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Rectangle Pull Card - We're all mad here!

Here's an idea for a welcome card using the Rectangle Pull Card, Whiskers the Cat, the new ECD Alphabet die and the All Seasons Tree. The new dies start shipping to stores next week!

When the card is closed you cannot see the interior cat, just the eyes and the smile.


Pull the card to open and the Cheshire cat will start to spin up, attached to the spinner die that comes with the rectangle pull card. (Learn to use this die in the preview video here)


I used the new ECD Alphabet die to make the greeting, which is a quote from Alice in Wonderland. (I used the tail of the Q for the apostrophe.) I thought a card like this would be a fun way to welcome someone, perhaps a new in-law joining the family or a new co-worker. The All Seasons Tree makes a great branch for the Cat to perch on.


Whiskers the Cat was easy to style as the Cheshire Cat. All I had to do was substitute a big smile over the top of his usual smile. I also substituted the larger eyes from Rocky the Crab (Poppy the Owl also has big eyes) instead of the eyes that came with Whiskers. I did use Whiskers' eyes to make the eyebrows, however. I cut the eyes from purple cardstock and then slid the eyes die down just a smidge and die cut again, creating the crescent slivers to use for eyebrows.



To get a striped cat I cut the detail layer from three colors of purple. The darkest detail layer stayed whole and I sliced the lightest purple into stripes. The medium was used for the mouth area and the tip of his tail.

The easiest way to make the big grin was to cut the Whiskers detail layer from white cardstock and then to use a craft knife to cut a swatch from the chin area so that the bottom edge was already rounded by the die and I only had to hand-cut half of the mouth. Then I used a thin black pen to add teeth lines and coated both the mouth and the eyes with Glossy Accents to make them shiny.


The new dies are shipping now to independent craft stores worldwide. If you do not live near a craft store you will be able to buy online. Links are below.

In addition to the supplies shown in the links I used black, white, cream, yellow and three colors of purple cardstock. I also used some striped washi tape and an old piece of spotted orange paper from my stash. I cut the "welcome baby" stamp from the Lawn Fawn stamp set (shown below) into two separate stamps so I could use just "welcome" on the front of the card.

Next week is the Designer Challenge - a new video from me will be posted on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 and the team will be showing ideas using the new dies. Mark your calendars!