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Circle Accordion Card - Butterfly Thank You


Today I'm sharing a pretty 3-page Circle Accordion Thank You card.

I decided to use the Butterflies with Doodles peel-off stickers and started with the butterfly peel-off for Page 3. I placed the sticker on a scrap of vellum, colored on the back of the vellum with markers to give a more subtle look for the front, and then rather tediously began fussy-cutting the sticker. 


Don't try this at home!

Ha ha.

Seriously, though. It's not an easy sticker to fussy-cut. Plus, although I had the very ends of the vellum to adhere under the pink "ring", I still had to figure out where I could hide some glue under the body to keep it down. Luckily the glue dried clear and all that fussy cutting didn't go to waste.


So after learning my lesson on the Page 3 butterfly I got MUCH smarter for Page 1. I found a larger scrap of vellum, big enough for the whole circle, and then did the same coloring effect. Afterward I simply die cut the vellum into a circle using the Circle Accordion die. MUCH easier, and I could use adhesive around the entire perimeter of the vellum circle since it would be hidden under my brown cardstock ring.


For the outer frames I used the die itself as a stencil with a white gel pen to add the stitch marks to the brown pages 1 and 3. For the second page I used the Square w/Circle Frame Edges - the flourish one, making sure to add ECD double-sided adhesive to the back of the brown cardstock before die cutting so the lacy frame edges would be stickers.

For the center page I used the new Farm Greetings clear stamps. I placed a strip of removable tape across the stamp just below the "Thank you" and inked the area above it with black ink. The tape acted as a barrier so I wouldn't accidentally ink the area below Thank You. I removed the tape before stamping. After cleaning the stamp well, I repeated the process with the "many thanks" banner, thus making myself a new shorter stacked greeting without any of the "cow" phrases.

Here's a little "how-to" visual for this process. Click to enlarge:


Although you always have the option with clear stamps to cut them apart with a pair of sharp scissors, this is a way to keep your large chalkboard greeting stamps in one piece for when you want to use the whole stamp, but still leverage the individual phrases for non-farm themes.

After I stamped my modified greeting onto cream cardstock, I die cut the scalloped circle around the phrase. Then I used the smaller circle die with an embossing sandwich to press the circle around the phrase. Finally, I cut two scalloped circles from brown cardstock, cut two 7-bump pieces from each circle and layered them behind the cream scallops to provide a makeshift shadow layer. If you click to enlarge the photo below you'll see the locations where the brown scalloped circles overlap. This is an easy way to get a shadow layer from the same-sized die.


The video instructions for the Circle Accordion Album are here:



Everything in this card is available now except the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps. The stamps are shipping around May 1, 2015 to independent craft stores worldwide.

Because so many of you don't have local stores, I also provide online shopping links.