Pop it Ups Cards for Kit Kraft Day

Yesterday I spent the day at Scrapp'n Savvy, my old stomping ground, teaching cards I made with the Kit Kraft Day kit. I took absolutely no photos, because a charming thing about me is that I completely forget that I own a phone whenever I start teaching. Luckily Karrie, the store owner, took one photo.


The Kit Kraft day is a very cool concept that Karrie introduced this year. She keeps the number small - 12 crafters max - and students purchase a kit full of materials (this month it was an absolute mountain of beautiful Bo Bunny Juliet products) and they have the option to use that kit however they want. Karrie has several of her instructors create projects using the kit and write instructions for those projects, which are e-mailed to the students. Some of the ladies yesterday were using their kit for a beautiful mini-album. Others were working on the cards that I designed. If students wish to make multiple projects and some of the materials overlap, there are extra supplies available for purchase. It really is a brilliant concept and so well-received by the students and by us, the instructors, who no longer have to make kits! (HAPPY! HAPPY! JOY! JOY!)

I also very much appreciated that opportunity to teach the actual die cutting parts of my cards, not just assembly. I think the students learn more when they get to do the actual die cutting themselves, which is, of course, absolutely impossible in large classes.

We started with the most elaborate of the cards, the Confetti Stream Accordion. There is a full video tutorial for this card in the previous blog post here: Video Tutorial: Confetti Stream Accordion.


Our next card was the simplest design. This card uses just one die set, the House Pivot Card. This is a really good example of how to let patterned paper do all the work for you. The kit included lots of little squares and tags with designs and sayings, like "Cherish the Beautiful Memories" - just perfect for a sweet house card! A glitter dot makes the perfect doorknob.


Next up was the Lorna Label card. When Karrie gave me the kit to use, she included a stamped image that had been colored for me by Scrapp'n Savvy Copic instructor, Becky Morehead. Becky is so talented and it was very easy to create a card around this beautiful Mo Manning for Penny Black stamped image. I also used the Agatha Edges to edge the card and for the red flourish.


We ran out of time before completing the final card, but students received full instructions, so they can complete it at home. Karrie had asked me to use the Bathtub Pop Stand die for one of the cards, which I initially thought might be challenging as the Juliet collection is so elegant and floral. However, once I thought of filling the tub with flowers, the card came together beautifully. I used the flower die from the Props 7 basket set, since it cuts 4 flowers at a time. Glitter dots are used in the centers of the flowers and to make them appear to be flowing from the faucet, I added a thin piece of transparency connecting the faucet to the tub and then glued the flowers to it. The script "hello" that was used on the Lorna and Tub cards came from the Rectangle Accordion die set.


If you are in the Houston area and are interested in the kit, I believe Karrie has a few left, and she also has the original cards in the store in case any students want to purchase a kit and make the cards independent study, perhaps at one of the crop nights. You have to use your own dies, however, so here are the Elizabeth Craft Designs products that were used for these cards. Karrie expects the Fall Release dies & stamps to arrive to the store today, so call and reserve them if you're interested. If you're local, I really encourage you to give Scrapp'n Savvy your business on Pop it Ups dies. Having a creative gathering place like Scrapp'n Savvy is a treasure and we really must support our local stores or we'll lose them.

However, if you're somewhere without a local store (I'm so sorry!) here's what you'll need to make these cards. All of the papers and embellishments are Bo Bunny Juliet. The cardstock colors are Bazzill Pomegranate (red), white and a dark brown.

Happy Crafting!

October 2015 Pop it Ups Designer Challenge: Characters in Costume

It's Designer Challenge day! For October I challenged the team to transform the Characters with costumes and/or a complete transformation into something new. I think you'll agree that the 20 inspiring projects they created are full of imagination. You can see them all on the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog here.


For my project and video I knew I wanted to use the Ring Accordion. I've used the Ring on several projects in the last few months, but realized that I'd never used the Ring specifically for a video tutorial. Time to remedy that!

My Character transformation was to dress William the Goat as an Elf. I also wanted to teach how to add the expanding trees from the Christmas Trees Pop Stand die into the pages of an Accordion so they will expand when the album opens, but collapse for mailing. Here's what I came up with:


Learn how to make this project, step-by-step, in this video tutorial:


When the album is folded close the first expanding tree will pivot to the front of the album. I decorated the outer ring with a red cardstock ring with texture paste stitch lines. The Agatha flourish adds additional decoration as well as disguises the back of William's ear in the closed position.


When the album opens the first tree pivots into the inside of the card and the front section expands to make a 3D tree. I used the Groove Tool to sand and ink the core cardstock after embossing with the Damask folder. Learn more about the Groove Tool and enter their monthly drawing for a free Groove here: Momenta - ArtC


William the Goat makes such a cute elf but the techniques are universal and can be translated easily to the other Characters. The Agatha Edges flourish is perfect for elf shoes and the solid Christmas Tree converts to a great elf hat.


For this week only you can save 20% on all Characters and Props dies. Sale ends Friday, October 16, 2015 at midnight MDT. Click the photo below to check it out.

If you'd like to make your own Expanding Trees Ring Accordion with William the Elf, you'll need these supplies:  

July 1, 2015: Karen Burniston Pop it Ups Category Breakdown

Happy Wednesday and Happy July! I'm blogging on the Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog today with a different type of Wednesday post. As the Pop it Ups Collection grows larger, it may be a little overwhelming to understand all the different mechanisms and how they are different. Today I'll explain it all!

It's a good ol' fashioned Pop it Ups Category Breakdown! (cheer! applause! fireworks!) For each different category of die I have a visual reference of the available choices in that category plus any coordinating dies/folders shown below the die. (Pssst - want to make yourself a catalog/wish list? Got a printer?)

Pivot Cards

Pivot cards were designed to be a quick and easy interactive card. A fun feature of Pivot Cards is that the same decoration on the front of the card then pivots inside as the card is opened. This provides double-duty decoration, saving time and materials. Pivot Cards work by lining up the alignment nubs on the die over the fold of any size card, anywhere along the fold. This allows for complete customization of card size, shape and pivot card placement. There are currently six available styles of Pivot Cards.



Pivot Card Product Links:

Pivot Card Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Pivot Cards
Seamless Pivot Card Backing Cards
Double Heart Pivot Card
Double Katie Label Pivot Card
Double Evergreen Pivot Card
Triple Pivot Card Technique
House Pivot Card
Doublehigh Katie Label Pivot Card

Pivot Card Inspiration:

Karen Burniston's Pivot Cards Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston's Blog: Pivot Card Posts

Pull Cards

Pull cards are Z-fold flip or swing cards with a few extra features. They have tuck slots to keep the card closed to avoid an accidental reveal. They also have alignment nubs and the ability to cut the mechanism anywhere along the fold of any size card. They also have an optional pop-up element - the Circle comes with a spiral pop-up die and the Rectangle comes with a spinner pop-up die. Pull Cards differ from Pivot Cards because in this case, the item flips over when the card is opened, so you have front/back decorations. There are currently two available styles of Pull Cards.


Pull Card Product Links:

Pull Card Video Tutorials:

Spiral Circle Pull Card
Introduction to Spiral Circle Pull Card (slide to 7:30)
Introduction to Rectangle Pull Card (slide to 6:43)
Rectangle Pull Card - Buster Plays Dead
Rectangle Pull Card - Rocky Doffs his Cap

Pull Card Inspiration:

Karen Burniston's Pull Cards Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston's Blog: Pull Card Posts

General Pop-up Cards

Whereas Pivot and Pull Cards are immediately identifiable as interactive cards from the front of the card, the General Pop-ups are the traditional pop-ups where the recipient has no idea that something will happen until they open the card. These are the traditional "magic trick" cards, since they offer the most surprise to the recipient. All of the dies in this category have alignment nubs allowing them to be placed anywhere along the fold of any size card. They are viewed best when the card is open to 90 degrees. There are currently six available styles of General Pop-up Cards.


General Pop-up Product Links:

General Pop-up Video Tutorials:

Introduction to General Pop-ups
Garden Bench
Double Lorna Mummy Card
Explosion Birthday Pop-up Card
Adirondack Chair

General Pop-up Inspiration:

Karen Burniston's General Pop-up Cards Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston's Blog: Lucy Label PostsLots of Pops PostsGarden Bench PostsHappy Birthday PostsLorna Label PostsBeach Collection Posts

Pop Stands

Pop Stands are another type of General Pop-up card, but whereas the General Pop-ups are viewed in cards at 90 degrees, Pop Stands are viewed in cards that open all the way flat to 180 degrees. Another feature of Pop Stands is that the main item (tower, tub, barn, hay) is independent of the pop stand mechanism so it can be used on its own for flat cards, layouts, place cards, 3D items, etc. A Pop Stand die comes included with each design, and when lined up over the fold of any size card, anywhere along the fold, will cut tabs to fit the decorative item and turn it into a pop-up. There are currently four available styles of Pop Stand Cards.


Pop Stand Product Links:

Pop Stand Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Pop Stands (slide to 1:30)
Eiffel Tower
Barn Pop Stand with Floating Floor

Pop Stand Inspiration:

Karen Burniston's Pop Stands Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston's Blog: Pop Stand Posts

Accordion Albums & Frame Edges

Accordion albums are a special category of Pop it Ups dies because they do not have alignment nubs and you do not line them up over the fold of a card. Rather, you use the Accordion die to cut a single page of your card/album and there is an integrated tab system to connect as many pages together as you desire. This makes the Accordions very versatile, as the same die can be used for a quick 2-page card or a 20-page masterpiece. In addition, each Accordion comes with decorator dies included, so right out of the package you'll have what you need to start making incredible interactive cards and albums to impress and delight your friends and family. There are currently seven available styles of Accordions and more styles in the works.

Add-on dies (separate purchase) that are sized to coordinate with the Accordions (but can also be used on their own to make flat frames) are the Frame Edges. Frame Edges work by cutting four of each piece (square/circle designs) or two of each long/short piece (rectangle designs) and lining them up around the perimeter of the Accordion for fun decorations. Each Frame Edge packaging lists which Accordions it fits. The easiest way to adhere Frame Edges is by using ECD Double-sided adhesive on the back of the paper/cardstock before die cutting, so that the frame edges can be applied like stickers.


Accordion & Frame Edges Product Links:

Accordion & Frame Edge Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Accordions
How to add Clear Pages to Pop it Ups Accordions
Pivot Accordion Technique
How to turn Portait Accordions into Landscape Accordions
Stacked Accordions
Barn Accordion Card

Accordion & Frame Edges Inspiration:

Karen Burniston's Accordion Albums Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston's Blog: Accordion Posts

Characters & Props

The Characters all feature similar construction, with a shadow layer and a detail layer, and then accessory dies, like eyes, tails, etc. Using ECD double-sided adhesive on the back of the paper or cardstock before die cutting makes assembly of the Characters very quick and easy. A signature look to the Characters are their big cartoon eyes, but they are also easy to style with other eyes for a completely different look. There are currently eleven available styles of Characters and four Props styles.


Character & Props Product Links:

Character & Props Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Characters
Honey the Bear as a Panda
Honey & Dutch as Woodland Animals

Characters & Props Inspiration:

Karen Burniston's Characters Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston's Blog: Character Dies

Edge Dies

Edge dies are decorative dies that cut just the edge of the item so the height is customizable by the user. It also allows for easy decorative-edges cards. There are currently four available styles of Edge Dies.


Edge Dies Product Links:

Accessory Dies & Embossing Folders

Accessory dies are flat designs meant to complement the interactive cards and/or be used independently. There are currently five available styles of Accessory dies and five available styles of Embossing Folders.


Accessory Dies & Embossing Folders Product Links:


Clear Stamps

In Spring 2015 I released my first set of Clear Stamps - the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps - meant to coordinate with the Farm collection as well as fit some of the other interactive dies. Look for more clear stamps coming soon! 

So there you have it! The entire Pop it Ups Collection broken down by category with a ton of video and inspiration links. Speaking of inspiration links, I post cards daily on the Karen Burniston, Designer Facebook Page.

Happy Crafting!


Heart Pivot Cards

Today I'm sharing a couple of Heart Pivot cards for themes other than Valentines or Love and in colors other than pinks and reds. After all, a heart is a great all-purpose shape. Dust off that Heart Pivot Card die if you had it stored away after February!

First up is a simple "hello" card combining the Heart Pivot Card with the Agatha Edges die. I embossed both halves of the 5x5 card with the Damask Embossing folder before die cutting the edges and heart pivot card. This meant that the die cutting would press down the embossing and leave a very subtle texture to the background.


The decorator hearts that come in the set can be nested to make a thin heart frame. I also used more chopped up Agatha flourishes and the script "hello" die from the Rectangle Accordion.


There is a decorator heart in the set with an emboss feature that adds a swirl pattern all over the heart. I embossed that heart and then sponged white ink through the die like a stencil to highlight the pattern. Then I added a die cut keyhole and attached a die cut key with a rhinestone brad.


Another decorator heart was added to the lower right corner to provide a place to sign the card. I also added transparent/silver glitter dots to the Agatha flourishes for added sparkle.


Next up is an artsy Happy Birthday card. The color scheme is perfect for masculine cards but will also work for anyone. This is an A2 card (4.25" x 5.5" when folded) and I created the background by starting with a white piece of cardstock, smearing a blue ink pad randomly over the surface, then brushing with a blue distress stain, sprayed with white mist, and stamped lightly with an open embossing folder.


I have fallen in love with WOW! Embossing Powders and used a lot of the Clear Gloss Ultra High on this card. I stamped the Happy Birthday to You stamp (from the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps) and then sponged Versamark ink over the heart and embossed with the Clear powder. The gears were also embossed after die cutting. I used the larger gear from the Clock & Gears die to cover a smaller heart and attached it to the left pop-up heart so it would float in the middle of the card when open. I draped the chain over that heart after connecting it through the key.


Once again I took advantage of the swirly emboss/stencil feature on the heart to add pattern. The key is cut from a sheet of Glitter Lines attached to thick cardstock and then colored over with a dark Copic marker. A tan heart in the lower corner allows the card to be signed.


Need a refresher on how to use the Heart Pivot Card? Watch this video:


Once you've mastered the single Pivot Card how about trying your hand a Double Heart Pivot Card? Here's the video tutorial:


The supplies used in my two cards can be purchased at your local independent craft stores. Otherwise, here are some shopping links for the supplies used in my two cards: 

Famous Cat Valentine - Wine & Roses

My latest creation in my "famous cat" series of Whiskers the Cat cards is a Valentine I made for John. Once again I went to my stash of Funny Bones stamps for the greeting.

I used the Tags Pivot Card for the structure of the card. The patterned paper (Basic Grey Knee Highs from my stash) was cut into a 6" x 9" piece and then two 4.5" x 6" panels for the front and back of the card. I used the Seamless Backing Card Technique #1: Full Panels to create the pivot card with seamless backers.

Then I used the Agatha Edges to cut the right side of the card into a decorative edge and I also used a large corner rounder on the left corners.


In the closed position you may be fooled into thinking that Whiskers (aka Garfield) is a very sweet cat. He has a big heart. He loves roses. But open the card and you get a sense for what he REALLY loves! Ha.


The Agatha Edges die includes the matching flourish to fit the edges. I cut the flourishes from Red Iris Shimmer Sheetz using the metal adaptor plate to make die cutting a cinch.

To style Whiskers the Cat as Garfield I cut the detail layer from both orange and yellow cardstock, trimmed just the mouth area from the yellow one and glued it to the orange. I then used my ECD detail scissors to lengthen the cat's smile and add the smirk lines at the end. I also used the detail scissors to remove the ears and the fluffy fur from the detail layer. I ended up using two of the same ear when I reattached them to the top of Whiskers' head so they would be pointing in one direction like Garfield's ears. I added pen detailing for the stripes and freckles. 


The ECD Rose die was perfect as a backdrop for the cat. I cut the detail overlay from Red Iris Shimmer Sheetz using the metal adaptor plate, glued it to the solid piece, cut from red cardstock, and then filled in all the petals with Glossy Accents. The greeting is another great stamp from Funny Bones and John will find it hilarious and appropriate, since I do, in fact, love red wine!


There are ten dies in the Tags Pivot Card set, so I really did have everything I needed for decorating the tags and adding greetings and a signature tag. For the signature tag I stamped "I love you" and embellished with the cute paper clip die that comes in the set. The paper clip is cut from the Shimmer Sheetz using the metal adaptor plate.


If you're interested in my other "famous cat" cards you can check them out with these links:

The Cat in the Hat

The Cheshire Cat

Grumpy Cat

Kit Cat Clock

The new Pop it Ups dies are showing up in independent craft stores throughout the world, so give your local store a call and see if they have them in stock. Or here are some shopping links. The patterned paper was from my stash and the cardstocks (orange, yellow, white, red) were from my scrap drawer. I also added some red/white baker's twine and some beads at the end of the twine on the greeting tag. 


Video Tutorial: Converting Portrait Accordions into Landscape

Happy Thanksgiving week! Today I'm sharing a video tutorial for how to convert the Katie Label Accordion album from portrait style to landscape style. You'll also see a version of this technique using the Oval Accordion (photos and supply lists are further down in this post). 

Start by watching the video:


Here are photos and additional notes about the video project.

For the front, I added the Katie Holly Frame Edges in the same color cardstock as the page for a subtle tone-on-tone embossed look. Since I had a little sliver of white showing along the bottom of the page (from the back of the patterned paper) I chose to align the Frame Edges with the outside edge of the page and just leave a gap in the mitered corners. (click the photo to enlarge to see that closer)


The leaves are felt shapes from Creative Impressions, added with small brown brads.


The video goes over the technique for styling Dutch and Honey as woodland creatures. I love that the Character dies give you so many options. 


I used Cream crepe ribbon from Creative Impressions and brushed it with the same colors of ink as my Fox before tying it onto Page 2 in a knot. 


Here are the supply links for the Thanks project:

 Other supplies: Echo Park "This & That Christmas" woodgrain paper, brown mini-brads, white gel pen, light colored woodgrain paper from my scrap bin

Let's talk about doing this Landscape technique with the Oval Accordion. It's just one extra step because the center of the Oval doesn't have a little point like the Katie Label to line up with the pivot point. Instead, just measure to the center of the oval (2.75") and put a little pencil mark to line up with your pivot point.

For my Oval Album I was basing the design around the Funny Bones stamp I wanted to use. Hoppy the Frog is the easiest Character to change his pose by simply chopping off his legs, gluing them to a shadow layer and then trimming around the shadow layer to make a black-shadowed leg. To make a solid torso area just cut two shadow layers - one green, one black. Trim out just the torso area of both. For the green one, cut a little bit smaller so you get the black shadow when you glue them together. Do the same with the head, deciding if you want a black shadow along his chin line (my Frog #2) or whether you want just green along that edge (my Frog #1). Now you've got a bunch of frog parts to assemble into any pose you like!


I also used the hat from the Props 1 die set in one hand and an Agatha Flourish in his other hand to be his ribbon wand.


To elongate Hoppy for his Page 3 dance pose I flipped his torso the other way:


Here are the Supply Links for the Hoppy/Sarcasm album:

 Other Supplies: Black Cardstock, Two Scoops Green Cardstock (Bazzill), White Cardstock, Black ink

So how about it? Are you going to give this technique a try with your Portrait-style Accordion Albums? I'd love to see what you come up with - shoot me a photo or a link of your creation.

by Karen Burniston


Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Crafting!

Lots of Pops (or should I say Lots of Hops?)

Today I've got a fun Pop it Ups card featuring the new Hoppy the Frog die. Hoppy is part of the Summer 2014 release and will be in stores mid-July. Elizabeth Craft Designs caters to independent retailers, so definitely ask your local store to order the new dies.

You will be able to order online and for some people that's their only option if they have no local stores. It's always nice, though, when you can pick up a product and hold it in your hand before purchasing, so let those local stores know that you're interested! 

909 - Hoppy the Frog

Hoppy the Frog is one of the three new Character Dies. Here is the introductory video for the Characters:


For this card I used Hoppy on the front of the card as well. I embossed the cardstock with the Trendy Tiles 1 Embossing folder, which looks good both embossed and debossed, so it's perfect for backing cards, where you'll see both sides. The Hoppy styling for the front of the card is just two staggered detail layers  with no shadow layer. I also used the stitched and circle decorator dies from the new Ring Accordion and the flourish from the Agatha Edges die.


This is an A2-sized card, opening from the top (so 4.25" wide by 11" long, folded at 5.5") I die cut the Lots of Pops die into a slightly smaller piece of green patterned paper and cut the bottom edge with an Agatha Edge. I styled Hoppy a couple of different ways, just playing. The dark green Hoppy on the right edge was embossed with the Trendy Tiles 1 embossing folder and put together with pop dots. The greeting stamp was a gift from my friend Margene, who thought it was right up my alley. She was right! 


For jumping Hoppy, I simply cut his legs from the side of his body and glued them back on in a different position. I created the jump lines using a Sharpie marker on transparency and attaching it to one of the pops. The fly is a decorator die that comes in the Hoppy set.


Although Hoppy and the Ring Album (for the stitched circles) aren't available for another few weeks, the rest of the Pop it Ups dies are available now. Check your local store or use these shopping links:

Pop it Ups + Peel-offs = Perfection!

One of the many things I love about working with Elizabeth Craft Designs is having the opportunity for Els van de Burgt to work her magic with my dies. She has such an amazing style, so rich with sparkle and layers. I love everything she creates and especially what she creates with (and for!) the Pop it Ups dies.

Els has been designing and commissioning new Peel-off stickers to perfectly match the Pop it Ups dies. 

One such Peel-off is the Roses in Oval, which matches the Oval Accordion die. I've been using this beautiful Peel-off in my current card class, making this project:


For a short period, the Oval Accordion die was out of stock, so I remade the class project using the Circle Roses Peel-off sticker, which fits on the Circle Accordion die. As you can see, it's the exact same project, just with a swap of die and sticker.


For my upcoming classes at Clipper Street Scrapbook Company, in Langley, BC, Canada, I will be teaching both the Oval Roses project and this Fancy Accordion project using the new Flower Labels 2 Peel-offs that fit the Fancy Accordion die perfectly:


Need a quick lesson in how to use the Accordion Albums? Check out this great video by Els. You'll also see the fantastic Owl Circle Peel-off stickers that fit the Circle Accordion die plus great samples by Kelly Booth and Frances Byrne.


Here are shopping links for all of the Accordion Albums, coordinating Frame Edge dies, plus all the choices for coordinating Peel-off stickers: 

But wait! There's even more!

Els also did this fantastic video showing how to use the Pivot Card dies. 


The House is the newest Pivot Card die and you can watch a video tutorial here.


The Butterfly Pivot die comes with all the decorator pieces, but also coordinates perfectly with the Butterflies Embossing Folder and the Butterfly Accessory Dies. 


The Heart Pivot Card can be used year round for a variety of all-purpose Love themes, so don't think it's just a Valentines Day die!


Finally, the Katie Label Pivot Card includes a great variety of labels for decorating, and many times I find myself reaching for the Katie Labels to decorate other cards as well. 


Here are shopping links for all four Pivot Card dies, the coordinating dies/folders and the coordinating Peel-offs to fit the Katie Label Pivot Card:

Pop it Ups Upcoming Classes

It's a busy time around here as I gear up for a bunch of upcoming teaching trips.

First up I will be teaching at Kept Creations in Whitman, MA on Thursday, March 27th from 6-9 pm with this card class:

*Note* the Funky Cakes Peel-off Sticker sheet includes 5 different styles of birthday cake, so each kit gets one cake, not necessarily the one photgraphed, but equally nice!


Next, I head to Framingham, MA for The Collins Rep Group Spring Retailer Training Event, where I will be teaching two classes, a Make 'n Take, and co-teaching a Workshop with Els van de Burgt.

The first class, Easy Pop it Ups Pivot Cards, is sold out. We will be making a card with each of the three Pivot Card dies in the first Pop it Ups release - the Heart, the Butterfly and the Katie Label. Two of the cards feature new Embossing Folders that have just shipped out to stores.


The next class has a few spots left, at last check. This is the General Pop it Ups card class, where we focus on the three general pop-ups, the Garden Bench, the Lots of Pops and the Lucy Label. Again, you'll see some of the new embossing folders used on these cards as well.

*Note* the Ladybug card was hard to photograph because of the Shimmer Sheetz but in person the two large ladybugs are very shimmery red - quite striking.


I do not have photographs yet of the Workshop projects, but it is also sold out. Els is in Australia, but before she left she designed two brand-new Peel-off Sticker sheets to coordinate with the Fancy Accordion Album and the Katie Label Pivot Card. Those two Peel-offs will be debuted in the workshop, along with a third project that I cannot reveal yet! (ooooh! suspense!!!)

The Store Class #1 (Birthday, Butterfly, Smile Bench Card, Roses Oval Accordion) will be taught at these upcoming stores and events:

Hope to see you at one of these events!

Pop it Ups Card Class - Scrapp'n Savvy, February

This Saturday, February 1, 2014 I'll be teaching a Pop it Ups class at Scrapp'n Savvy in Spring, TX. There are three sessions and I believe there may be a few seats left, but I'm not sure in which session. Call the store if you're in the Houston area and want to join the fun.

The class will consist of the three cards from my CHA class (which are also the cards featured on the packaging for those particular dies) and then a fourth card using the Garden Bench, All Seasons Tree and Agatha Edges.





Please bring these supplies to class:

  • Scissors (you may also want some detail scissors for fussy cutting)
  • Tape Runner
  • Strong red-liner or Scor tape (1/4" width is great)
  • Mini glue dots
  • Pop dots
  • Fine Line Glue pen (you're going to want this for the flourishes and tree branches)
  • Sanding tool (for the front of the Garden Bench card)
  • Paper piercer
  • Tiny Attacher stapler (optional, but I like to staple the small tabs on the Accordion Album)
  • Tweezers (optional, but helpful for working with Peel-offs)

All of the coloring will be assigned as homework, but if you want to attempt it in class, I used Copic markers in blues (Lots of Pops card), pinks (Heart Pivot Card) and teal/tan (Circle Accordion)

Reminder: Dillon's Eagle Scout project is to collect new or gently used teddy bears and stuffed animals (suitable for children). If you can help him out by donating one, please bring it. 

Thanks, and see you there!