Video Tutorial: Grungy Gears Background Technique
Video Tutorial: Simple Eiffel Tower Pop it Ups Love Card

Karen Burniston Pop it Ups Designer Challenge - Artsy or Cutesy

Today I'm blogging on the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog with this month's Pop it Ups Designer Challenge. The theme this month is Artsy or Cutesy and I gave the team and our two guest designers these instructions:

FEBRUARY - Artsy or Cutesy - Which way will you go? Feel free to do both. Cards should lean very artsy fartsy, with inks and textures and quotes about the soul (or whatever) OR very cutesy, like puppies and kittens and rainbows and sprinkles. 

Now it's no secret that the team (myself included) leans more cute with our typical cards than artsy. I invited frequent guest Sandy Diller and new guest Tracy Evans to participate this month, knowing that they would provide amazing artsy inspiration and balance the scales. As it turns out, the team pulled out their inner artsy-ists and made more Artsy cards than Cutesy! (More than double!) Make sure you check out their inspiring cards on the ECD blog post


I tackled both halves of the challenge as well. My Artsy card was posted a few days ago along with a video tutorial for creating the Grungy Gears background. 


For the Cutesy side I thought it would be fun to teach a technique for making a window card with the Rectangle Pull Card to allow the recipient to see something attached to the spinner through the window and then watch that item move as the card opens. Here is the video tutorial for Rocky Doffs his Cap:


If you are unfamiliar with the term "Doff my cap" - here's what Merriam-Webster has to say about it:

transitive verb

1      a  :  to remove (an article of wear) from the body 
        b  :  to take off (the hat) in greeting or as a sign of respect 
2     :  to rid oneself of :  put aside 
        — doff one's hat to or  doff one's cap to
       :  to show respect to :  salute

Origin of DOFF

Middle English, from don to do + of off
First Known Use: 14th century

Examples of DOFF

  1. He doffed his cap as he introduced himself.
  2. They doffed their coats when they came inside.

Thanks, internet - I doff my cap to your instantaneous wealth of information!




It is completely redundant to post a video of the card in action when there is a full video tutorial just a simple scroll up, but if you weren't sure you wanted to watch - here's what you're missing:



The challenge cards this month are absolutely amazing, so head on over to the ECD Blog Post to check them out!