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Sweet Christmas Evergreen Pivot Card & Christmas Clues Update

Well it's December 2nd and I'm sure a lot of you are wondering if we will be doing our annual Christmas Clues Countdown to Christmas tradition this year.

I started this tradition back in Colorado where the kids solve a rhyming clue each day from December 1st through Christmas to find prizes. When they were younger it was Dollar Store trinkets. In Texas we changed to money - at least half of the money has to go to charity and I will match the amount on Christmas day. Emma usually donates all of her money. Karl pretty much sticks with half. 

The kids are now 16 and Juniors in High School. It's a busy time for them with school and finals and we haven't made it to the end of the clues the last couple of years. On Thanksgiving we discussed whether the tradition would continue and the kids voted . . . 


What?! Hazzuh? Did they mispronounce "We love this tradition, darling mother!"?

I asked whether it would be OK to just reduce the number of clues and Karl was sticking firmly to "no" but I swayed Emma with a plan to hunt clues only once a week, with 3-5 chained clues, and they'd be hunting for sweets. (Emma has a serious sweet tooth!)

The answer turned to:

YES! (for Emma)


I guess. (for Karl)


We settled on the 4 Wednesdays in December, hunting after school, so the clues will start tomorrow. At some point I'll figure out how to introduce some origami-folded charity money into the hunt.

In honor of our change to hunting for sugary sweets and snacks, I made this card featuring the Evergreen Pivot Card decorated like frosted cookies:


I am working on a new video, by the way, for how to make seamless backing cards for the Pivot Card dies. Expect that to go up by the end of the week.

For this card I used green cardstock as the Evergreen Pivot Card base and then cut the pivot card again into silver foil. I trimmed out just the pivoting trees section from the foil and attached it to the green one to look like a cookie sheet underneath the cookies.


Modeling paste made excellent frosting. I tinted my four colors using acrylic paint and used a popsicle stick as a frosting spreader. For the little lines and dots I put the modeling paste into a plastic baggie, snipped a hole in the corner and squeezed it out, decorator style.

Decorating cookies is not a special skill of mine. These fake cookies look pretty much the same as real ones when I'm in charge of the frosting. Notice the splotchy uneven blobs on tree #2 - I thought about fixing them, but then thought - nope! These look like "real" cookies in how imperfect they are.


I found a small little wooden spatula in my stash. I have no idea where it came from, but it worked perfectly on the card.


I knew I wanted the title to be "Have a Sweet Christmas" but I didn't have any stamps with that greeting so I made the greeting on the computer, printed it onto white cardstock and then die cut with a label from the Fancy Accordion set. The Holly Border die was cut from the same "cookie colored" cardstock and then the holly leaves "frosted" to match the cookies.



This side view will show how I layered a couple die cuts together to make them thicker and more cookie-like. I added Double-Sided Adhesive behind the cardstock before die cutting the decorator trees, making them easy to attach to each other and to the cookie sheet.

Want to make your own cookie card? You can find these products at your local independent craft stores or by following these shopping links.

See you tomorrow for the start of the Christmas Countdown!