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Rectangle Pull Card - Hello Honey

Happy Valentines Day! 

Here's a card that would make a great Valentine but also can be used all year round just to say hello to someone you love.

This is a Rectangle Pull Card featuring Honey the Bear, who I altered to make an articulated bear using brads. This is the same type of card as Rocky Doffs his Cap which has a video tutorial, so I'll only explain the few differences between this card and the Rocky card.

The starting dimensions are the same - 8" wide by 6" tall. Instead of patterned paper in each panel I embossed them with the Clouds Embossing folder and then added green cardstock along the bottom cut with the Outdoor Edges. 

I nested in the rectangle decorator die and cut it at the same time as the Rectangle Pull card. I didn't use a transparency window pane but added some grass (also the Outdoor Edges) along the bottom of the window. The big heart in Honey's hand and the medium heart on the front of the card are from the Heart Pivot Card. I used the swirly heart's emboss feature as a stencil with a white gel pen and then embellished with red glitter dots.


When the card is opened Honey lifts up the heart so you can see his face and his giant spectacles. Originally I was going to have the card say "Talk nerdy to me!" but then I got the idea to have it say "Hello, Honey" and use the honey pot that comes with the bear as an embellishment. Honey is also wearing a bow tie from Props1 and holding the small heart frame from the Rectangle Accordion. The script hello is also from the Rectangle Accordion and HONEY is the ECD Alphabet Caps die.


Notice that Honey has two arm parts on the left (his right). This is required for him to have the proper range of motion when the spinner pulls up the heart. I simply used another arm, chopping off the paw, to make the extra piece. It's his other arm (his left, your right) that has the brad through the card to anchor him. I only used the arms, legs and the centers of the ears from the detail layer, fashioning the rest of Honey using just the shadow layer and the accessory pieces (eyes, snout, feet).

Here is the card in motion:

Remember that you can watch a video tutorial for this card technique.

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