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The Finest Things Pop it Ups Bathtub Eiffel Tower card

Last night:

ME: Hey Emma, can I put this pink Eiffel Tower on the front of this bathtub? I really like it there, for some reason.

EMMA: Well it looks cool, but how do they go together? What's the reason for an Eiffel tower in the bathroom?

JOHN: Eiffel up the bathtub?

ME: Ha! Yeah! It could be "Eiffel into a warm tub!"

EMMA: (losing interest) OK, sure.

In the end I added a string of pearls, a computer-generated greeting plus some glitter lines and it came together quite nicely. See? Dies are awesome - you can combine them in unexpected ridiculous ways and it only takes a creative greeting to finish off a cool, unique and (very) pink card for a friend.


This card is for my friend Janice, whose previous handmade card got lost in the mail. Also, I'm calling my messy office "the mail" now. Heh.

Seriously, though, I did make Janice a card. I'm just not sure where I put it. *sigh*

I started, as I always do, with the card's interior. I recently purchased a large background stamp from Stampin' Up! called Hardwood and it worked perfectly for my pink floor.


The tub is cut from white cardstock that was covered in a piece of fuzzy vellum from my stash. I used the leftover pieces of vellum cardstock to cut the bubbles, which I inked with the same pink ink (Stampin' Up! Strawberry Slush) as the floor. Rocky the Crab is cut from pink patterned paper from the scrap drawer and a dark pink cardstock for the shadow layer. The "hello" and speech bubble are decorator dies from the Rectangle Accordion set and I inlaid the "hello" into the white portion of the bubble. The faucet and claw feet are embossed with a metallic powder. I made the string of pearls with some stash beads on a strand of embroidery floss. For the tower itself I first cut the tower from white cardstock and left it in the die while I sponged Strawberry Slush ink through the holes to add the gridwork detail to the tower. I then ejected the die, which was white with dark pink X's. The die itself needed to be cleaned so I spritzed it with water and before wiping it off, I simply turned my white tower face down and pressed it against the inky/watery die, which put a lighter pink color over most of the tower. The gridwork holes in the die left shadows of uninked white around the darker pink X's. I dried the cardstock with a heat gun, added some glitter lines, consulted Emma and then glued it to the front of the tub.


One thing about the Pop Stand dies is that the card itself needs to open up to a fully flat 180 degree card. For this reason I generally do not recommend gluing a full fold interior card into a full fold backing card. It makes it hard to open the card flat when you've tried to line up a fold-in-a-fold. The way I was able to accomplish a fully flat card with a fold in a fold is by only gluing down the back half of the pink edged card. The front half is attached with three brads through holes in the Paris Edges die. The paper is able to slide on the brad just enough to provide the "give" needed for the card to open easily to a fully flat position and still close up without bunching in the fold. I used a decorator Tags Pivot Card die to cut out the interior greeting and tied glitter lines through the hole.


The greeting is computer-generated. The uppercase font (Nomad) was printed in pink and the script font (Pendulum) in black. To give it more of a handmade look I traced around the uppercase font with a fine black pen. The card's front mirrors the design elements of the card's interior and provides a simple lead-in to the magic inside. 


This card is 5.5" wide by 5" tall when folded (14 cm x 13 cm) and will mail in an A7 envelope. However, I used thick cardstock so the card is pretty rigid, which may require a second postage stamp.


Here are links for the Elizabeth Craft Designs products I used. Consult your local Stampin' Up! demonstrator if you're interested in the ink and stamp. Everything else is generic/stash items. 


February Secret Word Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Joyce, who entered and won this month's Secret Word Giveaway. 

The secret word was to incorporate the word Artsy or the word Cutesy into a comment on the February Designer Challenge Post. A random number generator was used to pick the winner. Joyce's comment was the winning comment:

As always your cards are great. The video has so many ideas. Very artsy. Thank you.

She will get to choose her prize of either the two main dies used in my Artsy Card or the two main dies used in my Cutesy Card.


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Tick Tock Teenagers Accordion Album

Somehow nearly a year has gone by since I took these pictures of Karl and Emma. Emma has since chopped her hair into a short pixie cut. Just last night Karl got his hair buzzed, too. Both of my children were lucky enough to inherit their father's curls and both kids keep chopping them off! Unfair!

I made this Accordion for a display piece. I have lots of pictures of the twins in frames throughout the house but very few of them as teenagers. I made the large silver butterfly when I was filming the Grungy Gears Background video for the Artsy Bathtub card. I didn't end up using the butterfly so it was sitting on the desk and I wanted to do something with it.


The Katie Label Accordion (or either of the other two portrait-style albums - Oval or Rectangle) was the perfect choice for an accordion with photos since there is plenty of real estate for a decent-sized photo plus embellishments.

The background is thin white cardstock with double-sided adhesive on the back. I created the color and pattern using a combination of stain, paint, spray, a leaf stencil and a polka-dot stamp. I started by mixing the paint and stain on a craft mat with a little water and then dredging the cardstock through it. Then I added the leaf mask, sprayed it with white spray and then flipped the stencil and pressed it to the paper as well, creating both positive and negative leaves. I overstamped randomly with the polka-dot stamp in green ink. After the background dried I snipped out the center labels from the outer frames and mixed them up for more variety. The pages for the album were cut from a thick olive cardstock and then the frames and labels stuck to them.


For the front of the album I used the Katie Flourish Frame Edges on my leftover background cardstock, which already had double-sided adhesive on the back. I die cut the Frame Edges and carefully lifted the die off the cardstock so that most of the pieces remained in place. I poked out a few random pieces but left most of the "confetti" in the frame edges for an etched look.


In addition to my leftover butterfly, I also had several modeling paste backgrounds left over from the Modeling Paste Backgrounds video tutorial. I used those backgrounds for the Clock, gears, lace butterfly and hinges. I inked them all with Black Soot Distress ink.


Although I most often make cute cards, it is fun to occasionally mess around with my inks, paints and sprays. I love that dies allow me to choose any style of card and to change that style from one card to the next. 
If you are new to the Accordion Album dies you can learn how to assemble them in this video: Pop it Ups Accordion Album dies.
Here are supply links for most everything I used on this card. I did add some stash brads, olive cardstock and a metal flower embellishment.

Rectangle Pull Card - Hello Honey

Happy Valentines Day! 

Here's a card that would make a great Valentine but also can be used all year round just to say hello to someone you love.

This is a Rectangle Pull Card featuring Honey the Bear, who I altered to make an articulated bear using brads. This is the same type of card as Rocky Doffs his Cap which has a video tutorial, so I'll only explain the few differences between this card and the Rocky card.

The starting dimensions are the same - 8" wide by 6" tall. Instead of patterned paper in each panel I embossed them with the Clouds Embossing folder and then added green cardstock along the bottom cut with the Outdoor Edges. 

I nested in the rectangle decorator die and cut it at the same time as the Rectangle Pull card. I didn't use a transparency window pane but added some grass (also the Outdoor Edges) along the bottom of the window. The big heart in Honey's hand and the medium heart on the front of the card are from the Heart Pivot Card. I used the swirly heart's emboss feature as a stencil with a white gel pen and then embellished with red glitter dots.


When the card is opened Honey lifts up the heart so you can see his face and his giant spectacles. Originally I was going to have the card say "Talk nerdy to me!" but then I got the idea to have it say "Hello, Honey" and use the honey pot that comes with the bear as an embellishment. Honey is also wearing a bow tie from Props1 and holding the small heart frame from the Rectangle Accordion. The script hello is also from the Rectangle Accordion and HONEY is the ECD Alphabet Caps die.


Notice that Honey has two arm parts on the left (his right). This is required for him to have the proper range of motion when the spinner pulls up the heart. I simply used another arm, chopping off the paw, to make the extra piece. It's his other arm (his left, your right) that has the brad through the card to anchor him. I only used the arms, legs and the centers of the ears from the detail layer, fashioning the rest of Honey using just the shadow layer and the accessory pieces (eyes, snout, feet).

Here is the card in motion:

Remember that you can watch a video tutorial for this card technique.

ECD Supplies:

Video Tutorial: Simple Eiffel Tower Pop it Ups Love Card

Eiffel in Love

This was my Make 'n Take project at CHA. If you're in Southern California you can head over to Hearts 'n Crafts in Covina on Saturday where Vesta Myers will be demonstrating the new Accordion dies. The Eiffel Tower card will be a Make 'n Take - cost and time details are on the Hearts 'n Crafts website.

Here is the video tutorial for this quick and simple card:


Need more ideas for the Eiffel Tower die? Check out my Pinterest Board: Pop it Ups Pop Stands to find inspiration and links to more Eiffel Tower cards.

Karen Burniston Pop it Ups Designer Challenge - Artsy or Cutesy

Today I'm blogging on the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog with this month's Pop it Ups Designer Challenge. The theme this month is Artsy or Cutesy and I gave the team and our two guest designers these instructions:

FEBRUARY - Artsy or Cutesy - Which way will you go? Feel free to do both. Cards should lean very artsy fartsy, with inks and textures and quotes about the soul (or whatever) OR very cutesy, like puppies and kittens and rainbows and sprinkles. 

Now it's no secret that the team (myself included) leans more cute with our typical cards than artsy. I invited frequent guest Sandy Diller and new guest Tracy Evans to participate this month, knowing that they would provide amazing artsy inspiration and balance the scales. As it turns out, the team pulled out their inner artsy-ists and made more Artsy cards than Cutesy! (More than double!) Make sure you check out their inspiring cards on the ECD blog post


I tackled both halves of the challenge as well. My Artsy card was posted a few days ago along with a video tutorial for creating the Grungy Gears background. 


For the Cutesy side I thought it would be fun to teach a technique for making a window card with the Rectangle Pull Card to allow the recipient to see something attached to the spinner through the window and then watch that item move as the card opens. Here is the video tutorial for Rocky Doffs his Cap:


If you are unfamiliar with the term "Doff my cap" - here's what Merriam-Webster has to say about it:

transitive verb

1      a  :  to remove (an article of wear) from the body 
        b  :  to take off (the hat) in greeting or as a sign of respect 
2     :  to rid oneself of :  put aside 
        — doff one's hat to or  doff one's cap to
       :  to show respect to :  salute

Origin of DOFF

Middle English, from don to do + of off
First Known Use: 14th century

Examples of DOFF

  1. He doffed his cap as he introduced himself.
  2. They doffed their coats when they came inside.

Thanks, internet - I doff my cap to your instantaneous wealth of information!




It is completely redundant to post a video of the card in action when there is a full video tutorial just a simple scroll up, but if you weren't sure you wanted to watch - here's what you're missing:



The challenge cards this month are absolutely amazing, so head on over to the ECD Blog Post to check them out!

Video Tutorial: Grungy Gears Background Technique

This month's Pop it Ups Designer Challenge has two parts. Here are the instructions I provided the team and our guest designer:

FEBRUARY - Artsy or Cutesy - Which way will you go? Feel free to do both. Cards should lean very artsy fartsy, with inks and textures and quotes about the soul (or whatever) OR very cutesy, like puppies and kittens and rainbows and sprinkles. Post your creations Monday & Tuesday, February 9th and 10th. My post will be on Wednesday, February 11th.

Many of the team is tackling both halves of the challenge and I decided to do the same, focusing on the Cutesy side of the challenge for the video tutorial (The cutesy video tutorial will be posted next week on the 11th) and making the Arsty side of the challenge just for fun, since when I work in this genre I tend to experiment with mixed media until I like something - much harder for me to reproduce what I did and teach it on video.

And so I came up with an artistic bathtub card! (I know, crazy, right?)

The front of the card features the grungy gears (and clock) background technique and then I ripped a tear into the background to allow butterflies to "escape". 


The card's interior features the Bathtub die, cut from another grungy gears background, attached to the Lorna Label, and more escaping butterflies, this time from a key hole cut into the tub.


When I posted this card to the team's private group I got some questions about how I did the background technique and I figured that at least that part of things was easy to reproduce, so here's a video tutorial for how I did the background for the card's front and for the bathtub's texture:


What I like about this particular background technique is that it doesn't require much else. For my card front I added just a few elements - more gears die cut from black cardstock and layered together to create chipboard-like elements. I dotted the tops with a silver leafing pen and then embossed with black powder to mostly cover the silver. The metal clock that is layered over the "lump" clock is from my stash, as is the metal flower brad. The clock hands come with the clock die. To make the numbers more visible I used my fingernail to scrape away the black paint on the numbers, revealing the silver shelf liner.


The small butterfly die comes included with the Butterfly Pivot Card set. I found some teal glittered paper in my scrap drawer, added ECD Double Sided Adhesive to the back of the paper and then die cut a ton of butterflies from it. For each butterfly I added a small section of black/silver Glitter LInes to be the body and head, and then bent the wings up and stuck only one side down on the card. For the ones that are suspended on the pop-up I used two butterflies back-to-back so there would not be any stray adhesive. The metal key and keyhole, plus the chain were all from my stash. As it turned out, the keyhole die from the Heart Pivot Card was nearly an exact match for the keyhole in the metal plate, making it very easy for me to add a hole in the tub to correspond with the metal plate.
Surprisingly enough I did not have an idea for the greeting when I started this card. I was going to have it say "Hello Art" or "Escape the rules" or "Let your creativity fly free!" - but then I remembered this old quote stamp I had and it could not have been a more perfect greeting. I stamped it on cardstock and used the stitched ovals die from the Oval Accordion to die cut it into a bath mat.
I did use a lot of stash items on this card, but I've sourced what I could with the links below. I didn't see the Duck Easy Liner brand of shelf liner on Amazon but I found a Con-Tact brand version. I believe I bought my roll of Duck Easy Liner at Walmart many years ago, but I'm not sure if it is still available in stores. A quick Google search will turn up lots of choices for shelf liners in fun colors, patterns and finishes, so this could be a great technique for further experimentation on your part.
If you do end up experimenting send me an e-mail or a link on Facebook so I can see your awesome interpretations!
Join me and the team next week for the official start of the February Artsy And/Or Cutesy Pop it Ups Designer Challenge!

Stacked Star Baby Card for

Here is a card that I made for Joset van de Burgt, who is having her first baby this Spring. Joset designed the new Star Buddies peel-off stickers to perfectly match the Star Accordion album.

This project is featured in the February issue of Studio Els article.


A fun addition I made to this card was to make each page a shaker. Written instructions can be viewed on the article.


I nested in the largest decorator star into the accordion die to cut a star-shaped hole into each page that I then backed with transparency. Then I used foam tape to create the shaker boxes. This did require a little modification of the star-to-star connection tabs to extend them to allow the two thick pages to fold flat around each other.


Here is the video tutorial for how to make the tall stacked star pages:


The supplies are linked below. Peel-off stickers always have three color options - black, gold and silver. I used the black on this project.

Famous Cat Valentine - Wine & Roses

My latest creation in my "famous cat" series of Whiskers the Cat cards is a Valentine I made for John. Once again I went to my stash of Funny Bones stamps for the greeting.

I used the Tags Pivot Card for the structure of the card. The patterned paper (Basic Grey Knee Highs from my stash) was cut into a 6" x 9" piece and then two 4.5" x 6" panels for the front and back of the card. I used the Seamless Backing Card Technique #1: Full Panels to create the pivot card with seamless backers.

Then I used the Agatha Edges to cut the right side of the card into a decorative edge and I also used a large corner rounder on the left corners.


In the closed position you may be fooled into thinking that Whiskers (aka Garfield) is a very sweet cat. He has a big heart. He loves roses. But open the card and you get a sense for what he REALLY loves! Ha.


The Agatha Edges die includes the matching flourish to fit the edges. I cut the flourishes from Red Iris Shimmer Sheetz using the metal adaptor plate to make die cutting a cinch.

To style Whiskers the Cat as Garfield I cut the detail layer from both orange and yellow cardstock, trimmed just the mouth area from the yellow one and glued it to the orange. I then used my ECD detail scissors to lengthen the cat's smile and add the smirk lines at the end. I also used the detail scissors to remove the ears and the fluffy fur from the detail layer. I ended up using two of the same ear when I reattached them to the top of Whiskers' head so they would be pointing in one direction like Garfield's ears. I added pen detailing for the stripes and freckles. 


The ECD Rose die was perfect as a backdrop for the cat. I cut the detail overlay from Red Iris Shimmer Sheetz using the metal adaptor plate, glued it to the solid piece, cut from red cardstock, and then filled in all the petals with Glossy Accents. The greeting is another great stamp from Funny Bones and John will find it hilarious and appropriate, since I do, in fact, love red wine!


There are ten dies in the Tags Pivot Card set, so I really did have everything I needed for decorating the tags and adding greetings and a signature tag. For the signature tag I stamped "I love you" and embellished with the cute paper clip die that comes in the set. The paper clip is cut from the Shimmer Sheetz using the metal adaptor plate.


If you're interested in my other "famous cat" cards you can check them out with these links:

The Cat in the Hat

The Cheshire Cat

Grumpy Cat

Kit Cat Clock

The new Pop it Ups dies are showing up in independent craft stores throughout the world, so give your local store a call and see if they have them in stock. Or here are some shopping links. The patterned paper was from my stash and the cardstocks (orange, yellow, white, red) were from my scrap drawer. I also added some red/white baker's twine and some beads at the end of the twine on the greeting tag. 


Sand Eiffel Tower Action Figure Pop up Card (yes, really!)

I am a huge fan of Funny Bones greeting stamps. They are hilarious! I've been waiting for the right inspiration to use the "action figure" stamp and had the idea to show Rocky the Crab hard at work on a sand castle, but then when the card opens you discover it's something much grander than a castle . . . 


The card front is simple - just the nested rectangles and "hello" from the Rectangle Accordion to frame Rocky's progress on his sand tower. I hand drew the stitch marks with a white gel pen.


Let's talk about the pail from the Palm Tree & Pail die (all supplies linked at the bottom of the post). It includes a 3D handle, a slit at the top of the pail to make it easy to fill with a mound of sand, and a separate shovel die. Shimmer Sheetz work really well for the handle and the shovel, by the way. When you put the handle over the pegs of the pail you need only to pinch the handle holes hotdog style (that's a long fold, versus a short fold that would be called a hamburger fold) to keep it from slipping back off. Or you can secure with a little dot of glue, but I've found that the hotdog fold is effective without glue.


Inside the card I've used the Eiffel Tower Pop Stand die for the pop-up structure and then added some beach edges around the base of the towers. (Learn how to use the Eiffel Tower Pop Stand die in this video.) Rocky the crab was cut from red cardstock, splattered with white paint and then I added a handcut red felt cape to the back. To make the mask I used the new ECD Hardware 1 Hinges die, folded it in half and punched the eye holes through it, folded the ends to the back and covered it in Glossy Accents. I also cut just the claws out of the sand-colored cardstock to add a little bit of sand stuck to the claws after his big build.


The Eiffel Tower die has a built-in emboss feature to add the gridwork to the tower and slats. After die cutting, leave the paper in the die and switch to an embossing sandwich in your machine. If you don't know the embossing sandwich for your machine do a quick Google search and find a blog post or YouTube video from another user. I'm sure there is one for your machine. You'll put in "How to emboss wafer-thin dies in a ________" (insert your machine name)

The sandwich for a Sizzix Big Shot is: Multipurpose Platform on Tab 1, Impressions Pad (hard black), Silicone Rubber pad (squishy black), paper inside the die with paper against the rubber, cutting pad. Roll it through and the paper will emboss. Highlight the emboss with a little ink, if desired. You can also cheat and use the Dryer Sheet ejection method to eject and emboss the tower in one step without having to swap out your sandwich. (This method is shown in the Dryer Sheet Video)


I needed a lot of sand for this project but it only uses one 12x12 sheet of tan cardstock and then I stamped a speckle pattern all over both sides of the cardstock using a slightly darker tan ink. The speckle stamp I used is an older retired SU! stamp, but I linked a newer splatter stamp from Impression Obsession that would give very similar results. My card is an A2 long (4.25" wide by 11" long, folded in half)

I used the stitched label from the Katie Label Accordion to frame out the greeting, which is a Funny Bones stamp.


The Pop Stand die leaves little tab holes near the centerline of the card, but they are easy to cover with small strips of paper, as I did with the Beach Edges die. This is a paper saver, as you don't then have to use a full backing card.


This would be a great card to send to a friend just to say that you're proud of something in your life - a new job, a milestone achieved with parenting (potty training, driver's license, first job), finally cleaning out the junk drawer, etc.

Need some shopping links? As you wish!