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Video demo from CHA: Pop it Ups Cup Pop Stand die set

Anna, a graphic artist with Elizabeth Craft Designs, shot some demos of each of the artists while at CHA. Mine was a demo of the new Cup Pop Stand die set. 




The cup will work well for both pop-up cards (Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Character, etc.) but also for flat cards and tags. It's a very versatile die set and if you like Coffee, definitely check out some of the companion products - the Coffee Stencil, Coffee Bean Embossing Folder and Coffee & Tea Clear Stamps.

These products are available in your local independent craft store. If you are sadly without a local store, you can also buy online. Here are some links: 

Emma's a future Aggie!

It took Emma a while to decide what she wanted to study in college. John and I (naturally) thought she'd make an excellent engineer, but she was not convinced. Then she took an AP Statistics course and loved it. She aced the course and scored a 5 on the AP Exam. She asked her teacher if there were any careers in Statistics and was delighted to hear that it was actually a sought-after field, highly employable. She also loves research, especially the study of people, so she's hoping to combine those interests into a career as a research statistician.

We started researching universities with Statistics majors and discovered that it was a Masters level degree at most institutions. The University of Washington offers a Bachelors degree in Statistics so we went out and toured the campus last year, but while Emma loved it, the finances and geography made it an impractical choice, especially with so many great schools in Texas. As we explained, her college fund could be stretched to cover part of grad school with in-state tuition, but would be depleted much faster with out-of-state tuition.

John came across an article about Texas A&M possibly starting a Statistics undergraduate program in the Fall of 2016. After talking to the head of the department it seemed extremely likely to be added, so Emma put all of her energies into getting accepted to A&M. She retook her SAT's and increased her score. She wrote three amazing essays. Then we went on a prospective student tour and left feeling a little discouraged. By State law, Texas public universities are required to admit all applicants from the top 10% of their graduating class from accredited Texas high schools. The top 10% makes up the bulk of incoming freshman at A&M. While Emma has a good GPA, she attends a huge and very high-performing high school. The top 10% in her school all have GPA's of 4.3 or higher. (I know!) With Emma's rank, she had to apply for one of the "review" spots, which only encompass 13% of the incoming freshman and includes the out-of-state applicants as well. Even worse, they don't consider major choices when deciding who to admit. So even though Emma does not intend to study engineering, business or architecture (the 3 most sought-after majors at A&M) it wouldn't increase her odds for acceptance. We started to consider "Plan B's" and hoped that if she wasn't admitted straight in, that A&M would offer her an alternative for her Freshman year - either Blinn team (the local junior college) or one of their other campuses. 

Yesterday she got the best possible news . . . admitted straight in, and with her first-choice major! WHOO HOO! Way to go, Em!



I'm fairly sure I'm going to be a blubbering mess when I drop her off in College Station next fall. Karl will be staying home for another year to work on some additional computer certifications and take some community college courses, so at least I'm not sending them both off at the same time. Still, I look at the photos of Emma and all I can see is this:

Emma 4

Love you, baby girl! Congratulations!

Bonjour Coffee - Hanging Charm Pull Tab Card

Today I had a chance to make a card using a lot of the new Pop it Ups products. I wanted to combine new products with existing products to show how well Pop it Ups builds on itself to make a cohesive and versatile collection.

This is the Hanging Charm Pull Tab die set. I assembled it with the pull tab pulling from the front and eliminated the frame to use the "tent" to animate the Cup Pop Stand and Eiffel Tower dies instead. The HCPT die has a lot of variations, making it a great all-purpose interactive die.


To create the texture on the cup I sponged watermark ink through the Swirly Flourish Stencil and then embossed with light blue embossing powder. I lined up the stencil over the pattern again and then placed the Flower Stencil over the top and sponged dark brown ink through the flowers and onto the flourishes. I embossed with a shimmer embossing powder. The blue-green ink was applied with a brayer and the white detailing with a paint pen. For the Eiffel Tower I cut a piece of cardstock and added Double Sided Adhesive so it was sticky on top. I die cut a bunch of brown coffee beans and placed them into the adhesive, then dumped Chocolate glitter over the piece to "grout" the beans. Finally I cut the Eiffel Tower through the piece and embellished with glitter lines.


When I cut the card base piece of the Hanging Charm Pull Tab I stopped the cutting pad short so I could extend the length and cut it with the Paris Edges instead. I embossed the spoon in silver powder.


I stapled the cord to the end of the pull tab to make it easy to pull. The spoon covers the staples. Since the tab now pulls to the front I was able to use it for the greeting, which is made by stamping the "Bonjour" from the Just a Note clear stamp set and the "Coffee" from the Coffee & Tea set. The steam is cut from vellum.


Since my animated items were relatively heavy, I wanted to make sure the "tent" part of the die was strong enough, so I added a piece of cardstock to the back of the tent to reinforce it and then tied a decorative piece of twine around the tent back and tied it in a knot. Underneath the HCPT is a layer of brown cardstock embossed (and debossed) with the Coffee Beans folder. I also cut the heart charm from the brown cardstock in the area that is "revealed" when the tab is pulled and inlaid a charm cut from the stencil patterned cardstock.


Here's a video tutorial on the Hanging Charm Pull Tab showing a different type of assembly - rear pull with hanging charm.


Thanks for stopping by today and if you missed this week's Designer Challenge definitely check it out, where you will find great examples of these new dies by the team.

Happy Crafting!

image from

Elizabeth Craft Designs products are sold in independent craft stores worldwide. If you are sadly without a local store, here are some online shopping links for the ECD items I used on the Bonjour Coffee card.

Jan 2016 Pop it Ups Designer Challenge: *NEW*!

Happy New Year! I am delighted to welcome you to our new home for the Pop it Ups Designer Challenges. Having the challenges hosted on my blog allows us to change up the format a bit in the coming months and bring you even more videos and inspiration from the talented Designer Challenge Team and invited guests.

This month I issued a pretty simple challenge in honor of all the new Pop it Ups products . . . NEW! As long as they incorporated at least one new product into their projects, everything else was up to them. I love what they came up with, from tags to flat cards to pulls, slides and pops - they hit it all! Themes? We've got coffee, friendship, encouragement, Valentines, congratulations, love, birthday and tea. Change the greetings and many of these ideas would work for other themes as well.

For my card I wanted to transform Jinks the Monkey into a sock monkey for a fun "we should hang out" card. I wanted something that could be used as a Valentine, but would also work for any time of year. The new Oval Landscape Accordion fit the bill nicely and I assembled it a little differently to get a symmetrical look on a 3-page album. Learn how I made it by watching the video:


 When the album is closed it measures 4" x 5.25". 


By using the (optional) alternate assembly method with the center page folded, the album looks very symmetrical when open, despite being made from an odd number of pages.


This top view shows how it is assembled. The center page is folded and used as an X to connect the outer two pages.


Using a stencil to decorate the center page is a great choice since it has to be folded for this assembly method. Using a stencil pattern rather than adding layers keeps the bulk down on the page. The Trellis Wavy Frame added to the outer edges punches up the red, and the decorator heart is made with monkey tails.


All of the new products with the exception of the clear stamps have shipped out to local stores and I really encourage you to give those local stores your business before buying online. One thing I certainly saw at CHA were fewer local independent stores. We need them! If, however, you are sadly without a local store, here are online shopping links for the items used in the video:


2016 DC Long Banner

Let's see how the incredibly talented Designer Challenge Team interpreted this challenge. I am happy to report that nearly all of the new products are represented this month. For each card you'll see a photo here with my thoughts on why it's such an awesome card, but you'll see SO MUCH MORE if you click their names to go to their blog posts. They all have additional photos, tips, supply lists, etc. Don't worry - by clicking you will merely open a new window, not lose this one. So whenever you spy a card you want to see closer, just click the name and open that window.

FLATS & TAGS - For the debut of this collection I asked the team to make some flat card fronts and tags to show that Pop it Ups can be used for more than just pop-ups. They came through with amazing booth samples and a few of them are posted for this month's challenge.

Shelly Hickox made these three pretty tags incorporating new products (Stencils, Hot Air Balloon, Stamps) with existing favorites (Clock, Eiffel Tower, Happy Birthday) and the results are gorgeous! I love all the pretty layers and textures.SH_shelly hickox tags

Sandy Diller went steampunk with this tag, featuring Jinks the Monkey, Cheeky Monkey Clear Stamps and the Clock & Gears dies. I have nicknamed this tag Steamponkey. (See what I did there?) I love the rivets on the tummy. Brilliant!


Raquel Mason converted Cheepers the Chicken into a super chick, complete with mask and cape. She used the new Partly Cloudy Stencil for the sky and altered the Cheeky Monkey Clear Stamps to fit her theme. I love the chicken wire debossed into the piece. 

RM_PIU Super Chick flatKelly Booth rocked the new Cup Pop Stand by using the Cup die for two coffee-themed cards. She incorporated the new Coffee Embossing Folder, Coffee Stencil, Flower Stencil and Coffee & Tea Clear Stamps. Kelly creates such amazing textures. 

KB_Watermarked Photo (2015-12-03-0849) KB_Watermarked Photo 1 (2015-11-23-1122)

GENERAL POP-UPS - There are three new styles of General Pop-ups in the CHA 2016 release and all three were used in the challenge. There's the Cake Pop-up, the Hot Air Balloon with Pop-up and the Barrel Basket with Pop-up. You'll also see how the two new Characters, Baker the Beaver and Jinks the Monkey, plus the Baking-themed Props 8, tie in with the new pop-up dies.

Kelly Booth made this bright and fun birthday card with Baker the Beaver, Props 8 and the Swirly Flourish Stencil for the front of the card. She used some new stitched rectangle dies from Els van de Burgt Studio for the layers. The greeting is from the Just a Note Clear Stamps. I love the mixture of textures - pastes, Shimmer Sheetz, fluff & glitter.

KB_Watermarked Photo 1 (2016-01-17-2029)

When Kelly's card is opened, up pops the new Cake. Once again she mixed various textures and I absolutely adore her use of the lace Paris Edges die as doilies!
KB_Watermarked Photo 1 (2016-01-17-2029)

Karen Aicken also used the new Cake Pop Up, but by using elegant shimmer papers, she achieved a completely different feel to the die. I love how she slid the die toward the right (placement along the fold is always up to you!) to keep the floral pattern traveling uninterrupted along the left side. Karen discovered an excellent alternate use for the Ring Frame Edges 1 die set - she makes banners! You'll see more banners on her second card coming up. What a clever idea!


Karen Aicken's second card uses the new Hot Air Balloon with Pop-up and once again, Karen shows the versatility of Pop it Ups where you choose your location along the fold. She decided to cut two pop-ups into the card and place a balloon on each, plus her signature banner technique connecting the two. Another way to spot a Karen Aicken card is to look for beautiful pen detailing, as she has done on the clouds and the balloons.


Fran Sabad shows the other new pop-up in this release - the Barrel Basket with Pop-up. For the Hot Air Balloon and Barrel Basket, the idea is that they are great decorator dies that happen to include a simple single or double tier pop-up for when you want to animate them. In Fran's case she decided she wanted the Barrel Basket further forward in the card to make room for her monkeys, so she switched to the Lots of Pops for the structure. Who doesn't love three monkeys juggling bananas?! She also shows the new Bananas Embossing Folder and the Pull Card Edges.


OVAL PULL CARDS - The newest addition to the Pull Card collection is the Oval Pull Card with optional Slot/Slider. I also added a fun set of edges called the Pull Card Edges that allow you to easily add paper around any of the three Pull Card designs, but also to use in fun ways like we've seen already for shaped cut outs, rickrack and more!

Fran Sabad combined the Oval Pull Card with the Hot Air Balloon for this sweet Valentine. Pull Cards have alignment nubs that allow you to choose your placement along the fold and also the card size. Fran made an oversized card to allow for three balloons.


As Fran's card opens, the slider arm pulls the balloon across the card, making it fly. This is also a great example of the Pull Card Edges in action. Her white patterned paper was cut with the edges to leave a slight shadow around the oval on the front of the card, and the scalloped border inside allows for decorating right over the tuck slot but it remains operational. This works on all three pull cards, by the way, which was no easy feat in the design process!

Summer Hills-Painter also used the Oval Pull Card, Pull Card Edges and Hot Air Balloon, but, once again, her choices are completely different and so the cards are completely different. So much versatility with dies - everyone should be using them! Summer shows an inspiration piece on her blog - a gift bag with hot air balloons. She used it as a jumping off point for both of her cards this month and even incorporated parts of the bag into the designs. On Summer's card you cannot spy any of the Hot Air Balloon in the closed position.

SHP_card 2 closed

As Summer's card opens, however, it rises up. This is another great technique where she used the optional pop-up feature from one of the other Pull Cards - in this case the Spinner die from the Rectangle Pull Card - with one of the other Pull Card shapes. I love the styling on the balloon with the heart peel-offs as the trim.

SHP_card 2 closed

HANGING CHARM PULL TAB - This die set was very popular at CHA and uses a basic interactive card technique, the pull tab tent, but with an added twist of an open frame to animate a hanging charm. Four charms come included in the set - a coffee cup with cardboard sleeve, a butterfly, a heart and an Eiffel Tower. You can also eliminate the charm and use the frame to animate a solid object. You also have the option to orient your pull tab as a forward pull or a rear pull. Lots of options with this set and the team has been making the most of them!

Frances Byrne made a very pretty in pink Valentine using the heart charm and a rear pull. By extending the pull tab and cutting the end into a tag shape, she adds form and function to the design. As usual, she has the perfect stamps for the card! I marvel over Frances's skill with combining colors and patterns. She's a master!


Summer Hills-Painter also extended the pull tab into a tag shape for easy pulling and used her inspiration piece, the gift bag, for the hidden greeting. Instead of a hanging charm, Summer used the frame to animate the Hot Air Balloon, which she assembled as a shaker! Such a great way to use the balloon. Once again those heart peel-off stickers along the trim really give the balloon that finishing touch.

SHP_Card 1 closed
SHP_Card 1 closed

Caz Counsell combined some beautiful colors for this card and I love how she incorporated the same colors into the "enjoy" stamp from the Just a Note Clear Stamps. Caz illustrates a great technique with the Pull Card Edges here - by using the scalloped edge on both sides of a skinny strip of cardstock, offsetting the scallops, the die creates a gorgeous rickrack! Caz also used the new Flower Stencil on this card, with paste for texture. Lovely!



Shelly Hickox drops the mic with this amazing masculine steampunk Valentine for her hubby.  It's such a wonderful combination of signature Shelly textures created with mixed media materials, plus metals for that industrial feel. If you click Shelly's name you'll be able to see this card in action in a video. As I like to say about everything she makes . . . Shellypiece!

SH_shelly hickox pop it ups pull tab card

SH_shelly hickox pop it ups steampunk pull card

 CUP POP STANDS - If you're looking for a great all-around die set to celebrate your favorite beverages - coffee, tea, hot cocoa - look no further than the new Cup Pop Stand die set. As we saw on Kelly's flat cards, it works great just as a cup embellishment for any type of project, but can also be animated into a pop-up using the included Pop Stand die.

Caz Counsell (from England) knew that she'd be using this die all the time to send tea cards, so she created her very own custom stamp to use as a tea bag hanging from the cup! Brilliant! I particularly liked this angled photo showing much of the card, but if you click her name you'll be able to see the other photos showing more of the details, such as the lace Paris Edge along the back of the card. I like her use of the Oval Pull Card heart on the cup - so sweet!


Frances Byrne (from Australia) made it a coffee cup for this gorgeous coffee card. You'll see the Pull Card Edges in use again - for the scalloped borders between the papers and also for the scalloped border across the cup - that scalloped border is a great addition to any card. Frances also used the Coffee & Tea clear stamps and the Just a Note clear stamps to make her custom greeting. The colors are so fresh and fun.


Sandy Diller (from USA) made this steampunk version of the Cup for the Pop it Ups Cardmaking | Winter 2016 eBook. It's FREE, so definitely check it out for awesome card ideas and instructions. The details in this card are spectacular, from the clever use of the Clock & Gears die, to the rivets and metal gears on the coffee cup. Sandy incorporated the new Coffee Embossing Folder into this piece as well.

SD_Look Book 10

Well I hope you feel inspired to check out the latest release of Pop it Ups dies, folders, stencils and stamps to make dynamic cards for any occasion.


Join us here next month, on February 10, 2016, when we will be taking on a challenge called GLITTER! 

Happy Crafting!


Winners! eBook die prizes

Last Saturday I launched my very first Pop it Ups eBook, called Pop it Ups cardmaking | Winter 2016. It's a celebration of the talented Designer Challenge Team - one project from each team member plus one from myself. It's a free resource, so definitely check it out for great Pop it Ups inspiration.

image from

On the blog post announcing the book I invited people to leave comments for a chance to win any die set featured in the book. I chose three winners by random number generator and here they are:

Chris R. said...

So cute. I see some awesome projects to try.

Linda C. said...

Wish I were at CHA, too! I can't wait to see more from you and ECD--love everything you do!

Mary S. said...

I saw your Periscope live this morning. So excited to see all the CHA products live from CHA. Several people I follow are there. Love the new products.

Congratulations, Chris, Linda and Mary!

I've heard back from Chris, who has chosen the Hanging Charm Pull Tab die set, and from Linda, who has chosen the Oval Pull Card die set. Mary, check your inbox for a happy email from me.

We had a wonderful time at CHA and it was especially nice to have Kelly Booth helping me out with set-up, teardown and Make 'n Takes. I adore Kelly, who is a rock star in the cardmaking world, as evidenced by all the fellow stamper/colorer/designers who stopped by to see her and take photos. She is such a great ambassador for Pop it Ups and a dear, dear friend.


It was also wonderful to spend some time with Sandy Diller, the newest member of the Pop it Ups Designer Challenge Team and the creator of one of the most-photographed booth samples, the Barrel of Monkeys card. Sandy is also a member of the Elizabeth Craft Designs team.


Because we were running Make 'n Takes throughout the show, I didn't get a chance to leave the booth until the final day, so I especially appreciate all my friends who came to see me in the booth and apologize to those who were equally tethered and we didn't get a chance to see each other. Next year in Phoenix for sure!

Next week will be our first Designer Challenge of the new year. We will host the challenge right here on this blog and the theme is NEW! The team will be creating projects using the new release products (mixed in with existing favorites, too) for a wide-open theme.  Check it all out on Wednesday, January 20, 2016. 

Pop it Ups Cardmaking Winter 2016 - *FREE* eBook

Hello from no-longer-rainy but a-little-chilly Anaheim California!

Karen, Joset, Els, Susan and Suzanne in our ECD aprons customized by Els.

Today is the start of the 2016 CHA Mega Show, where we officially launch new products. We've been setting up the Elizabeth Craft Designs Booth (#775) for two days now, but the real prep started months ago.

My incredible Designer Challenge Team always creates beautiful cards for the booth and this year I assigned them the extra task of taking step shots and writing instructions for one of their booth cards for me to compile into our first Pop it Ups cardmaking eBook. This was a huge project for me, especially because I had to learn a whole new program for the layout, but well worth it. I love how it turned out!



While the book is heavily focused on brand new product (every project features at least one Pop it Ups product being released at this show) we've also mixed in a lot of our favorites from previous releases so you can see just how perfectly Pop it Ups products coordinate and build to create a cohesive collection. In addition to the step-by-step instructions and full supply lists, you'll also be able to click directly from the book to any of the designers' blogs. Read their bios, see their photos, learn what inspires them (and me) to do what we do. It's a good read!

Are you a retailer or teacher looking for class ideas? You are permitted to teach the projects in this book, but please give credit where credit is due and  mention the designer's name as the source of the inspiration when promoting your class on social media, etc.

You can peruse the book easily on a computer, phone or tablet at this link: Pop it Ups Cardmaking Winter 2016 If you'd like to download the book so you can print it, choose the "Share" button and then choose "Download". Issuu also has a free mobile app if you prefer.

We want to hear from you! Leave a comment on this blog post and I'll choose three lucky winners to pick any Pop it Ups die used in the book as a prize! Winners will be chosen by random draw next Thursday, January 14, 2016 and contacted by e-mail for your prize choice and mailing address. 

Are you on Periscope? It's a free app for your phone and my user name Karen Burniston if you want to follow me.  I will be doing my very first live 'scope from the show this morning to tour the booth and show you all the team's projects up close. It's LIVE, folks! I could trip, or have a booger, or any number of embarrassing mishaps and it will all be captured and available for replay for 24 hours. Enticing, huh?

Well that's it for me this early morning. I'm a Central Timezone girl waking up in Pacific for a week. Hence . . . early mornings!

Happy Crafting!

CHA 2016: Mixed Media Tags using *NEW* Stage it Stencils

In a few days I'll be heading out to California for the CHA 2016 Mega Show. A couple of weeks ago I shared the Make 'n Takes, and I hope you'll stop by Booth #775 to make the projects and receive a full color set of instructions and supply list for re-teaching. (Plus full video tutorials for all three projects are already on YouTube).

The schedule will be as follows: (while supplies last)

Hanging Charm Pull Tab card - Saturday January 9th,   10am - 12pm and 2pm - 4pm
Oval Pull Card with Jinks the Monkey - Sunday January 10th, 10am - 12pm and 2pm - 4pm
Pop-up Cake card - Monday January 11th, 10am - 12pm and 2pm - 4pm 

In addition to new dies and stamps, a brand new product category for me are stencils. Stencils are such a natural fit with Pop it Ups dies - you often need to "set the stage" for the pop-up with a good all-over background. Plus, stencils work great for the fronts of cards. Six designs are being released at CHA. The outer footprint of the stencil is 5" x 7" with a pattern area of 4 3/8" x 6 1/8". The coffee bean pattern is repeatable in all directions by simply moving the stencil and continuing the pattern. The stencils have a corner hole for storing on a ring, and the brand and item number is etched into the header, making them easy to identify for supply lists and storage. 


Although I had my Pop it Ups dies in mind when I created these stencils, they also work great on their own for cards, scrapbook layouts, 3D craft items and mixed media projects. One of the displays in the booth at CHA will be a series of mixed media tags made by Shelly Hickox, Sandy Diller and myself. We used the Els van de Burgt Studio Tags & More dies (#1, #2, or #3) to create the tag tops and then decorated with Pop it Ups products. We kept a consistent size to our tags - 3.25" wide (the width of the Tags & More #1, #2, #3) and 6.25" long.

For my first tag, I used the Medallion Stencil for the background. After combining various orange, pink and rose inks onto Elizabeth Craft Designs' 100# Soft Finish Cardstock, I added Translucent Embossing Paste through the stencil using a palette knife and set it aside to dry. Once dry, I dabbed some black paint randomly over the pattern and wiped it off of the paste. The base of the tag was created by loading my die cutting machine with an embossing sandwich and embossing the stencil pattern onto burgandy cardstock. I brushed black ink over the debossed side of the cardstock to highlight the pattern. The butterfly charm comes with the new Hanging Charm Pull Tab die set and the "Adventure awaits" is from the What's Up? Clear Stamp set. Finally I added some Peel-off Stickers in black/silver, a metal flower charm from my stash and a spring from the hardware store for the tag handle.


For this next tag, I started with a core cardstock and embossed the Swirly Flourish Stencil pattern onto it. Then I sanded the piece, revealing the pattern. I stitched around the tag with red embroidery floss and then softened it to a dark pink by brushing all the edges with white paint. I hand cut a big heart from glossy white cardstock, embossed the Swirly Flourish stencil pattern onto the piece and then brushed pink ink over the top. For dimension I glued it to a piece of white cardboard and cut around it. I roughed the edges using a distressing tool. In the new die sets there is a heart included in the Oval Pull Card die set that fits the Heart Charm from the Hanging Charm Pull Tab die perfectly. I used those two dies together to make the hanging heart, which is attached by wrapping twine around the big heart. The "but first," is a great little stamp from the Coffee & Tea Clear Stamps set. You'll see that I used it on the next tag as well. You can "but first," just about anything, including the word "love", cut from the Els van de Burgt Studio Alphabet die set. For the top decoration I tied a piece of sheer ribbon through the hole and then used a piece of wire and pliers to pull the ends of the ribbons through pink pearl beads and then through rose beads. The paper clip die comes from the Tags Pivot Card set and I added a small acrylic charm from my stash, brushed with glitter paste on the back and embellished with the tiny heart from Props 8.


For my final tag I used the Flower Stencil with Bo Bunny's glitter paste in both Silver and Caribbean blue. After the background was dry, I added a blue distress stain randomly over the background leaving a "river" of white showing for visual interest. The new Cup Pop Stand die works fabulously for flat cups, too. This one is embossed with Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel for a porcelain look. You'll see a lot of the same decorator dies used here (hey - they were already out on the table!) including the paper clip from the Tags Pivot Card, the heart from the Oval Pull Card and the tiny heart from Props 8. The spoon comes with the Cup Pop Stand die set and the greeting is stamped using the Coffee & Tea Clear Stamps.


Some of the new products have already arrived to the Colorado warehouse and retailers who pre-ordered will have product in store this week! Some of the other products are in transit, so watch for them to show up in local stores and on the Elizabeth Craft Designs website in the coming weeks. 

If you're coming to CHA I'd love to see you in Booth #775.

Happy New Year of Crafting!

 Here are links to the Elizabeth Craft Designs products used on these tags.