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*SNEAK PEEK* Summer 2014 Pop it Ups Release (part 2)

A couple of weeks ago I showed a Sneak Peek Part 1 of the Summer 2014 Pop it Ups die release and I'm back today with Part 2. All sixteen dies in the Summer Release will be in stores mid-July 2014. Elizabeth Craft Designs will also offer these dies on their website for people without local stores. 

This Part 2 Sneak Peek shows the remaining six dies and I've put together an introductory video for them:


Pivot Cards are quick and easy interactive cards where the designs pivot from the front and back of the card into the interior to create both the front and inside decoration in one fell swoop. The newest Pivot Card is the Evergreen Pivot Card (#912). This 8-die set will work year-round for outdoor scenes and also includes stars, ornaments and a gift when using it for Christmas trees. Each of the decorator tree dies has a different emboss feature - swirls, wavy lines and dots.

912 - Evergreen Pivot Card

The Outdoor Edges (#914) die is going to work great with all of the Pop it Ups dies to create borders and edges for all your outdoor scenes. Use the wavy hills edge to make snow, hills or even just a decorative edge to a card.

912 - Evergreen Pivot Card

I named the newest general pop-up after my late grandmother, Lorna. She also loved owls, so I thought it fitting to add Poppy the Owl to the card for the packaging. I think you'll really like the features of the Lorna Label - specifically how large it is for decorating. A box platform below the label sticks out a little further into the card, giving you two levels to decorate. There is a stitch die included to make this a 6-die set if you separate it from the slightly-larger decorator die. Leave them connected if you prefer having perfectly-aligned stitches every time.

912 - Evergreen Pivot Card

The Holiday House is a 10-die decorator set and there are lots of ways to combine the pieces into different style houses. Use this die on any of the general pop-up dies OR it will fit perfectly on the House Pivot Card (#902) die, either with just these pieces or mixed in with the pieces from the other house. The little string of lights from this set will also work great on the Evergreen Pivot Card to add lights to the trees.

912 - Evergreen Pivot Card

The Clock and Gears is another decorator die that will work great on its own or combined with the Pop it Ups dies. It will fit on the Circle Accordion #769 or the new Ring Accordion #904 or the Spiral Circle Pull Card #916. The numbers can be used individually and/or nested back into the holes for an inlaid look. Use the Roman numerals to create a second look to the clock, if desired. This is a 3" circle die, so a nice size to fill space on cards or layouts.

912 - Evergreen Pivot Card

And finally, the Spiral Circle Pull Card. This is a bit of a hybrid die - it has a Z-fold opening mechanism like a swing or flip card, but opens to a traditional solid card fold on the interior. It also has a hidden surprise inside with the optional spiral. There is a built-in closure system to keep the card closed so you don't get an accidental reveal. To open, simply pull. I will create a separate video on this card because there are so many options for it. It is a Pop it Ups die, which means you decide your card size and placement along the fold. An easy trick is just to add 3" to the width of your desired finished card size. For example - if you want the card to be an A2 when folded, (4.25" x 5.5") you would start with a 7.25" x 5.5" piece of cardstock. If you want the card to be a 6x6 when folded, you would start with a 9x6 piece of paper. You can also make interesting doubles and waterfalls with this die and the spiral can be used to make 3D roses. (See? It needs its own video!)

912 - Evergreen Pivot Card

 With these six dies and the ten from Sneak Peek Part 1 you can now see the entire Summer Release all together. It includes:

  • Five new interactive dies - two accordions, one pivot, one general pop-up and one pull card
  • Four new Frame Edge dies to fit Accordions - two for Katie, one for Oval, one for Fancy 
  • Three new Character dies - Poppy the Owl, Hoppy the Frog, Chilly the Penguin, plus Props 1 to fit all of the Characters.
  • Two new decorator dies to embellish the pop-ups (or use on their own): Holiday House, Clock & Gears
  • One new set of edge dies - Outdoor Edges

Retailers are receiving all of the price lists, item numbers and pre-order information this week, so check with your local store to encourage them to get their orders in. Elizabeth Craft Designs will ship to stores in the first part of July with the goal to have them available in the stores by July 15, 2014.