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2013 Countdown to Christmas - Day 9!


Not wanting a repeat of the day before's grump-fest, I felt that I should casually drop some hints on our way to school.

ME: Dad ordered some special harnesses for the dogs and the tracking number says they were delivered yesterday, but they weren't. Poor guy. He hasn't had the best of luck with ordering online recently. Remember the rice cooker?

EMMA: Yeah, what happened with that?

ME: UPS was supposed to deliver it, but they gave it over to USPS instead and then when he tracked it it showed delivered but it wasn't. Finally it showed up in the mailbox, but not before Dad texted me while I was in North Carolina, all concerned that it was showing delivered when it wasn't.

KARL: I've heard that sometimes the employees will scan a barcode on a package but not hit the "next" button before scanning again. It will end up with 150 tracking numbers being associated with one package and the other 149 having no data. I don't think they pay those workers very much. They don't seem well-trained if they can make errors like that. This one time-

Sorry kid, but the ride wasn't that long!

ME: Right. So anyway, good thing that rice cooker showed up, huh? I mean, it really does cook good rice. Have a great day. Karl, I'll pick you up by the bench for your appointent. Don't forget.

KARL: I'll probably forget.

ME: Exactly. Which is why I am telling you, right now, to commit that bench to memory - look at it. Feel it. BE the bench!

He just grinned and got out of the van.

OK the clue seed had been planted. I figured by the time school was over they would have forgotten our little conversation, but maybe it would subconsciously steer them in the right direction.

(With apologies for the lousy photos - wrong camera settings)



KARL: We used to use the microwave, but it was inconsistent, "There's got to be a better way!" said Dad. (he was insistent).

EMMA: It's the rice cooker, definitely. But do you think it's the new one or the old one?

They headed toward the kitchen, where Emma suggested that Karl check the new rice cooker while she checked the microwave rice cooker.



KARL: Found them! (hands two origami dollars to Emma)

EMMA: What are they?

KARL: I have no idea. (he was holding them like boats)

ME: They're cardinals.

EMMA: Cardinals? Like the Catholic official?

ME: No. Cardinals like the bird.



EMMA: (doubtful) If you say so.

Everyone's an origami critic!



Karl appointment (he remembered to wait at the bench!) was for the orthodontist. They get reward points for various things, one of which is wearing their "got braces?" tee shirt to the appointments. Emma is wearing a shirt from her favorite show, Supernatural. 

She was actually repeating her outfit from Sunday afternoon, when we had our photo shoot for the Christmas card. The Burnistons love TV!



Clue #10 will be posted tonight.