Fresh Vintage Blog Hop: ScoreBoard Caddy

It's Blog Hop day again! Today's die is the ScoreBoard Caddy, by Eileen Hull.

You may have been reading about my office makeover that I started about 10 days ago. I went with a black and white theme for the office, so I knew that I wanted my little tool caddy to match. I chose black/white papers from Teresa Collins and My Mind's Eye.

I used spray adhesive to add the paper to the matboard before running it through my Big Shot machine. Assembly was a breeze using tacky tape. I finished it off with a little metallic trim. Quick, easy, functional!

Want to see how awesome my new Black & White Caddy looks in my new Black & White Office?

Caddy in Office

And might I just say - while everyone who has participated in this hop is awesome and talented, and I have no particular favorite, Jonathan Fong is my favorite! Heh

Make sure you watch the video when you get around to his Finger Puppet Theatre, which makes my simple little caddy look like dog doo-doo.

Edited to Add: Wait! That totally came out wrong. I wasn't intending to say anything bad about the caddy die itself, which is superb! And easy to assemble! And superb! The doo-doo comment was just my attempt at being funny. To subtly illustrate the difference between: "Wow! Karen, you made the caddy die into a caddy!" versus "Wow! Jonathan, you made the caddy die into a puppet theater with working lights and an inlaid wood floor!" That's all I meant.

Here's the direct link: Finger Puppet Theatre

Now that the hop is over, you can find direct links to all the projects using this die (and others) on Eileen Hull's blog here: Blog Hops

Fresh Vintage Blog Hop: ScoreBoard Suitcase

It's Blog Hop day again! Today's die is the Scoreboard Suitcase, by Eileen Hull.

I had a busy weekend that included a long day of ordering cabinets at IKEA on Saturday, (they made an error and there was a lot of standing-in-line to fix it) followed by an all-day crop on Sunday for the Texas Fiskateers. (I am number three million, or something) I decided to use my crop time to create my blog hop project, which was a good choice because I was in a scrapbook store, with access to all sorts of fun new products, including the new Teresa Collins World Traveler collection, which was perfect for my project.


To put paper on the outside of the suitcase I first sprayed the backs of two 6x6 pieces with spray adhesive and laid the paper down on the die, sticky-side-up. Then I pressed a piece of matboard to the sticky side of the paper and ran the die through the Big Shot. Not only did I guarantee that my paper would be positioned correctly, but the pressure of the Big Shot reinforced a tight hold with the spray adhesive. (A tip from Eileen Hull! Happy Birthday, Eileen!)

I found a cool clasp in my stash and used a leathery paper (also from my stash) to make the strap that holds the box closed. I added a book ring through the handle and then attached a metal charm using a jump ring. I decorated the metal charm with another chipboard piece from the collection.

To put paper inside the suitcase I used the die to cut the general shapes and then trimmed them down to fit. I used the Scalloped Circle Pop-up Die inside the suitcase and decorated it with chipboard pieces from the collection.

I thought this could be a fun gift for someone about to take a trip. Throw a gift card or some foreign money in the box and you have a delightful little present!

Supplies Used:

Not Pictured (stash items): brads, leather paper, buckle, charm, jump ring, book ring

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Fresh Vintage Blog Hop: You're a Unicorn

It's Blog Hop day again! Today's die is Flower Layers #9, by Eileen Hull. On Tuesday, after posting my spooky moth project, I spoke to Eileen on the phone.

EILEEN: What did you do to my butterfly?!

ME: I know, right? But I really had Halloween on the brain. 

EILEEN: Well it is that time of the year. Your butterfly was, uh, cool. Scary.

ME: I have been a little macabre on my first two projects, huh? First the black flowers of death and then the spooky butterflies (but really, they were moths). 

EILEEN: Yeah, you have been a little on the dark side.

ME: Well, don't you worry. Thursday's project is going to be all puppies and unicorns and rainbows.

EILEEN: Yeah, sure! Bwaaa! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haha hhhhhaaaaaaaa!

Why does nobody ever believe me?

01 Card Closed

OK, so this actually might be a pretty cool card, like, for a young niece or granddaughter who really loves pretty, pretty ponies. In that case, a princess or crown on the front would be far more indicated than a random wiener dog, but I promised Eileen a puppy and gosh darn it - I was going to deliver! On the front of my 6x6 card I added an eClips dog with a cute twine collar and some googly eyes. (Nothing sprinkles sunshine on a card more than a set of googly eyes!)

02 Side View

The Flower Layers #9 die was cut from SEI patterned papers and then spritzed with Luminarte paints. Then I crumpled and layered the flowers. The center is a glittered metal flower from my stash.

03 Pink Flower Closeup

As the card is opened the rest of my prophecy is revealed . . .

04 Card Partial Open

Up pops a Unicorn! And a Rainbow! And another sparkly flower! (fairy dust, fairy dust

05 Card Open

The unicorn is made from the Pop-up Snowman die. I hand-cut a snout, body and legs to convert it into a unicorn. The eye is from a Basic Grey deer die. The mane is twine from The Twinery with some beads sprinkled in. The rainbow was made using circle Framelits dies.

06 Unicorn

The inside layered flower is made the same way as the pink one, with die cut patterned paper, Luminarte sprays, crumpling, and layering. I added a couple of clear "arms" attached to the unicorn to lift up the flower and rainbow as the card is opened.

07 Purple Flower

Supplies Used:

Other supplies: Luminarte paints (Creative Imaginations), Glitter Paper (DCWV), Metal flowers, beads (stash)

So you have by now figured out that this card is mostly tongue-in-cheek, but along the way it does illustrate that the Pop-up Snowman die can be turned into anything, and it also shows that the Flower Layers #9 die has the versatility to look great anywhere, even in fairyland surrounded by sprinkly sparklies!

BTW, does anyone know what the "You're a unicorn" greeting is borrowed from?

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Fresh Vintage Blog Hop: Happy Haunting Card

It's Blog Hop day! Today's die is the Scoreboard Butterfly, by Eileen Hull and, as everyone knows, no holiday is better represented by a butterfly than  . . . Halloween! Heh.

(On my card, I prefer to think of them as moths, which are very spooky!)


My friend Janet Hopkins offers some amazing digi printable kits on her blog. For this card, I used her Happy Haunting kit. The front of the card features one of the pieces from the kit. I stamped the raven in the skeleton's outstretched hand and then layered the piece over patterned paper and a piece of sheer ribbon.

01 Card Closed

The MOTH is cut from matboard which was first covered with torn scraps of patterned paper. After cutting out the MOTH, I covered the whole piece with Glossy Accents and then sprinkled seed beads into the wet gloss.

02 Butterfly Closeup

Here's a side view of the moth.

03 Butterfly Side View

As the card is opened, all sorts of things start moving around. The centerpiece starts to spin and raise, a spiderweb expands, and the banner greeting falls into place.

04 Card Partially Closed

I used two Pop-up Dies for this card - the Spinning Platform and the Spider & Spiderweb dies. Attached to the spinning platform is another card from the digi kit. Attached to the bottom of the card is another butterfly, er, moth.

05 Card Open

To suspend my "happy" banner, I first shrunk down the digi pieces and printed them. Using a needle and baker's twine from The Twinery, I stitched the title together and then attached one end of the twine behind the pop-up and the other behind the card. 

06 Happy Banner

My inside moth is also cut from matboard that was first covered with an image from the digi kit. I added Glossy Accents all over the piece and then sprinkled orange glitter into the gloss while it was wet. The moth is attached below the skeleton.

07 Glitterfly Closeup

For an added bit of pop-up fun I also added the Spider & Spiderweb die. The web is cut from clear die packaging and the spider from a piece from the digi kit. Glossy Accents were added to the spider.

08 Spider Closeup

Supplies Used:

Other Supplies (not pictured): stash items - raven stamp, ink, beads, Glossy Accents

Want to see some other ideas for using this die? Visit this post on Eileen's blog to find links to all the other projects.  Also make sure you check out the Oh My Crafts blog, where you can enter to win a Flower Layers #9 die! (between the dates of September 27-November 3, 2011)


Sizzix Fresh Vintage Blog Hop: Fringed Flower

It's Fresh Vintage Blog Hop day! Today's die is the Fringed Flower, by Eileen Hull.

I should start by explaining that my first set of fabric flowers had black satin on top and some cream lace sandwiched inside. I was showing the card to John when Karl strolled by and took a look.

ME: What do you think of this? It's for the Blog Hop on Thursday.

JOHN: I like it. Very classy.

KARL: What's with the black flowers? That's pretty morbid, isn't it? 

ME: No, it's elegant. John, do you think it needs anything at the bottom here?

JOHN: No, it doesn't need anything.

KARL: Yes it does need something. It needs an apology across the bottom that says "Sorry for the black flowers of death!"


Of course I couldn't stop thinking about the black flowers of death, so I ripped the flowers off the card and re-did them with burlap on top and the black satin sandwiched inside.



ME: Look, Karl - is this better?

KARL: Yes, it's much better, but you didn't have to redo it - that was just my opinion.


So let me tell you what I created. I wanted to use my new Pull Tag die, which (as the name implies) has a TAG that you PULL to raise up a decorative frame. For this card, though, I thought it would be fun to let the card do all the pulling. I added an extension to the end of the Pull Tag that is then connected to the bottom flap of the card. When you open the card, the extension pulls the frame up for you! 


For the Fringed Flower, which is the star of todays' Blog Hop, I used the die to make the burlap/fabric flowers as well as the center buttons, which are die cut from shrink plastic and fused together.

01 Closed

Supplies Used:

Other supplies (not pictured): Beaded Chain (Creative Impressions), Key charm, heart charm, beads (Michaels), Magnets (K&J Magnetics), Inks (Versafine, Ranger Distress), Burlap & Satin fabric, rhinestones

02 Side View
  • Create a 5x7 card from brown cardstock that has a 0.5" spine at the bottom and a 9/16" spine at the top. My top flaps are 3" and 6" in length.
  • Add strong magnets to hold the flaps closed. Then cut papers to fit each panel with a small border of brown showing.
  • Punch a hole in the top flap and string a beaded chain through it. Hang a key charm and a stamped layered sentiment onto the chain.

03 Partial Open

  • Assemble the Pull Tag die according to the package instructions. Hang a decorative heart charm inside the frame. Stamp a greeting on the end of the Pull Tag.
  • Die cut a second tag and trim the length to 4". Fold the trimmed tag at 1.5" from the top (decorative edge) and then glue the tag behind the Pull Tag with the fold lined up with the end of the tag and the decorative edge at the bottom.
  • Adhere the base of the Pull Tag inside the card approximately 1.75" from the first bottom fold. 
  • Collapse the Pull Tag flat inside the card with the foldover extension folded flat on top of it. Add a strip of strong adhesive behind the decorative edge of the foldover extension and carefully close the bottom flap of the card, attaching the decorative edge to the bottom flap of the card in the correct position.

04 Open

  • To make the Fringed Flowers, first die cut two of each size flower using three colors of Shrinky Dinks and shrink them using a heat gun, allowing the fringed edges to stick and overlap others as they shrink.
  • Set the smallest flowers aside (in my case, the brown ones) and make two layered stacks of the other two flowers in a glass baking dish. (In my case: black on the bottom, cream on the top) Fuse the pieces together in a hot oven (450F). After removing from the oven, immediately press the small (brown) flower to the center of the fused stack. Add a rhinestone to complete the button.

06 Flower Close up


  • For the burlap/fabric flowers, each flower will need four burlap and four black satin flowers. (I used the largest flower size on the die) Place a black flower over a burlap flower and fold the stack in half and then in half again, making a layered corner. Arrange four of these corners into a circle and stitch or staple them together. Cover the center with a Shrinky Dink button. Repeat for the other flower.
     05 Close up
  • Adhere one finished flower to the front flap of the card and the other to the Pull Tag inside the card. To elevate the flower higher than the frame, add a scrap of cardboard or matboard behind the flower and secure it just to the front of the frame. Also die cut two Scroll sets and glue them to the sides of the frame. Embellish with rhinestones.

Ready to see some more projects using this die? You can find links to the other projects on Eileen Hull's blog post. Also make sure you check out the Oh My Crafts blog, where you can enter to win a Flower Layers #9 die! (Valid only during the blog hop dates, September 27-November 3, 2011)

Sizzix Fresh Vintage Blog Hop STARTS TODAY!

Today is the start of Eileen Hull's blog hop featuring all twelve dies from her new Fresh Vintage collection.

Here are the dates and the dies that I am assigned to:

Thursday, September 29, 2011:
fringed flowerFringed Flower


Tuesday, October 4, 2011:

butterflyScoreBoard Butterfly


Thursday, October 6, 2011:

flower layers #9Flower, Layers #9


Tuesday, October 25, 2011:

suitcaseScoreBoard Suitcase


Tuesday, November 1, 2011:

caddyScoreBoard Caddy

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