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Howdy Kieran! Barnyard Pop-up Card.

20th Wedding Anniversary


Twenty years ago today I married my college sweetheart at Southern Oaks Plantation in New Orleans. Despite having no family in the area, we managed to pull an impressive amount of out-of-towners (Pssst - here's the secret to "yes" RSVP's - get married in New Orleans!)

Hurricane Opal was heading our way in the week before the wedding but turned and hit the Florida panhandle. It was terrible for Florida, but the western side of the storm seemed to suck all the stifling heat right out of New Orleans and left October 7, 1995 as one of the most glorious weather days we experienced in the dozen years we lived there.

Perfect weather and all our friends and family in town? Oh yes, it was a party!

Fast forward 20 years, two big moves and a couple of kids and we're still Mr. & Mrs. Burniston. And yes, we're rather impressed with ourselves for it!

John asked me to look up what twenty years is, for anniversaries. "You know," he said "How it's like paper, silver, etc.?"

I looked it up and informed him that 20 years is the China Anniversary.

"Oh good!" I said, "I'll get you some forks and that will be close enough!"

In twenty years you lose a few forks. A regular question in our house, after opening the silverware drawer, is "Is the dishwasher clean?" 

"Forks," said John, "are not China."

"Hey, we said no presents - don't look a gift fork in the mouth!"

I did, in fact, buy some forks today. I had the fun experience of spending part of my China Anniversary at the dentist. I also got the car washed and my hair done and went to the bank. It was actually a glorious day today, too, just like 20 years ago!

Here's a card I made for John (to go with the forks). We're going out to dinner tonight and have plans with friends for Oktoberfest this weekend. The perfect way to celebrate two decades! 


"Hey, 75 years is the Platinum Anniversary, John, so when we're 100, I expect you to buy me something Platinum"

"Will do!"

EDITED TO ADD: More info on the card -

  • Since it was our China anniversary I took a photo of a pretty plate while out shopping. I used the computer to overlay the greeting on the photo and then printed it out at a size to fit the Ring Accordion. 
  • The Ring Accordion has a built-in stencil feature of stitch marks. For Pages 1 and 3 I simply pressed Texture Paste through the die to add the raised stitch marks. I dumped some Champagne Gold glitter onto the paste while it was wet.
  • For the center page, I made my own stencil from the flourish included in the Merry Christmas die set. I did the same thing with the glitter, but was admittedly in a bit of a hurry, so it's not the cleanest glitter job.


Here are links to the products I used on the card.