2013 Countdown to Christmas - Days 10-15!
2013 Countdown to Christmas - Day 18!

2013 Countdown to Christmas - Days 16-17!

So much for my promise to keep up with the clues daily, huh?

Hunting clues with teenagers during Final Exams is certainly tricky, but one good thing about doing two days at once is that I could combine the dollars from both days into one glorious origami wreath!


I had them start with Clue #16:

2013_16_clue 2013_16_read


EMMA: Wow! Look at this fancy paper, Karl. It's so shiny!

After reading the clue:

KARL: I think it must be referring to wrapping Christmas presents.

EMMA: Why do you say that?

KARL: Because that's when you call for a finger, you know, to help you tie the bow.

EMMA: But what does that have to do with singing?

KARL: (reads the clue again) I think she's probably just saying that you'll want to sing. Like Christmas Spirit or whatever.

Yeah, or whatever.

EMMA: (doubtful) I guess. Let's check the wrapping paper in Mom & Dad's room.



Emma spied the clue taped to the top of one of the paper rolls.

EMMA: Karl, it's another clue.

KARL: (looking at both clues) Yeah, see, she did December 16th and then this is December 17th.

EMMA: We missed a day?

KARL: Yeah.

Observant, my children.



KARL: "Access is needed for various 'business', Especially soon after dining, A drill and a saw plus some screws and Voila! No more scratching and whining." It's the dog door. Come on.

EMMA: (impressed) Wow! How did you get that so fast?

KARL: Because I helped them. Plus, they had all those tools out - the drill and the saw and stuff.

Technically he is correct. He helped us hang the door at the end. We were probably up to the task without him, but I mentioned to John that a benefit to feeding half a ton of food to a teenage boy every day was that he was strapping enough to help us lift heavy stuff. You know, fringe benefits!

Karl was momentarily puzzled when he didn't see the cash. He even reached through the door to feel around between the flaps even though they are transparent and it was clear that the money was not in there.


KARL: Huh. I don't see it. Check the part that slides in to lock it.

They checked that piece and didn't find it. Finally he thought to open the door and check the other side, where I had taped the wreath.


EMMA: (examining the wreath) Check that out! What fancy folding.

KARL: (unimpressed) Well she's pretty much a professional by now.

Yes, son, all it takes is 17 days of folding dollars and you become a professional origamist. Don't tell Japan. Heh.




By the way, it was Ugly Sweater day at school, so Emma wore the one from our 2011 Christmas card. Karl tried his sweater on but it was wool and he had no interest in scratching all day, so he abstained.

As for the dog door, since installing it on Sunday both dogs have figured it out. We had one in our house in Colorado for Lucy and she must have remembered the concept. She had no trouble from the get-go. Katie, however, took a little coaxing to get through the door. Luckily Katie is extremely food-motivated. Yesterday morning she came through the door on Lucy's back because she couldn't wait her turn. Not when breakfast was on the other side!



A week until Christmas! Lots left to do! Fa-la-la-la-later!