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Video Tutorial: Pop it Ups Confetti Stream Accordion

Video Assembly Tutorial: Pop it Ups #1097 Lucky the Rabbit

The Pop it Ups Fall 2015 Collection has shipped to stores and is now available. I'll be using the Fall Collection for a video this week, including Lucky the Rabbit. I figured while the die was out I'd throw together a quick 90 second assembly video. Lucky is the 17th Character in the Pop it Ups collection and there are 7 Props sets that fit all of the Characters. 

If you've been collecting Characters, here are some good things to know:

  • Whiskers the Cat and Lucky the Rabbit have the exact same nose. If you lose your little nose die from one, you can use the die from the other set.
  • Hoppy the Frog and Chilly the Penguin have the same size eyes.
  • Whiskers the Cat and Buster the Dog have the same size eyes.
  • Cheepers the Chicken, Brownie the Cow, Virgil the Pig, Snowball the Sheep, William the Goat, Jolly the Mouse, Rudy the Reindeer and Lucky the Rabbit have the same size eyes.


Learn how to assemble Lucky by watching this quick video:

You'll find these products at independent craft stores worldwide. If you don't have access to a local store, here are some online shopping links:

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