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December Secret Word Giveaway Winner

Happy New Year!

If you missed the December Designer Challenge last month during the busy holiday season you should definitely check it out. The team provided ideas for using Pop it Ups dies for every month of the year.

I also sent out the monthly newsletter which included instructions for the Secret Word Giveaway. Because it was the holidays I brought back one of my favorites, which was the Secret Shout Out giveaway. I instructed the readers to leave a comment telling me who in their life might enjoy receiving a handmade pop-up card from them. I also told them they were on the honor system to make good on the shout-out if they were the lucky winner by making and sending that person a card. 

If you're looking for a pick-me-up, scroll through the 90+ comments on the blog post and read the heartwarming shout-outs made by the entrants.
Today I used a random number generator to pick the winner and Myrna's number came up:
What a stunning array of designs! Thanks again for tons of ideas. I’d love to make a birthday card using the explosion design for my Auntie Bay who lives in a nursing home. She has always enjoyed the cards I’ve sent her.
Myrna got to choose a general pop-up die and an edge die so she would be able to make Auntie Bay an Explosion Pop-up Card like the one from my video tutorial.
image from karenburniston.typepad.comMyrna chose the Happy Birthday Pop-up and the Agatha Edges as her prize. Hopefully Auntie Bay has a birthday coming up soon.
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