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Happy 40th Birthday - I am the one who knocks...

My little sister turned 40 this week. Yep, my LITTLE SISTER. *gulp*

The fun thing about 40th birthday cards, though, is how black and morbid you can make them. I love that! Some of you may recall the card I made *cough3yearsagocough* for my friend Gretchen's 40th 

Gretchen Bday2

For my sister Julie's card I decided to pay homage to the best show ever: Breaking Bad.

When I designed the Props 1 die I kept thinking how much the pieces could look like Heisenberg with the addition of a goatee. This was a perfect occasion to test that theory, making age "40" the one who knocks.

I looked up a periodic table online to pick some elements to use in the computer-generated title. 


I used the decorator dies from the Oval Accordion to cut an oval shaped window into the front of the card. The Heisenberg pieces (Props 1 + a goatee) are glued inside the card to a decorator oval that becomes the center of the 40 when you open the card.

Oh, and it pops up. Of course.


I used the new Lorna Label die, turned sideways to animate the numbers. The 4 is glued to the box platform and the 0 to the label. I trimmed the label down so it was just a rectangle behind the numbers, not a shaped label.

More elements for the computer-generated Happy Birthday greeting, some black glitter lines to edge the interior and Glossy Accents on Heisenberg and I was done. Oh, and I made a little foldover closure with a couple of hidden magnets, but that's entirely optional. It works great without the closure, too.

The finished card is 5.5" x 5.5" square.


By the way, if you've got a man in your life who has watched Breaking Bad, then this is definitely the card you should make for him. John saw it and was totally jazzed about it - thought it was the best card ever. 

When I created my titles, goatee and the 4 to match the sizing of the ovals I saved my work into a handy PDF file if you want to give this card a try. Shopping links for the dies you'll need are below. The new dies (Props 1 and Lorna Label) are going to show on the website as "Sold Out" but that really means "Coming Soon" - they will be available in local independent stores and online within the next week or so.

Download Heisenberg Happy 40th Pieces

As Jesse Pinkman would say: Yo, happy crafting, b-

VIDEO Tutorial: Floating Clouds Pivot Card

Today I'm teaching a technique for mixing in transparency panels with a Pivot Card die for a floating effect. This works especially well with clouds, but you could do this technique with any shape cut-out (think butterflies, flowers, etc.)

The star of today's card is my new nephew, Michael, born last week to my brother and sister-in-law. Awwww!

Here is the video tutorial:


What I particularly like about this technique is how the cloud holes create the visual interest and no further decorating is needed for the backgrounds. Quick, easy and economical!

Hello Sunshine front

The sun and greeting are from the same Lawn Fawn stamp set (supply links are at the end of this post) and I created shimmer on the sun by coating it with Glossy Accents and then dumping some Diamond Microfine Glitter over it while it was wet. The greeting is stamped in black ink and embossed with clear powder.

Hello Sunshine front

Another economical feature of this card is that it only requires two die sets - the Katie Label Pivot Card and the All Seasons Tree (for the clouds)

Hello Sunshine front

In the video I also show an alternate version of this card, this time in a Birthday theme using the new Hoppy the Frog die (available in stores and online mid-July 2014) The Happy Birthday greeting is a Peel-off sticker.

Hello Sunshine front

For this card I mixed in the larger decorator Katie Label that comes with the new Katie Label Accordion die (available mid-July). It includes the stitching die as well. The beauty of the two Katie Label dies is that the decorator pieces can mix and match between the two die sets but do not duplicate.

Hello Sunshine front

To convert Hoppy into a tree front I cut him from white, orange and patterned green paper and used the white portion for his chin and belly, the orange portion for his feet, eye sockets and mouth, and the green everywhere else. Rather than use the eyes die that comes in the set, I hand cut two almond-shaped pieces of black cardstock and dotted them with a white gel pen for the catchlights. I brushed a littel tan ink over the white parts for distressing and shaded the green portions with a Copic marker. As a final step I snipped off one of his legs and let it hang down from the stick so it would look like he was clinging to the branch.



Everything for the baby version of the card is available now, either at your local stores or online. Shopping links are provided below.

To my American readers, have a safe and happy 4th of July tomorrow!