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Lucy Label plus Buster the Dog Pop-up Birthday Card

Today I have a simple birthday card using the Lucy Label Pop-up die plus Buster the Dog, Props 4 and the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps. This card measures 4.5" x 6" when folded and can be mailed in an A7 envelope.


For the front of the card I kept it very simple. I used the same styling as the card's interior, with a big panel of teal cardstock (4" x 5.5") on a slightly larger panel of white (4.125" x 5.625") and the background of dark gray (6" x 9" folded in half). I used selective inking of the Farm Greetings clear stamps to stamp the Happy Birthday greeting and then die cut it using one of the accessory label dies that comes included with the Lucy Label. I also used the two Lucy slot dies to make the slots in the label for a cardstock strip. Behind the label a partial Buster peeks out. Since I didn't need Buster's body I snipped out his two paws and folded them over the cardstock strip so it would look like he was holding it. I tucked a milk bone (Props 4) under one paw.


For the card's interior I used the Lucy Label pop-up die, which I slid to the left on the center fold so the label would be off-center, leaving me room for Buster on the right. That's the beautiful thing about Pop it Ups dies - they can be positioned anywhere along the fold of any size card. You're in control, crafters!


The slot dies worked perfectly for adding a ribbon detail along the back wall of the card. All of the work on the pop-up portion of the card was done prior to adding the dark gray backing card. The teal insert is 8.5" x 5.5" folded in half. Rather than use a large white card behind it, I cut narrow white strips for the perimeter and glued them up under the teal card.

To decorate the pop-up I used the Lucy pop-up die on a darker green cardstock, trimmed out just the label portion, and glued it to the front of the pop-up. Then I selectively inked a phrase from the Farm Greetings clear stamps and die cut it with the smaller label. The very smallest label in the set has the heart-shaped holes. I added the pet food bowl with two Buster bones to that label using a pop dot and attached the decorated label to the upper stairstep platform.


If you are familiar with the Buster the Dog Character die you may have wondered about the tilt of his head in my card. My dogs tilt their heads whenever they hear an unusual sound and it's so cute! I wanted to tilt Buster's head, so here's how I did it: (click to enlarge)


The Lucy Label pop-up die is from the first Pop it Ups collection and continues to be a popular one. It's generic, easy-to-assemble and is one of the least expensive pop-up dies in the collection, mainly due to its small size. Don't let the die size fool you, though. As you can see, Lucy packs a big punch in a small package! The die creates one decorative label-shaped platform and a smaller, optional stairstep platform. You can make any number of scenes with this die and because of its pretty shape, it works perfectly when you want to animate a stamped greeting. You could make this same card with any of the Character dies for any theme.


If you are new to the Lucy Label die and/or need a refresher, jump to 11:43 on this video to learn how to use it:


Finally I added the same racing stripes across the base of the card, stamped another greeting on the smallest Lucy Label and added some of the Props 4 items to finish the greeting area.


The supplies to make this card can be found at your local independent craft store. In addition to the Elizabeth Craft Designs products shown below, I also used teal, 2 greens, dusty brown, white and 2 gray cardstocks.  I also used a teal and green ink for the greetings and a silver paint pen on Buster's collar.