Pop-up Spotted: Louise's Pop-up Cake Card!


Louise from Montreal sent me the nicest e-mail today with a link to her spectacular Cake birthday card that she made for her son's 30th birthday. Click the teaser photo below to head over to Louise's blog and view her card.

Louise mentions a couple of things in her blog post. One is that she watched the instructional video for the Cake Die several times. Here is a handy way to view that video for yourself:


Another thing that Louise mentions is that Stampin' Up! is no longer selling the Pop-up Cake die. This is true. However, it is still available as a Sizzix die. Here is the link:

I love to "spot" people using the Pop-up dies! It's even possible (but not guaranteed) that Tammy will "spy" your project and put it on the Sizzix Blog for I Spy Saturday, so definitely keep those links coming!

Pop-up Spotted: Bonnie and Wendee


Happy Leap Year! I discovered it was Leap Year just two days ago, when switching out my calendar, so it was especially nice to get an extra day before my March 1st artwork deadline for next winter's die designs.

Between artwork and a packed teaching schedule I've definitely let my blog slip. I'm so glad when I can "spot" someone out there using the pop-up dies since I've had very little time for creating. (*sniff*)

Normally I would grab images from these lovely ladies' blogs and post them here as teasers, but I simply MUST work on Saturday's class kits, so I'm going to have to just post links.

First up, check out Bonnie Brun's amazing projects using Simple Stories paper and Sizzix dies.

Also make sure you see Wendee Deal's March Card class.

Bonnie uses the Hearts-a-Plenty die and Wendee uses the Pull Tag Frame die.


I am sincerely thrilled and flattered when people send me links and photos of projects they've created with my dies (or templates - happy to post those, too!). Please keep them coming!

Pop-up Spotted: Mary Beth's AMAZING POP-UP BOOK!


Mary Beth Martin just sent me a link to her YouTube video showing the STUNNING pop-up album she made for her grandson for Christmas. My jaw is ON THE FLOOR!!! 


Wow! Wowie Wow Wow!!!!!!!!!

Mary Beth used a ton of pop-up dies in this book, including the Christmas Tree, Gift (retired), Snowman, Beach Chair, Scalloped Circle and Zig-Zag Insert

Thanks for showing off the dies in such a spectacular fashion!

Pop-up CLASS Spotted: Linda Fulghum


It was so fun to see my friend Linda Fulghum this fall on a teaching trip to Kansas City. One of the things I always say in my classes is that I want to "infect" other instructors with the bug to teach with the pop-up dies. If you're out there teaching with the pop-up dies, please let me know - I'll "spot" you here on my blog to help promote your class.

Thanks for using the Sizzix Pop-up Dies in your class, Linda! 

Pop-up Spotted: Donna & Wendee


You're going to love the projects I'm spotting today!

First up, Donna Gibson and her amazing Halloween Pop-up Album! You've got to see this masterpiece! Click the teaser photo below:

Donna has used a ton of Pop-up Dies in her album!

Next up, Wendee Deal has a new pop-up class and you'll love her creative idea with the Snowman die!

Keep those links coming! I love to "spot" people who are crafting with the Sizzix pop-up dies! Also, if you don't hear back from me within a day or two, please re-send your e-mail. I cannot claim to have the most organized in-box! (eep)

Pop-up Spotted: Tiffany Johnson for Lawn Fawn


When I have an e-mail with the subject line of LOOK!!!!, I am eager to click! Gretchen sent me a link this morning to Tiffany Johnson's amazing pop-up card using Lawn Fawn stamps and the Pop-up Christmas Tree die:


  Tiffany Johnson Christmas Tree

Thanks for using the Christmas Tree die, Tiffany! I love your card!

Edited to Add: I didn't realize until after I posted this that Gretchen has a pop-up card on the Sizzix blog today. Check out Gretchen's Bat card!