Video Tutorial: Converting Portrait Accordions into Landscape
Evergreen Pivot Card meets Tags & More

Video Tutorials: Modeling Paste Backgrounds & Honey as a Panda

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a nice low key holiday with just the four of us, and after our feast, games and pumpkin pie it was time for everyone to scatter to do whatever they wanted for a while.

I chose to finish the editing of my panda video and get it uploaded.

I'm going to be making more YouTube videos next year since I am reducing my travel schedule to be able to focus on the kids as they finish high school and prepare for college. 

This week I got the wild hair to see what modeling paste in an embossing folder would do and ended up loving the results so much that I filmed my process in case you want to try it.


Here's a close-up of what the "Pass 1" background loks like - lots of fun dimension and ridges.


Now I know that I normally make interactive cards and even John immediately opened them to see what was inside.

ME: They're not pop-ups.

JOHN: Yeah, the inside is pretty boring.

Sheesh. Tough crowd!


I've also been messing around with Character Transformations. Scroll down or click here to see Dutch the Fox and Honey the Bear styled as woodland animals. You'll also see Hoppy the Frog dancing interpretively.

I didn't want to leave out Chilly and Poppy, so here are two cards using the Pass 2 and Pass 3 backgrounds and different stylings to the remaining Characters.


For the Chilly card I used the Outdoor Edges to make a curvy banner for the top with the ECD Merry Christmas die. Then I used the Outdoor Edges again across the bottom with a tree from the Evergreen Pivot Card and then my altered Chilly the Penguin. All I changed were his beak and eyes. I used the pupils for the eyes and layered the beak shadow layer with the beak die. A white gel pen for the catch lights and a light pink marker for the cheeks finished off Chilly's transformation.

Chilly Close Up

Next I used a Pass 3 background for this woodsy owl card. Poppy the Owl perches on the All Seasons Tree, which makes a great branch for the Characters. The heart is from the Spiral Circle Pull Card die.


For Poppy it didn't make sense to use just the pupils for the eyes - owls have big eyes! Instead I used the Shadow Layer, the positive lines to define his wings, the positive feather pieces, and the eyes, beak and feet. His features can be scrunched together a little closer when you eliminate the detail layer like this, so it gives him a different look.

Poppy Close Up

Want to make Honey the Bear into a Panda bear? No problem! You'll just need white and black cardstock and here's a video tutorial:



It's amazing how different the Characters look when you change out their colors, expressions, etc. 

Panda Close Up

Here are some shopping links for the items used in the cards: