The Characters celebrate Halloween! (in June)
Lots of Pops (or should I say Lots of Hops?)

Lucy the Linebacker

"So what's going on with Lucy today, she has a linebacker injury?"

Two, actually.

Both knees. 

It started with just one knee, and then because she was favoring it so much (and tearing through the house barking, jumping and wrestling with Katie) she blew out the other knee as well.




We adopted Lucy from the shelter in August 2008 and they estimated that she was about 10 months old at the time. She has gray hair now (join the club!) but otherwise has aged pretty gracefully for being nearly 7 years old.

But unfortunately her summer is going to be spent having knee surgery, recovering from knee surgery and then . . . 

having knee surgery again.

While my summer will be spent paying for knee surgery, recovering from paying for knee surgery and then . . .

paying for knee surgery again.


In other news, John wanted a throwback 2012 Team USA jersey to wear during the World Cup for his Father's Day gift. The kids and I worked together to reproduce the jersey in card form as well.


Time for the game! Go Team USA!!!!!