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Fun with a Green Screen

During Thanksgiving dinner:

ME: OK, Family, what are we doing for our Christmas photo card this year?

JOHN: Matching pajamas?

EMMA: Never.

KARL: I think we should Photoshop our heads onto the members of Nickelback.

(lots of laughter)

JOHN: Why Nickelback?

KARL: Why not?

ME: Actually . . . this sparks an idea. What if we got a green screen? We could plop ourselves into any scene we wanted!

KARL: (enthusiastically) Plus, for videos . . . 

ME: Exactly!

Karl and I were already wavelengthing on the possibilities for video effects with a green screen. 

The day of the shoot arrived. It was overcast with intermittent rain so we set up in the carport. The day before we'd gone out shopping to find flannel shirts and scarves that had no green in them. 


We really weren't sure what background to choose. We tried various stock photos and ended up choosing the moon. I did my best with Photoshop but I'm certainly no expert, so there is a slight green halo around us, but that works for the moon, right? Green cheese and all?

John suggested adding the shadows at our feet including darkening Emma's boot where it would be in shadow from the moon rock. Nice touch, eh?

John was also the one who figured out that our card should say "Peace on Earth" or "Joy to the World". We settled on this one:

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 3.08.53 PM

I also had fun with a few of the outtake photos:



Good times. Good times.

Today I set up the Green Screen in my office so I could shoot the intro for a sneak peek video for my new CHA collection. While I had the screen up I decided to also shoot a quick trailer for my YouTube channel. 


The Sneak Peek video should go up by the end of the week. I leave next week for CHA (gulp!) and there is still so much to do.