Colorado Classes - Simple Pleasures Sept 12-13, 2014

The machines have been humming and the paper flying non-stop all weekend as I continue preparing the class kits for this weekend's trip to my old hometown, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

It's going to be a jam-packed two days of fun at Simple Pleasures. There are two different class options and both classes will be offered on Friday and again on Saturday. Can't make a class? Head on down to the store on Saturday from 1-2pm for a free demo hour and a chance to see the 100 sample cards on display!

Here's the schedule. Call the store for pricing and availability: (719) 528-1338

 Sept 12 (Fri) 

1 – 4:30pm 

**Karen Burniston Holiday/Occasion Pop it Ups Cards 

Karen Burniston 

Sept 12 (Fri) 

5:30 – 9pm 

**Karen Burniston All Occasion Pop It Ups Cards 

Karen Burniston 

Sept 13 (Sat) 


**Karen Burniston All Occasion Cards Pop It Ups Cards 

Karen Burniston 

Sept 13 (Sat) 

1 – 2pm 

Demo Time with Karen Burniston 

Karen Burniston 

Sept 13 (Sat 

3 – 6:30pm 

**Karen Burniston Holiday/Occasion Pop It Ups Cards 

Karen Burniston 

What will you learn in class?

In all of my card classes I include a card made with each category of interactive dies in my Pop it Ups collection. Once you've learned how to make one, you can feel comfortable buying any of the others in that category. The four categories are: Pivot Cards, Pull Cards, General Pop-up Cards and Accordion Cards.

What I always tell my students is not to concern themselves too much with the colors or themes of the cards they make in class. Class day is all about learning the techniques and having blueprints to re-make the cards in other colors and styles later on. You'll receive a detailed handout to be able to remake the cards, and I highly encourage "creative choices" where you make the cards your own.


We will start with a Pivot Card, this time the new Evergreen Pivot Card, decorated as a Halloween card:


Next we'll do a Pull Card - the Spiral Circle Pull Card in a Birthday theme using the Clock & Gears die:


For the general pop-up I am bringing back the class favorite from the May/June class - the Spring Butterflies card with the butterfly-shaped-window (this can be any theme, although you will receive a Thinking of You sticker in your kit)


And finally we'll end with the Merry Christmas Katie Label Accordion project:


If you can't take both classes, you might choose this one if you prefer more sophisticated and/or elegant cards over cute. You'll learn techniques about wallpapering for pivot cards, making window cards that reveal a "flying" object when the card is opened, and tips for Accordion frame edges, as well as learning all four categories of interactive Pop it Ups dies. You'll also use Elizabeth Craft Designs microfine glitter.


We will start with the House Pivot Card in a congrats/housewarming theme:


Next will be the Pull Card, this time incorporating a clear spiral that is used to animate the Props 1 so the frog will change as the card is pulled open, allowing the props to fly off his face. (This one is super fun to play with!) A blank speech bubble allows you to write something personal inside the card.


For the general pop-up we'll use the Lornal Label pop-up and Poppy the Owl:


And for our final card, the Accordion, we will do a birthday theme with mixed pages - two from the Ring Accordion and one from the Circle Accordion. For an added technique, we'll also add the spiral die from the Spiral Circle Pull Card to the accordion, letting the spiral animate the balloons while also revealing a clear panel with a floating greeting.

If you can't take both classes, you might choose this one if you prefer bright "cute" cards. You'll learn techniques about using the interactive dies as decorator dies, assembling the Character dies, using clear spirals and mixing Accordion pages, as well as learning all four categories of interactive Pop it Ups dies. You'll also use Elizabeth Craft Designs microfine glitter on the Cake Peel-off sticker.


  • Scissors
  • Adhesives! Adhesives! Adhesives! 
    • Tape Runner
    • Strong 1/4" tacky tape or Scor tape
    • Mini glue dots (these are flat)
    • Pop dots (these have dimension)
    • Fine glue pen (my favorite is the Fineline 20 gauge applicator bottle filled with Scotch Quick Dry glue)
  • Sanding Block - I will bring some to share, but if you have you're own it makes things go faster
  • Paper Piercer 
  • Crop-a-Dile (this is only for the Holiday class to set an eyelet in the Halloween card) - I will bring mine, so bring this only if you have one
  • Detail scissors and tweezers - optional, but recommended for placing items and detail trimming
  • Brayer - really helpful for mashing down frame edges once you have them placed how you like them
  • Xyron "X" sticker maker - some students prefer to make their small pieces into stickers rather than use glue - optional
  • Coordinating inks and blending tools - absolutely optional, but if you're an inker, feel free!
  • Smart phone or camera for taking photos of the 100 sample cards on display. (seriously - you're going to feel inspired!)

Another reason you should absolutely come to class - the chance to try hundreds of dollars worth of dies before deciding which ones you want to own. Think of it like a test drive. We've cut all the pieces for you, so there's no stress in class and you will leave with four finished cards and no homework. (Other than coloring your cake, which is optional)

We're going to have a ton of fun this weekend - join us!

Pop it Ups Card Class (Scrapp'n Savvy version)

Finishing up my Texas Teaching Tour will be Scrapp'n Savvy this Friday, August 29, 2014 for two class sessions. Since I already taught the House Pivot Card at this store I've substituted a new card using the Evergreen Pivot Card for a spooky Halloween card. The inspiration for this design came from two members of my Designer Challenge team, Donna Wright and Karen Aicken


Here's what you should bring to class:

  • Scissors
  • Adhesives! Adhesives! Adhesives!
    • Tape Runner
    • Strong 0.25" tape (red line tacky or Scor tape)
    • Mini glue dots (these are the kind that are flat, sometimes called "snot dots")
    • Pop dots (highly recommend black pop-dots so they won't show behind the spooky tree)
    • Liquid glue able to be placed in fine areas (I love my Fineline bottle filled with Scotch Quick-Dry glue)
  • Sanding Block (I will also have some to share)
  • Paper Piercer 
  • Crop-a-Dile or Big Bite (something to punch a hole and set a standard eyelet)
  • Optional: Xyron X for small pieces
  • Optional: Brayer to mash down frame edges
  • Optional: Inks to ink edges
  • Recommended: Detail tweezers for placing small items
  • Recommended: Detail scissors for little cuts
  • Recommended: Smart phone or camera to take photos of samples

Looking forward to a day spent with my usual students and meeting some new friends, too!

16th Birthday Cards for Karl and Emma

Really?! I mean, REALLY?!!! 

How did my twins get to be sixteen?

I'm pretty sure this photo was taken on Tuesday:


But on Wednesday ...


In a couple of weeks they will start their Junior year of high school.


Emma is currently much into Marvel and the Avengers, so for her card I decided to use the new Lorna Label Pop it Ups die along with Chilly the Penguin, dressed as Captain America:


I also used the Katie Stars Frame Edges, including the little stars that drop out of the edges, and the Outdoor Edges to make the wavy edge. After stamping the birthday greeting I used one of the decorator dies from the Fancy Accordion to cut it into a fun label shape. (Supply links at the end of the post)

For Karl's card I made an homage to video games and music - his two favorite things.


Once again I used the Lorna Label Pop it Ups die and embellished with Hoppy the Frog and the glasses from Props1. I made the headphones by cutting two black eye sockets from the Hoppy die and then shaping them into a headphone shape and hand cutting a U-shaped connector. I used twine for the cord and a print-out of an iPad photo. 

Here are some shopping links for the dies used in both cards and the clear stamp for the front of Emma's card:

John's mother is in town visiting and gave the kids SIXTEEN $5 bills each! That was quite a treat and they grew more and more giddy as they kept counting. She also took a photo of the four of us before we all went out for celebratory dinner. Once again, I'm not sure how this was Wednesday...


When I'm pretty sure this was Tuesday...

Kids stairs


Happy Birthday to my beautiful babies!

Happy 40th Birthday - I am the one who knocks...

My little sister turned 40 this week. Yep, my LITTLE SISTER. *gulp*

The fun thing about 40th birthday cards, though, is how black and morbid you can make them. I love that! Some of you may recall the card I made *cough3yearsagocough* for my friend Gretchen's 40th 

Gretchen Bday2

For my sister Julie's card I decided to pay homage to the best show ever: Breaking Bad.

When I designed the Props 1 die I kept thinking how much the pieces could look like Heisenberg with the addition of a goatee. This was a perfect occasion to test that theory, making age "40" the one who knocks.

I looked up a periodic table online to pick some elements to use in the computer-generated title. 


I used the decorator dies from the Oval Accordion to cut an oval shaped window into the front of the card. The Heisenberg pieces (Props 1 + a goatee) are glued inside the card to a decorator oval that becomes the center of the 40 when you open the card.

Oh, and it pops up. Of course.


I used the new Lorna Label die, turned sideways to animate the numbers. The 4 is glued to the box platform and the 0 to the label. I trimmed the label down so it was just a rectangle behind the numbers, not a shaped label.

More elements for the computer-generated Happy Birthday greeting, some black glitter lines to edge the interior and Glossy Accents on Heisenberg and I was done. Oh, and I made a little foldover closure with a couple of hidden magnets, but that's entirely optional. It works great without the closure, too.

The finished card is 5.5" x 5.5" square.


By the way, if you've got a man in your life who has watched Breaking Bad, then this is definitely the card you should make for him. John saw it and was totally jazzed about it - thought it was the best card ever. 

When I created my titles, goatee and the 4 to match the sizing of the ovals I saved my work into a handy PDF file if you want to give this card a try. Shopping links for the dies you'll need are below. The new dies (Props 1 and Lorna Label) are going to show on the website as "Sold Out" but that really means "Coming Soon" - they will be available in local independent stores and online within the next week or so.

Download Heisenberg Happy 40th Pieces

As Jesse Pinkman would say: Yo, happy crafting, b-