Sweet Christmas Evergreen Pivot Card & Christmas Clues Update
Inspired by Shelly - Evergreen Christmas Ornament

2014 Countdown to Christmas Week 1 - Candy Sleighs

In case you missed yesterday's post, I explained that my twins *thought* they outgrew this tradition of the Christmas Clues. They voted not to continue and I had to bribe them to do once-a-week clues for sweets this year.

Today was the start and then we'll do the next 3 Wednesdays ending on Christmas Eve.

For the inaugural day I conconcted candy sleighs and then realized that I will have to come up with bigger hiding spots this year. Luckily I'm chaining the clues, though, so mostly I'll be hiding little wax-sealed envelopes.

For all of their nonchalance about the tradition Emma pounced on the clue as soon as she walked in the door. 

EMMA: Hey Karl! Let's do the clue!

KARL: Are you reading it?

EMMA: Yeah, but you can read tomorrow's clue.

ME: Ahem? Don't you mean next Wednesday's clue?

EMMA: Oh yeah, right.


EMMA: "Measuring, cutting, sanding - such fuss! It takes stringers and struts, but mostly a ______!" OK, this definitely has something to do with my bridge project.

KARL: Is that missing word supposed to rhyme with "fuss"?

EMMA: Not necessarily.

ME: Hey! Don't my clues always rhyme?

KARL: I wouldn't say they're perfect rhymes, but they do have a lyrical quality to them.

LYRICAL QUALITY?! Chocolate-covered-brussel-sprouts for you next week, kid!

I should have reminded him of last year's rhyme of the word eucalyptus!

My clues always rhyme. 

But I digress . . . 2014_1_Clue1Find

KARL: I guess it has to be somewhere around this bridge -

EMMA: Yaughergh! (or something like that) Be careful!!!!!

Emma's Physics group slaved over those trusses all day on Sunday. The books were on top to keep them from warping while the glue was drying. They plan to complete construction tomorrow.

After carefully extracting the clue from under a book it was Karl's turn to read.


KARL: "My first is a dozen, then seven times three, next three, then a quarter, what can it be?" OK, so the numbers are 12, 21, 3 and 0.25.

ME: Point Two Five?

KARL: Yeah, a quarter. If you're being accurate.

They puzzled over this one for quite some time. Emma asked if they could have a secondary hint.

ME: It's a cipher.

They debated what that meant for a while and then Karl had an epiphany.

KARL: Maybe it's an alphabet cipher, Emma. These could be letters of the alphabet.

EMMA: OK, let's check. A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L - the first one would be L. 

She counted up on her fingers.

EMMA: Second letter U.

KARL: The third one would be C. What's the 25th letter of the alphabet?

EMMA: X. Could it be Lunch?

KARL: Lucx - does it mean Luck?

ME: Are you joking? How many letters are in the alphabet?

KARL: 26.

EMMA: Oh! The 25th letter would be Y, Karl. It's LUCY!


By the way, while they were puzzling over this clue I had heard Lucy go through the dog door and run around outside for a while. When she came in the clue was no longer on her collar so I had to go search the yard. Emma had followed me out and asked what I was doing.

ME: Never you mind.

I managed to get the clue back onto her collar before the clue was solved. After they figured out the clue Emma said "Oh, NOW I know why you were outside looking for Lucy!"


Karl, the most staunch of the "anti-Christmas Clues gang" certainly changed his tune, huh? He read the third clue.

KARL: "The move from Colorado was long; a two-day drive. We brought lots and lots of items and these are still alive."

I thought this clue might take them a while. I figured they would think it was the dogs, although we only brought one dog from Colorado (Lucy) and acquired one in Texas (Katie). So I was shocked when only a couple of seconds passed.

EMMA: I suppose it must be those plants in the dining room.


To quote The Princess Bride: "Mostly dead is slightly alive" 

It is true that these plants have seen more glorious days of long tendrils (coinciding, I believe, with regular water) but they hold on despite my black thumb.




The Oboes section in Emma's band had tee-shirts made. They say "Reed it and weep" with a dolphin with a double-reed as a nose. 

You know, band puns.

See you next week!