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*SNEAK PEEK* CHA Mega Show 2015 Pop it Ups Release

Happy New Year!

It seems that the CHA winter show gets earlier and earlier every year. It's less than a week until I leave for Anaheim to debut my 2015 Winter release of 17 new Pop it Ups dies

I always like to show a Sneak Peek video before a show so you have the opportunity to let your local stores know what you're excited about. Elizabeth Craft Designs caters to independently owned craft stores worldwide and those retailers tell us that they love to hear from customers about products they'd like to see in the store. So don't be shy - now is the time to call up your local store or e-mail them a link to this post and encourage them to stop by Booth #335 if they're attending the CHA Mega Show and check out the new Pop it Ups release plus all the amazing samples by the Design Team.

If your local store is not attending the show they can still make a pre-order through their independent sales rep. All of the information was e-mailed to the retailers, reps and distributors today. Dies will start shipping about a week following the CHA show and should be in stores by the end of January/first of February 2015. 

Although you may be tempted to scroll past the video to immediately check out all the dies, I highly encourage you to start first with this introductory video. I explain the entire release and show a ton of ideas by the Design Team. I also demonstrate how the Pop Stands work and how to use the spinner die on the Rectangle Pull Card.


One nice thing about Pop it Ups entering its second year is I can design new dies that will build on the previous releases. The new Accordion shapes are a prime example - I designed them with the same outer frame shapes as two existing Accordions so the Frame Edges would fit more than one album. The new Rectangle Accordion also has the inner tabs in the same location as the Katie Label Accordion so you can easily mix the pages if you'd like. The Star Accordion shares a frame size with the Fancy Label Accordion.


We've changed the packaging style so that instead of showing colored cut-outs of the decorator pieces we are now showing all of the die shapes themselves. This will make it easier when you're snipping them into their individual dies - simply refer to the packaging to see what each die looks like.

Both of the new Accordions have optional stencil/emboss features - the Rectangle has a zigzag stitch pattern and the Star Accordion has stars. The Rectangle Accordion includes the stitched speech bubble (which also fits the Rectangle Pull Card) and the script word "hello". 

The new Frame Edges include a Flourish Edge to fit the Rectangle and Katie Label Accordions and a Stars/Stripes/Flourish set to fit the Star and Fancy Accordions. 


Next up is the *NEW* category of die in the Pop it Ups collection . . . Pop Stands! These dies are a hybrid type of die. They are designed to be used either as a really cool flat decorator die OR as their own standing pop-up card using the included Pop Stand die. The video explains how they work so if you've scrolled down without watching the video - just reverse that motion and scroll back up! 


The bathtub Pop Stand comes with everything you need to style a really cool bathtub and is sized to fit the Character dies when you want to give any of them a bath. Think of the fun kid, pets and baby cards you can make with this die! The Eiffel Tower has a really cool emboss feature to create the look of gridwork on the tower. It has optional extra crossbar pieces (also with emboss features) if you want to add dimension. The Pop Stand dies themselves can certainly be used to animate other dies, but they are specifically designed to fit the dies they come with, so the tabs will be hidden by the tub's feet and the tower's legs when assembled.

I mentioned in the video that my collection tends to fall into three categories: A for Artsy, B for Beachy and C for Cutesy. The two Edge dies are a good example. The Paris Edges are designed to complement the Eiffel Tower die but also the Tags Pivot Card, Rectangle Pull Card and the Accordions. For example, the small Fleur de Lis die will coordinate (but not duplicate) the one included with the Tags Pivot Card. The postage frame edger is the height of the rectangle on both the Rectangle Pull Card and the Rectangle Accordion and goes nicely with the postage stamp frame in the Rectangle Pull Card die.


The Beach Edges (above) are going to work great with the new Adirondack Chair and Palm Tree & Pail dies (below). The waves also work great in the bathtub.

Although the Adirondack Chair is styled as a Beach chair on the packaging, don't feel limited to just beach scenes - it can be a deck chair or a fishing chair or a wicker chair, or cover the slats and make it into an arm chair. Speaking of arms, there is a cool emboss feature on the arm dies to give them a woodgrain texture. Another cool feature is the Pail in the Palm Tree & Pail die - it has a 3D handle that slides over the pegs on the side of the pail to look exactly like a beach pail. Simply pinch the holes after sliding them over the pegs to keep them in place - no adhesive required!


The new Tags Pivot Card is going to be a great choice for generic cards of any theme. Plus you'll be able to use the included decorator tags (and that cute paper clip) on other projects for greetings, etc. The die will coordinate perfectly with the Tags & More dies designed by Els van de Burgt when you want to create a large tag-shaped card and then cut the Tags Pivot Card into it. 

The team has been having a blast with the new Rectangle Pull Card and included spinner die. The video explains how it works, so if you're still scrolling without watching - back up you go. Up. Up. Up. It's only 11 minutes. Snacking is acceptable. Go ahead and watch - I'll wait right here for you.

CHAW15PivotPullBig thanks to Tanya at Stamper's, Ink. who granted permission for me to use the Funny Bones stamp on the packaging of the Rectangle Pull Card. I taught in August at Stamper's Ink and as soon as I saw that stamp I knew I wanted to use it with Whiskers the Cat.

Speaking of Whiskers, meet the three new Characters; Whiskers the Cat, Rocky the Crab and Buster the Dog. They each have a little accessory item included - a mouse for Whiskers, a shell for Rocky and a bone for Buster. 


I can't think where I got the inspiration for Buster. Ha ha.



The two new Props sets are a lot of fun and the Snorkel will fit on all the Characters, not just Rocky the Crab. So if you've been wanting desperately to make a snorkeling Fox . . . here's the die you've been waiting for!

Another tip - if you want to put food in the dish the top of the paw print works perfectly. I just cut a slit in the top of the bowl and slide the paw print in from underneath.



The amazing samples shown in the video will all be on display at our CHA Booth #335. In addition, the team will be posting their creations on their own blogs in the days and weeks to come. The best way you can ensure that you don't miss any of those cards is to "Like" the Karen Burniston Designer Facebook Page and/or follow my Pinterest Boards

I'll leave you with one of my cards from the video. I'm months ahead with a card for John for our 20th wedding anniversary next October! 

On a more personal note, I really want to thank all of my fellow crafters and pop-up enthusiasts for making my first year with Elizabeth Craft Designs such an easy transition with such positive results. There are big things coming for ECD this year and I am honored and thrilled to be a part of the growth of this amazing company.

Leave me a comment with your favorite dies so I know which ones to feature in the January Designer Challenge. In January the team will be showing ideas where they combine dies from at least 3 categories. Categories include: Accordions & Frame Edges, Pivot Cards, General Pop-ups, Pull Cards, Pop Stands, Edge dies, Characters & Props, Embossing Folders, and Accessory Dies. The Designer Challenge post with all of the team's ideas and a new card and video from me will be on the ECD blog on January 21, 2015.

Happy New Year and Happy Crafting!