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Pop it Ups Expanding Heart Pivot Card Tutorial

In lousy news, I've been home a full week from CHA and still am not completely well. I seem to be in a state of constant coughing, making videos completely impossible. We're going to blame the illness for why I can't shoot vidoes, not the chaos on every surface of my office 'mmmkay?

Today I'm kicking it old school with a good old fashioned picture tutorial using my brand new Pop it Ups dies from Elizabeth Craft Designs. I'll teach a fun technique for making expanding hearts on the Pivot Card.

When the card is closed, so are all the expanding hearts. You can use the Pivot Card dies on any size/shape card, so for my card today, I started with a 4.5" tall by 6" long card. I used the Agatha Edges to cut the front of the card down to around 5" long, giving a layered look to the outside edges.


 Open the card and both sides of the Pivot Card will turn into expanding hearts.


Need a closer look? The expanding hearts are nifty - they appear to be floating through the use of transparency pieces between the expanding hearts and the slightly-larger heart-shaped opening I cut into both sides of the Pivot Card. The pretty double-sided patterned papers (Crate Paper's Fourteen collection, from my stash) did all the work for me. I added Glitter Dots to the hearts in the paper for some extra sparkle and also a silver key (one of the dies included with the Heart Pivot Card) embellishment.


Here's a top view of the card:


And a close-up of the heart padlock embellishment I made by combining decorator oval dies from the Oval Accordion Album die to make a handle for the embossed heart from the Heart Pivot Card die. (I also die cut the keyhole through the heart, also included with the Heart Pivot Card die)



If you'd like to make a card like this, start by cutting a 4.5" x 12" horizontal strip of a sturdy double-sided paper. Score for folding and then line up the Heart Pivot Card die over the fold. (Watch a video on how to use the Pivot Cards here: Pop it Ups Pivot Cards) Nest the largest heart decorator die into one half of the Pivot Card die before rolling through the machine. After die cutting the Pivot Card, remove the pop-up die and then move the heart die to the other side and roll through again.



Next, fold the Pivot Card in the usual fashion, with the card folding in one direction and the Hearts pivoting in the other direction. Use the Pivot card die again on a piece of clear transparency and use scissors to cut out sections of the transparency corresponding to each heart half, leaving a gap between the pieces.



Use a glue that dries clear to attach the transparency pieces to the back of the pivoting hearts. There should be an open gap between the transparency pieces in the center of each heart.



Now it's time to make the expanding hearts. You'll need 4 of the second-largest decorator heart for each side (8 hearts total) and a craft knife and mat. Here are the instructions:



Here is a close-up of the cuts for each heart. (Shown in step #6 above)



After making two expanding hearts, add adhesive to the back of Heart #1 only. Gather the backs of Hearts #2, #3, and #4 so you can thread them through the gap between the transparency. Stick Heart #1 to the transparency, centering it with a little "air" showing all the way around.



Voila! If you want to use the Agatha Edges on the ends of your card, you would want to do that before adding the expanding hearts, so the card can still be sent through a die cutting machine easily. Everything else is just decorating to your liking.



The card collapses nicely (although you may have to give the backs of the hearts a little "help" if they get caught up in one another as you try to close it) and can be mailed for a single stamp in an A6 or A7 envelope.

Want to make your own Expanding Heart Pivot Card? Check with your local store for these items or use the shopping links below if you have no local store: