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Butterfly Tree Card

So today I have something quite unusual for me . . . a card front only!

Yep, I made a good old fashioned regular card.

I jot notes all the time. It would be great if they were all tidy in a notebook, but the truth is that they end up on little scraps of paper that end up in the junky heap or thrown on the floor, etc. (I'm not neat, you see.) Anyway, I came across a couple of those notes and decided to combine them. One said "Butterflies in the tree. Rainbow colors?" and the other said "Tree as a hole"


Now with such an excellent game plan this should have been a very quick card, but not so much.

The background cardstock is the last little bit of a coated wood cardstock that I picked up in the U.K. years ago. It was by Inspire Me Papers, but I don't see this particular cardstock on their website.

Anyway, I die cut the All Seasons tree from a 4" x 5.25" piece of the wood cardstock, added foam tape behind the piece, mounted it on a dark brown A2 card (4.25" x 5.5" folded) where I had already added a border of yellow patterned washi tape and figured it was time for rainbow butterflies.

Except I just kept staring at that monotone wood-colored background and feeling like it "needed something".

It ended up getting a whole lot of somethings.

  1. Oh I know! How about I whitewash the wood with a white paint dauber? I'll do it all streaky-like, so the original wood color comes through.
  2. Huh. This cardstock is coated. I forgot. The paint really IS streaky - almost beady. Not sure I like this.
  3. Oh say! Where's that giant woodgrain stamp from Hero Arts? I'll stamp it over the white paint and it will add woodgrain to the background. Brilliant idea! The cardstock is coated, so I'd better use Staz-on ink so it will show up.
  4. Wow, Staz-on black ink is really dark.
  5. I wonder what would happen, since this is coated cardstock, if I took strips of removable Scotch tape and pressed them over the background and then ripped them off, eyebrow-waxing-style?
  6. Hey, this is kind of cool!

I do like the background, although it is teetering on the edge of being too busy for this particular card. However, I was determined to complete my original idea so I could throw away the notes. 

The tiny Butterfly die comes in the Butterfly Pivot Card die set. The grass comes from the Garden Bench die.  Links to all my supplies are at the end of this post.

I die cut the grass several times from two colors of green and then layered them at the bottom of the card. Next I stamped the "Find your Happy" stamp on white cardstock, added stripes with the same Copic markers I had picked out for the butterflies, and then cut out the greeting close to the words and glued it over the grassy area.


I lined the edges of the card with Glitter Border Peel-off Stickers.

For the butterflies, I first applied Elizabeth Craft Designs double-sided adhesive to a piece of white cardstock and then die cut fourteen small butterflies - enough to do each rainbow color twice. I applied Warm Diamond Silk Microfine glitter to each one, pressed the glitter into the adhesive really well with my fingers, and then applied a spot of bold Copic color to the center of each butterfly. I used the Copic Blender pen to disperse the spot of color out to the wings. 


If you'd like to make your own rainbow Butterfly Tree card, with or without happy accident distressed wood background, here are the links to the supplies I used:

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