Connecticut Pop it Ups Classes - June 12-13, 2015

Pop it Ups "Hog Wild" Birthday Bathtub Card

Now that the Farm Collection is shipping, I thought I'd share one of the cards I taught last month at the Collins Show using Virgil the Pig and the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps with the Pop Stand Bathtub, Paris Edges and Props 2 for a fun "Hog Wild" Birthday Bathtub Card. 


This card was very easy to put together and made good use of the patterned paper by using both the positive and negative pieces of the Paris Edges to create the bath mat and the front decoration.  Choose any patterned paper that would make a nice floor and any color cardstock that would make a nice contrasting bath mat.


Here is a list of the colors and the cuts:

  • Dark Brown Cardstock (I used Candy Bar Card Shoppe, Bazzill): 6" x 9" scored at 4.5" for folding. Line up Bathtub Pop Stand die over the fold, centered, and cut. Also cut a shadow layer for Virgil the Pig.
  • Patterned Paper (I used Echo Park Jack & Jill girl, Cute as a Button): two pieces at 5.75" x 4 3/8" with Paris Edge cut into one long side of each piece.
  • White Cardstock: die cut two bathtubs, a 1" x 6" strip with the "go hog wild" portion of Farm Greetings Clear Stamps stamped onto it in chocolate brown ink, a rectangle around the "pig out" portion of the same clear stamp, also in chocolate brown ink, and a set of Virgil the Pig's eyes. (Optional but helpful: use ECD double-sided adhesive behind the cardstock for the eyes before die cutting so they will become stickers)
  • Silver Cardstock: die cut a faucet and claw feet (Optional but helpful: use ECD double-sided adhesive behind the cardstock for the claw feet before die cutting so they will become stickers)
  • Light Blue Cardstock: die cut the party hat overlay from Props 2.
  • Teal Cardstock: die cut the party hat base and pom-pom from Props 2.
  • Pink Cardstock: Virgil the Pig's detail layer, snout and tail.
  • White Shimmer Sheetz: three bubble strips from the Bathtub die.

For the front of the card use the two positive pieces of the Paris Edges, leaving a gap in the middle to fill with a strip of coordinating washi tape (I used Echo Park's Jack & Jill Boy ruler tape) Add the Pig Out greeting rectangle and line it with transparent/silver glitter lines for sparkle. Color the "pig out" words with a coordinating marker. The crepe ribbon can go through the two holes at the top of the card's front, but not all the way through the card - just woven through the front holes - and tied in a knot. (Part of the ribbon is now inside the card, but will be hidden by the bathtub)


Inside the card start by adding the two floor pieces, lined up close to the center fold. Assemble the bathtub in the usual fashion (video link at the end of this post), making sure to attach the two tubs to each other only out on the outside edges, leaving the center open to be able to slide Virgil the Pig inside. Add the bubbles, faucet and claw feet. Another strip of washi tape was put across the back half of the card and the "Hog Wild" greeting strip, highlighted with markers or pencils, across the front. Highlight the seam with a glitter line, if desired.


For Virgil the Pig, start by assembling him in the usual fashion, then use detail scissors to cut out his front legs, cutting on the outside edge of the brown portion so the legs will have a shadow layer. It's easiest to just cut straight across the top of his legs and then chop out the little piece in between the legs (you won't need it). When he is tucked down into the bathtub you won't be able to tell that he is missing limbs. Assemble the birthday hat and add the pom-pom lined up with the top of the hat to keep the hat as short as possible. Attach it at a jaunty angle and partially over Virgil's eye to keep it within the card when closed. Fill in the hat's spots with transparent/silver glitter dots, if desired.


Slide Virgil between the two tubs and attach his lower half inside the tub with glue, closing the card to check that the hat is hidden while you can still adjust his location. Also glue in his two legs at a fun "whoopee!" angle.


If you are new to the Bathtub Pop Stand die and/or need a refresher, move the slider to 1:24 on this introductory video:


All of the ECD products used on this card can be purchased at your local independent craft store. If your local store doesn't carry ECD please encourage them to do so. For those of you sadly without any local shopping options, here are some links. The crepe ribbon color is Magenta (I think!).

Happy Hog Wild Birthday Crafting!