*SNEAK PEEK* CHAW2014 General Pop-up Dies for Elizabeth Craft Designs

Here we go! The final Sneak Peek of the new Pop it Ups dies.



I refer to the final three interactive card dies in the collection as general pop-ups. These are the dies that are like Pop 'n Cuts, but just the guts. You line them up on the fold of any size/shape card and it cuts the pop-up into the card. Then you'll need a backing card to cover the hole. Watch this video to see how to use the Lots of Pops, Lucy Label and Garden Bench.


All of the pre-order information went out to retailers this week, so you should be able to call your local store to pre-order or to encourage them to order these dies if they haven't already. They can also tell you the specific pricing for each die. While we do have suggested retail prices, Elizabeth Craft Designs products are sold worldwide, so the pricing may vary by country. What I can tell you is that in the USA, the suggested retail pricing for all the interactive die sets ranges from $17.95-$24.95 for the general pop-ups shown here, $26.95 for the Pivot Cards and $32.95 for the Accordion Albums. I am thrilled with the value of these Made-in-the-USA die sets, with the pop-up and the decorator dies sold as a set at competitive prices.

Let's talk first about the Lots of Pops die. The sample shown below will be our third and final class project at CHA. As of the last e-mail I got from CHA, there are a few seats left in the Tuesday class. The class costs $35 and you'll take home one of the new dies. Here's the link: NEW Interactive Card Dies by Karen Burniston (CHA is a trade show, so only retailers and industry professionals can attend)

778 Lots of Pops NP

I love how generic this die is and how all of the platforms are independent. This means you can choose not to pop-out some of the platforms if you don't need them. 

Next is the Garden Bench. I really see this die being used year round, especially if you pair it with the All Seasons Tree (sold separately and shown below)

780 Garden Bench NP

781 All Seasons Tree NP


Since I am not deciding your card size for you, I thought I would include a way to edge them and decorate with a flourish. This is a very popular feature with my previous Pop 'n Cuts Square Base die. 

782 Agatha Edges NP

I designed the decorator flourish with easy cut points so you can reduce its size to fit a variety of card sizes. Here is a visual showing three popular card sizes - 6", A2 long (5.5") and A2 short (4.25")



The final die in the debut Pop it Ups collection is the Lucy Label. This is a great generic label that includes two slot dies that are going to work great for sinking poles and trees through the shelf area and/or for making ribbon slides or floating floor slots.

779 Lucy Label NP


So there you have it! You've seen all 16 of the new dies. There are also 4 new Embossing Folders but I don't have them yet to make samples. We will be demoing those, plus all these dies, at the CHA show, so stop by the booth and see what we're up to!

On a more personal note, I just want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all my blog readers for the wonderful support you've given me through this transition. I've had more than a few sleepless nights wondering about the future and it was the support of my family, friends and fellow pop-up enthusiasts who kept me moving forward when my confidence was shaken. Working with Els, her family and staff at Elizabeth Craft Designs feels like coming home, and I hope that happiness shows in these designs.