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2013 Countdown to Christmas - Day 6 and 7!

2013 Countdown to Christmas - Day 5!

Well Karl was right. Apparently I will look for any excuse to fold stuff, because this morning, while getting out the dollars for today's clue, they just looked so blah without being folded into something, so I went with Cranes.

2013_5_Crane_and_seal Gretchen and I hit Hobby Lobby yesterday before her birthday lunch so I could pick up some fresh wax for the seals. I'd been using leftover nubs from years past up until now and the seals were pretty sloppy. Day 2's clue was momentarily on fire, so it was definitely time to get new wax. 


I was looking forward to the kids getting home from school because I really like this clue. I figured they would solve it, but I wasn't sure how long it would take. 

I put my iPad on the table behind the couch, propped up open on the stand, and tucked all four origami cranes into the case.

Karl got home from school first.

ME: Karl! It's really cold - I thought you were going to call for a ride!

KARL: Nah. It was a nice walk. The cold actually puts me in the mood for winter and Christmas.

Oooh! That's what I like to hear!

Emma had stayed after for psychology tutorials, so I went back to work while Karl went to make a snack.

It didn't take 15 minutes in my office to realize my mistake. I jumped up and ran out into the living room to make sure Karl didn't grab my iPad.

The iPad was no longer on the table!

But the four origami cranes were!


He had his headphones on, sitting at the table, laughing at a YouTube video on my iPad and polishing off a bag of chips I just bought yesterday. (Boys!) I quickly scooped up the cranes while he wasn't looking, hoping that somehow he had grabbed the iPad and not noticed the dollars falling out of it.

If you have ever met Karl you will know that this was not an unheard-of possibility.

ME: Uh, you need to ask to use my iPad.

KARL: Oh. Sorry, I forgot. 

Hmmm. He didn't smile, or look guilty, or volunteer anything . . . maybe he really didn't see the dollars!

ME: (casually) Where did you find my iPad?

KARL: (pointing) On that table over there.

Oh! This is awesome! He didn't notice the dol-

KARL: (matter-of-factly) It had these little origami things in it. I left them on the table.

My heart sank. But wait! He said "things" - maybe he didn't realize they were the dollars!

ME: Little origami things?

KARL: (not even looking up) You know - the dollars for the clue.

AURGH! So he DID know. And yet, he wasn't acting like he'd spoiled anything. Perhaps there was still a chance . . . 

ME: Oh, I hoped you hadn't seen those. 

KARL: You mean you hadn't hid them yet?

ME: No, but now you know the shape of the dollars. Don't tell Emma.

KARL: (puzzled) Why would I?

I had to decide if I should just exclude him from the day's Clue or risk that he wouldn't make the immediate connection based on what he saw.

I decided to gamble!


EMMA: Wow! Nice seal today, Mom!

She noticed!

They read the clue together, and there was no reason to chase them around the house because they just stood there pondering.


KARL: "Next time won't you sing with me" - Emma, it's the alphabet. Those numbers are letters of the alphabet!

EMMA: (impressed) Wow!

KARL: (keeping track with his fingers) A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I the first letter is I. (repeats the process) Next is P. (looks at the clue) #1 would be A and then #4, which is D. It's I-P-A-D. It's an iPad!

Right then I saw the realization flit across his face. He grinned.

EMMA: Well which one? (looking around)

KARL: Dad has his at work. It must be Mom's.

He took off to the dining room where I had moved the iPad for safe keeping. 


KARL: (handing over two dollars to Emma) See? Here they are.

EMMA: Cool! What are these? Cranes?

ME: Yep.

I guess a new tradition has been started! Origami dollars each day! Whoot!


I also wanted to share another conversation with Karl when he got home from school today:

ME: Hey, Boo! How was your Spanish test?

I actually don't remember what made us start calling Karl "Boo" or "Boo-Boo". It was when he was a baby, so a long time ago. So far he still doesn't mind, although I try not to call him "Boo" in public. (But I sometimes forget. It's a habit!)

KARL: OK, I guess. I think I knew most of them. I actually did the right thing and gave back the first test she handed out because it had all the answers on it.

ME: You did?! Karl, I'm so proud of you! What did the teacher say?

KARL: She just gasped (here he demonstrated a loud dramatic gasp with a chest clutch) and grabbed it and said "I told the last class not to write on the actual test!!!!"

ME: Did she praise you for giving it back?

KARL: No. She just snatched it and gave me a blank one.

ME: Well sometimes you have to do the right thing just to do the right thing, you know? Whether anyone notices or not.

KARL: Yeah.

That's a lesson that I, too, have been tested on this year. It's hard to do the right thing sometimes, especially when it is not acknowledged. Sometimes you just have to let those actions be their own reward, although it can be very, very hard to do. I'm so glad that Karl was able to make a great choice today.

See you tomorrow for Clue #6.