2013 Countdown to Christmas - Day 3!
FINAL Sizzix Karen Burniston Designer Challenge - Anything Goes!

2013 Countdown to Christmas - Day 4!


Let me just give everyone a moment to properly respect the skill it took to rhyme the word "eucalpytus". 

Thank you, thank you. No, no, enough applause. Thank you.

For this clue I wanted to test whether the kids had ever noticed the wreath hanging on the wall directly opposite the toilet in the downstairs powder room. I had a suspicion that they would be clueless. (pun intended)


The money, as you see, is in plain sight. So much so that when Emma came home from school and headed toward the powder room I stopped her and sent her upstairs on an errand. 

EMMA: Let me just go to the bathroom first.

ME: You have a bathroom upstairs.

Yes, I did that. But the magic must be maintained!

It wouldn't have mattered, as it turns out, but I'm getting ahead of myself.


I almost didn't include the photo of them reading the clue. Do I really need 25 similar photos of them reading clues? But as I looked at it, I could see the thickness of Karl's glasses, and the sparkly saxophone necklace I gave Emma last week "just because". In the future we might marvel at when glasses had to be that thick for nearly-blind nearsighted kids like Karl, and Emma might remember that necklace fondly. I decided to include the photo.

After Karl read the clue out loud Emma looked up toward the landing.

EMMA: I bet it's that fake plant upstairs!

Up the stairs they went. They did not find it there, nor in the fake plant in the guest room.


They wandered around the house a little, looking for plants. I had expected them to Google an image of  eucalyptus but I guess they were content to just check every plant in the house.

At least they knew that eucalyptus was a plant.

Karl checked the laundry room, which made Emma laugh because she knew there weren't any plants in there. I reminded them of the clue's mentioning seeing it every day, so perhaps they should concentrate on areas of the house that they were in every day.

They looped through the dining room and were heading back toward the kitchen when Karl paused at the powder room. I sprang into action to get over there with my camera, but they turned out the light and started leaving.

EMMA: Wait! Mom rushed over here with her camera, Karl. It's got to be in here!


The powder room is tiny, as you can tell. They examined everything except the wall behind Emma, where the wreath is hung.

They switched places (did I mention the room is tiny?) so Karl could examine the same three walls as Emma.

They started to leave the room.

ME: Oh come ON!

That's when they finally thought to close the door and look at the wall behind it.



EMMA: Wow! Did you fold these dollars into little elephants?

ME: I did.

EMMA: Awesome!

Uh oh! I better not have started a new tradition. If they expect origami dollars every day I'll never get anything else done!



I learned how to fold the elephants here: Origami Elephant




I mentioned to Karl that I wasn't going to be able to fold the dollars into origami animals every day and he said "I guess you like folding stuff because you're a paper crafter, huh? We'll probably have some family night of napkin folding or something. Any excuse to fold stuff."


And YES!

I'll leave you with a conversation from this morning.

KARL: I had the strangest dream last night. Emma had an iPad but it got crushed by an anvil. We had to call in some repairmen, who looked like Russian Mafia. So they kidnapped me and took the iPad!

ME: Well . . . the iPad was crushed by an anvil, so it was useless.

KARL: (dismissively) Yeah. Anyway, I had to have an elaborate escape plan with a chase scene and I was driving underage and the steering wheel was on the U.K. side!

JOHN: Ah, the classic "iPad crushed by anvil/chased by Russian Mafia" dream - very common.

Here's a somewhat crummy photo of Emma from last night's Holiday Concert. I was too far away.



Tune in tomorrow for Clue #5!