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16th Birthday Cards for Karl and Emma

Happy 40th Birthday - I am the one who knocks...

My little sister turned 40 this week. Yep, my LITTLE SISTER. *gulp*

The fun thing about 40th birthday cards, though, is how black and morbid you can make them. I love that! Some of you may recall the card I made *cough3yearsagocough* for my friend Gretchen's 40th 

Gretchen Bday2

For my sister Julie's card I decided to pay homage to the best show ever: Breaking Bad.

When I designed the Props 1 die I kept thinking how much the pieces could look like Heisenberg with the addition of a goatee. This was a perfect occasion to test that theory, making age "40" the one who knocks.

I looked up a periodic table online to pick some elements to use in the computer-generated title. 


I used the decorator dies from the Oval Accordion to cut an oval shaped window into the front of the card. The Heisenberg pieces (Props 1 + a goatee) are glued inside the card to a decorator oval that becomes the center of the 40 when you open the card.

Oh, and it pops up. Of course.


I used the new Lorna Label die, turned sideways to animate the numbers. The 4 is glued to the box platform and the 0 to the label. I trimmed the label down so it was just a rectangle behind the numbers, not a shaped label.

More elements for the computer-generated Happy Birthday greeting, some black glitter lines to edge the interior and Glossy Accents on Heisenberg and I was done. Oh, and I made a little foldover closure with a couple of hidden magnets, but that's entirely optional. It works great without the closure, too.

The finished card is 5.5" x 5.5" square.


By the way, if you've got a man in your life who has watched Breaking Bad, then this is definitely the card you should make for him. John saw it and was totally jazzed about it - thought it was the best card ever. 

When I created my titles, goatee and the 4 to match the sizing of the ovals I saved my work into a handy PDF file if you want to give this card a try. Shopping links for the dies you'll need are below. The new dies (Props 1 and Lorna Label) are going to show on the website as "Sold Out" but that really means "Coming Soon" - they will be available in local independent stores and online within the next week or so.

Download Heisenberg Happy 40th Pieces

As Jesse Pinkman would say: Yo, happy crafting, b-