Pop Post Video: Spiral Circle Pull Card for Kelly


Happy Monday!

Today I'm posting the first in a new video series called Pop Post.  I will choose someone in my life who has a milestone or occasion or just to say hello and I will make that person a customized interactive card . . . and actually mail it!

Now you may be thinking "Don't you do this all the time?" and the answer is . . . "Nope."

How sad is that?

I'm a card maker and I send very few cards! I spend a lot of time telling my students that there is so much joy in the making and sending of interactive cards, but I am not practicing what I preach. Nearly all of my cards in recent years end up being used for business - displayed in a booth, used for packaging, placed in my travel kit for display, given to a rep or retailer, used for a class, demo or make 'n take - I have even been known to write the personal greeting on cards for John on a Post-it note! (So he can view the card, feel loved, keep the Post-it, and give the card back to me for my travel kit)

I know!

It really is shameful. I'm pretty much a lousy pen pal.

So I'm turning over a new leaf and I'm inviting you along for the ride. Pop Post videos are real cards for real people, personalized, customized and MAILED! 

This first video is a card for my friend Kelly Booth, who accompanied me to CHA and completely spoiled me. She was so helpful to all of us in the Elizabeth Craft Designs booth and made more than her fair share of coffee runs! Watch the video to learn more about Kelly and to learn how I made her customized card:

The concept here is that when the Spiral Circle Pull Card is closed, the spiral joins together and you see the coffee cup.


Open the card and the spiral opens up, revealing a new coffee cup inside the card, with Kelly's puppy, Sassi, perched inside. My goal for Kelly's card was to incorporate her love of Coffee, Sassi, her favorite color (Teal), and Owls. I couldn't quite figure out where an owl would work on the card, so I added Poppy the Owl to the back of the envelope, and stamped an older Texana Designs rubber stamp that reads "Owl meet you in Texas". (Kelly is coming for a visit next month - whoo hoo!)


The card mailed for a single stamp and arrived in just a couple of days. Poppy made it unscathed on the back of the envelope (lots of glue) and Kelly really appreciated the card.

I have so many ideas swirling for the cards I plan to make for the other members of my Design Team, plus friends and family - this is going to be so much fun, and I hope that you'll enjoy these Pop Post videos focused on the "real" side of card making. There's no set schedule for Pop Posts - just whenever I can fit them in.

Happy Crafting,

image from karenburniston.typepad.com

If you are interested in making a similar card you can shop for Elizabeth Craft Designs products at your local independent craft store (highly, highly encouraged!) but if you are sadly without a local store, here are some online shopping links: