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Karen Burniston Pop it Ups Designer Challenge - Christmas in July

16th Birthday Cards for Karl and Emma

Really?! I mean, REALLY?!!! 

How did my twins get to be sixteen?

I'm pretty sure this photo was taken on Tuesday:


But on Wednesday ...


In a couple of weeks they will start their Junior year of high school.


Emma is currently much into Marvel and the Avengers, so for her card I decided to use the new Lorna Label Pop it Ups die along with Chilly the Penguin, dressed as Captain America:


I also used the Katie Stars Frame Edges, including the little stars that drop out of the edges, and the Outdoor Edges to make the wavy edge. After stamping the birthday greeting I used one of the decorator dies from the Fancy Accordion to cut it into a fun label shape. (Supply links at the end of the post)

For Karl's card I made an homage to video games and music - his two favorite things.


Once again I used the Lorna Label Pop it Ups die and embellished with Hoppy the Frog and the glasses from Props1. I made the headphones by cutting two black eye sockets from the Hoppy die and then shaping them into a headphone shape and hand cutting a U-shaped connector. I used twine for the cord and a print-out of an iPad photo. 

Here are some shopping links for the dies used in both cards and the clear stamp for the front of Emma's card:

John's mother is in town visiting and gave the kids SIXTEEN $5 bills each! That was quite a treat and they grew more and more giddy as they kept counting. She also took a photo of the four of us before we all went out for celebratory dinner. Once again, I'm not sure how this was Wednesday...


When I'm pretty sure this was Tuesday...

Kids stairs


Happy Birthday to my beautiful babies!