock and then die cut the Noel and Poinsettia using the Noel Sizzlits set. Peel up the liner on the adhesive and cover with Warm Glitter, burnishing it into the adhesive for a smooth flake-free finish. Add red glitter dots to the center of the poinsettia and add to the pop-up using pop-dots. 
  4. Die cut two green leaves and one green berry vine and add them to the pop-up as shown. If desired, use red Stickles on the berries. Add strips of coordinating washi tape to the top and bottom seams inside the card. Add the glittery Noel word inside the card.
  5. For the card front, add a strip of patterned paper across the card, then a section of Label Trellis Border strip, die cut from cream cardstock. Die cut two green holly leaves and string floss through a clear and green button.
  6. Use the Sassy Labels Framelits to cut out a stamped white greeting on from red cardstock. Use the pressed down debossed technique to add the stitch lines. (Watch the video for instructions on this look) Add the finished label to the card using pop dots and layer the holly and buttons as shown.
  7. The finished card can be mailed in an A2 envelope. (Use a single button instead of two buttons if worried about the height of the card requiring additional postage)

Season's Greetings Poinsettia Card Supplies: 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

November Designer Challenge - RED + Stitched Framelits

It's my favorite day of the month - Designer Challenge Day! 

Designer BlogsI have amazing designer friends.

Eleven of them participate each month in the Designer Challenge and if you'd like to bookmark their blogs, you'll find a handy list of links in the sidebar to the left. 

The worldwide web is a beautiful thing. The designers are from five different countries and five different states and through the power of the interwebs (heh), all of their amazing inspiration collides into one epic blog post each month.

This month the theme is RED plus Stitched Framelits. You can see all the projects and find links to the specific blog posts on the Sizzix Blog Here.

For my project, I knew I wanted to make a wedding card for John's cousin Jennifer, who is marrying Tony on Saturday. My original thought was to make a more traditional card focused on their big day, but then I spotted this beautiful Home-themed patterned paper from Little Yellow Bicycle and it made me think more in terms of celebrating their future life (and home) that they will build together from this day forward.



This month's video tutorial is an overview of Stitched Framelits and how to get different looks.


For my card, I used the Pressed Down Debossed Stitch effect for all the labels.


 Here is a close-up of the House so you can see some of the details. I embossed the texture onto the house using the Silicone/Impressions sandwich (learn about that technique in the Thankful House Video Tutorial) and then, while the paper was still in the die, I sponged red ink through the holes and onto the embossed surfaces for a clean look. I also used the die as a stencil and outlined all the bricks and slats with a red felt-tip pen before removing the paper from the die. For the curtains, I put tiny strips of a sheer red ribbon in between the window frames and panes. The heart is cut from felt.


For a place to write a personal message, I added a Pressed Down Debossed Sassy Label to the bottom portion of the card.


There are so many amazing RED Stitched Framelits inspiration projects, that you'll want to make sure to check out the Sizzix Blog and then each of the individual blogs as well. Just settle in with a drink and snack - it's worth it!

If you're interested in purchasing the products I used on my project, here are some shopping links. I also included a link to the Circle Label Stitched Framelits, which are not used on my project, but are shown in the video.

My final Designer Challenge for Sizzix will be posted on the Sizzix blog on December 5th. The theme is "Anything Goes" so you will see a wide variety of colors, themes and textures from the designers. One twist, though, is that they will all feature a different insert or die from the Karen Burniston collection. This means that you'll get the opportunity to see around a dozen different dies featured in one post. It will be epic - mark your calendars!

Happy Crafting!

"Be Jolly" Accordion Album

Next week is my monthly Designer Challenge on the Sizzix blog. This month the challenge is:

RED + Stitched Framelits

The designers were challenged to use the color RED predominantly in their project and to also incorporate one of the three *NEW* Stitched Framelits from my Sizzix collection. Their choices for Stitched Framelits are:

Each of these Framelits sets include cut dies and stitch dies which are independent from each other, making it possible to use the stitch lines nested inside the cut dies for a single pass downward stitch, OR the stitched dies can be used on their own to make a pressed stitch on a card front or layout OR they can be used to create a raised embossed stitch by using the Silicone & Impressions pads in place of the bottom cutting pad. To watch me do the raised stitch effect, check out the Thankful House Video (skip to 10:30) and/or the Multi-Tier w/Spiral video (skip to 6:33).

The Designers will be posting their projects on their own blogs next Monday and Tuesday (November 18, 19, 2013) and then I will compile all the project links plus a *BRAND NEW* project and video from me, into one big post on the Sizzix Blog next Thursday, November 21, 2013. If you don't want to wait until Thursday to peruse the designers' projects, make sure you "LIKE" my new Karen Burniston, Designer Facebook Page, where all the projects will be linked in real time as they go up on the designers' blogs.

I decided I needed a warm-up project. I've been so busy with teaching that I haven't had much time for crafting. Plus, CHA is right around the corner and I have a ton of work to do to prepare for my new launch with Elizabeth Craft Designs

For this warm-up project, I decided to use some of my new Stacey Yacula Rubber Stamps from Purple Onion Designs. I fell in love with these stamps after seeing them used so amazingly by both Kelly Booth and Helen Cryer. Of course, after seeing their creations I was also pretty darn intimidated! Ack! 


I cut the Accordion Album out of red cardstock and used the companion Frame & Label Bracket die to cut two red cardstock outer frames and two Shimmer Sheetz outer frames. All of the frames were embossed with the Berry Swirls Embossing Folder.


For the inner panels, I also used the Frame & Label Bracket die to cut the Labels from white cardstock on which I added Be Creative Adhesive Sheets. After die cutting, I removed the liner from the adhesive and covered the white labels with Warm Diamond MicroFine Glitter from Elizabeth Craft Designs. The glitter is so fine that it does not flake off. Just burnish it into the adhesive and you're set. Very easy to stamp right over the top of the glitter and to color the images with Copics.  


The snowman's buttons and the centers of the stamped snowflakes have Glitter Peel-off Dots stickers on them. I love these flat sticker embellishments from Elizabeth Craft Designs that give all the wonder of rhinestones but without any bulk. 

After I stamped and colored each panel of the scene, I ran the panels through the Big Shot using the Labels & Stitched Frames Framelits to add the raised embossed stitch lines. I highlighted the stitches with a dark gray Copic marker.


I used the Gift Card Holder Framelits set to die cut a small tag around my "be jolly!" greeting. I attached the tag to the third page using a rhinestone brad through a felt snowflake (Creative Impressions, from my stash) I felt like the tag needed some edging, so I turned to one of my new favorite items, a Wink of Stella glitter brush pen. They were a gift from Kelly and they are super cool! The ends are brushes and they dispense a liquid color infused with glitter for a very quick and pretty sheen.

Shopping links for the items used on this project are below:

Stay tuned next week for a ton of RED + Stitched Framelits inspiration during Designer Challenge Week!


Remember Wednesday - Halloween Pop-up Dies

In the Fall of 2010 Sizzix released three Karen Burniston Bigz pop-up dies in a Halloween theme. All three are still available and two of them are on sale, through today, as part of the 72-hour Sizzix Sale. (There are 14 other KB dies also part of the sale, so definitely check it out if you're reading this post on October 30, 2013.)

I thought you might be interested in seeing how I used to "pitch" dies to Sizzix. I would make up a color "pitch" sheet like this, showing the features of the die I was proposing:

Pumpkin Die Summary
Sometimes my dies got rejected, like the Castle, Tent, Flip-flop, Magic Card, Bird, House of Cards, Purse, etc. But in this case, the pumpkin made the cut! About a year later the Bigz Pumpkin Die was released:

Here are a few of my old projects using this die:

Felt Pumpkin


Pumpkin Football Card Thanks Coach Card 04 Frame Open 3

With the same basic assembly process, I also pitched a Bat version of this die:

Bat Bigz Die Summary

The Bat is not part of the sale, but is still available here: Bigz Pop-up Bat Die

Here are some of my old projecs using this die:

Felt Bat Ornament Felt Spider Ornament Card WM Spider Memo Holder RIP-animated 5 RIP details

And then my personal favorite, the combination of both the Bat and the Pumpkin bodies to make a snow angel:

Snow angel

One more throwback die to talk about today - the spider web: 

Spider Web Bigz Die Summary Photos

This pitch sheet produced the Bigz Spider & Spiderweb Die

Here are a few projects using this die:

Spooky Spiders Flip Card Owl and Spider Card

One of the best features of the Spiderweb die is that it can be cut from a clear material and used to animate anything else. Here are a couple of simple Make 'n Takes showing the web used both ways:

Spider Web MnT

The beauty of dies is that they are not consumables. You are investing in a tool that will not wear out, so if you'd like to be able to make fun pop-up bats, pumpkins, spiderwebs, footballs, baseballs, ornaments, spirals and snow angels for years to come, these are the dies for you!

Happy Halloween!

USwD&F: Heating up the Holidays Project #2: Snowflake Chain Card

This is my second project for the UStamp with Dawn and Friends Heating up the Holidays event. A private video tutorial and downloadable PDF instruction sheet should be uploaded to the site soon, and I imagine that Dawn will send out an e-mail to the registered students of the event letting them know when it loads.

What's nifty about this card is that a window on the front of the card allows the recipient to see the snowflake in the "closed" position, where it appears to be just a stationary embellishment behind the window. Open the card, however, and the snowflake expands into a chain of snowflakes. Plus, the chain is attached to the top of the Label Pop 'n Cuts, creating more pop-up dimension.

If you are not a registered student of the event you'll have to purchase access to download the full supply list and instructions, plus receive the private video tutorial link, but you'll also gain access to a bunch of other great holiday projects in the process, all made with Stampin' Up! products.

For this project I used these three exclusive Karen Burniston Pop 'n Cuts for Stampin' Up! products:

Just think of the other items you could chain together for this type of card - flowers, hearts, butterflies, etc. If you wanted to, you could also dangle things off the chain that would hang in the card while open. 

Oh the possibilities! Have fun!

Monday Memories - Pop-up Ball Die

Happy Monday everyone!

OK, I see that my last blog post stirred up some feelings and I definitely appreciate everyone's support and excitement about my new venture starting January 2014 with Elizabeth Craft Designs. Please know that even if I didn't get a chance to answer your comment personally (I started, but I need 150 kits done by Thursday. Eeek!) that I definitely read them all and appreciate you tremendously.

Speaking of appreciation, I choose to focus on the positive - there are a ton of talented people in our industry and most of them don't get the opportunity to spend five years having their designs produced by a major well-known company like Ellison. I have had the opportunity to have my product sold alongside dies created by these amazing designers. Many of these designers are my friends. Lynda Kanase designed my logo. I had lunch with Eileen Hull just yesterday. Cheri Kimball, in sales, will be a forever friend. 

The best way I can show my appreciation for a five-year investment in me and my designs is just to accept their decision with grace and to move forward positively. 

For example, remember the Pop-up Ball die? It was sold first on QVC and promoted by none other than Lisa Bearnson. You can read that funny story here: Lisa Bearnson Rocks, yo!

In addition, the Ball was sold by Stampin' Up! for a year. 

US residents, you can still get the Pop-up Ball die, a $40 value, on clearance from Sizzix for $21.99. You'll need 3 #16 rubber bands to put it together. Here are some of my projects over the years, including the infamous Butterfly Page:

Baseball Card

Bowling Invite SU

Butterfly Page

Chinese Dinner Invitation

Emma Album cover

Game Night Card Monster Ball Card Owen SS Invite

SU Soccer Ball

SU Caramel Apple Halloween Card

Summer Fun Pool Invite Little birdie

If you have a sharp eye for dates, you may notice that this next project preceded the die's release date. That's because I used to design and teach classes using templates that you had to cut and score by hand! Thank-you, Sizzix, for converting some of the more elaborate templates into dies. We love it when our craft knives have a healthy layer of dust on them because a die has made our crafting easier!


Here's the wonderful thing about dies - they don't wear out! If you purchase the Pop-up Ball die, for example, you will always be able to make these fun pop-up balls, long after the die becomes a collector's item. (Heh)

I think you might be able to watch a video on assembling the ball die on the Sizzix site, but I don't quite remember. So here are some step-by-step photo instructions:

Pocket Ball instructions

I'll leave you today with a fun "selfie" that Els and I took in Colorado last month. I hope that you will give me the chance to earn your business with my new dies next year. They will be fun, dynamic, simple to assemble and coordinated - everything you've come to expect from my brand.

Make sure you follow us both on Facebook so you don't miss any sneak peeks! Here are the links: Karen Burniston, Designer and Elizabeth Craft Designs


One last thing, don't forget, US Residents, that you have until November 12, 2013 to enter the Pop 'n Cuts Giveaway being offered on Gretchen's Blog. Here's the link: Pop 'n Cuts Giveaway

New Beginning

I have some news to share.

It's been a wonderful five years of designing dies for Sizzix and Stampin' Up! and I will always be grateful for their investment in my brand.

My contract ends December 31, 2013 and Sizzix will continue to sell my dies through 2014 or until they are gone, whichever comes first. The exit contract also includes provisions for Stampin' Up! to be able to continue selling their exclusive Karen Burniston die designs until they choose to discontinue them. They added similar provisions for Michaels, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn.

I will continue to support my Sizzix brand dies, especially Pop 'n Cuts, with education, videos, blogs, Designer Challenges etc. through the rest of this year and, as time permits, through the sell-off period of 2014. (To be more clear about the term - it's the entire year of 2014 that they can sell-through) The products are my concepts, have my name on them, perform magnificently and I believe in them. Nothing about their decision shakes my faith in the products. It has been, by far, my best sales year for Sizzix.

What's next for me? In the words of "Closing Time" by Semisonic;

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

 I'm excited about my new beginning! Take a look -


If you are attending CHA and want to be one of the first to try the new dies, (which, by the way, will be manufactured in the USA, so no lengthy out-of-stock issues!) you can register starting November 5, 2013 for my CHA workshop, to be held Sunday, January 12, 2014 from 3:00-5:00 pm:

*NEW* Interactive Card Dies by Karen Burniston

Els is also teaching a card class, Monday, January 13, 2014 from 6:00-8:00 pm:

Card Making with Elizabeth Craft Designs by Els van de Burgt

You can also come see us in the Elizabeth Craft Designs Booth #441, where I will be demoing the new dies throughout the show.

In other news, thank you to Gretchen, who helped set up my Facebook Fan Page back in *cough* June *cough* and I finally hit "publish". I've been using my personal Facebook account as a public account by simply posting everything as "to the public" but I'd like to reclaim that personal account for my family and non-papercrafting friends, so please "Like" my new professional Designer page here: 

Facebook Page: Karen Burniston, Designer

With regards to Facebook, the Designer page is where I will be posting all the links to cards made by other people using my dies, etc. instead of posting those on my personal Facebook account.

Everything else stays the same - blog, YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (links in the sidebar below my photo). On Pinterest however, if you are only following the "Karen Burniston for Sizzix" board, you'll want to follow my boards, which have the same content, instead.

You might also want to join the nearly 45,000 Facebook fans (Wow!) of Elizabeth Craft Designs here: Facebook: Elizabeth Craft Designs

Let me just wrap this up by saying a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of my blog readers, students, fans and fellow pop-up enthusiasts. I've been working in the papercrafting industry for a dozen years, and it's an industry that is constantly changing and evolving. To survive in this business you have to be willing to ride the tide, wherever it takes you.

I have truly loved my time at Sizzix. Loved it. I adore what I created with Pop 'n Cuts - my personal baby that I conceptualized, engineered and saved from being canceled before production when someone warned me an hour before the meeting of a manufacturing problem that would make them too costly to proceed. I sent in a frenzied set of revised drawings in time for that meeting and they were back on again. Fast forward a few months later and another manufacturing concern threatened a cancellation. Once again I engineered the solution and once again, they were saved. The day that they gave a final "yes" to releasing Pop 'n Cuts was one of the happiest of my career. Yes, it''s sad that there won't be new inserts, but at least I can rest assured that Pop 'n Cuts ended as a very complete collection, with 3 bases and 27 inserts and coordinating decorator dies for all of them. If you love Pop 'n Cuts as much as I do, you've got a year to collect them all. They make great Christmas presents!

When I look back on these five years I will do so with gratitude and pride. But mostly I just plan to look forward.