Video Tutorial: Embossing & Brayerinking Wafer Thin Dies
Kit Cat Clock-inspired Rectangle Pull Card

Seuss-inspired Pop-up Birthday Card

It had to be done.

A pop-up bathtub and a cat die in the same release? Clearly this begs for a Cat in the Hat card!

I had a blast making this card to display in our CHA booth. (Click to enlarge the photo)


In addition to the new Bathtub Pop Stand die (learn how to use it here: Slide to 1:30 in Video) I used a couple of Els' dies for the umbrella and the cake fork. The whiskers of the cat made perfect water spray.

To elongate the bowler hat from the Props1 set I kept my cutting pad short so only the bottom half of the hat (with the brim) would cut. Then I slid the die further up the paper and tilted it slightly before cutting the top half of the die. I used scissors to connect the two cuts and voila! - instant tall tilted hat! I only had to add red stripes and repeat the process for the card front and I was done.

I used a black pen to add detailing to the cat, umbrella, cake and hat. The new Beach Edges die made the perfect wavy stripe for the card front plus the puddle of water on the floor. The two nested rectangles from the Rectangle Accordion were used for the frame. The script Happy Birthday dies added the greeting.

The thin black border stripe was made easily with one of my favorite crafting supplies - 1/16" graphic art tape. You can get it at any office supply store or I've included an Amazon link below. When you want a crisp thin black border and don't want to use a ruler and a Sharpie, the tape is a great choice.

These dies are available now at independent craft stores worldwide or on (Shopping links below)

Stay tuned for my next "famous cat" card. I've already done the Cheshire Cat and the Cat in the Hat, so clearly I need a Garfield card or a Felix clock or Sylvester and Tweety! Ha.