2013 Countdown to Christmas - Day 2!
2013 Countdown to Christmas - Day 4!

2013 Countdown to Christmas - Day 3!

Emma suggested making the Clues an after-school activity rather than a morning activity so things wouldn't be rushed. We all agreed. Here is today's clue:





Now I knew that they would not be at all stumped by this clue. They know where the dog brushes are kept - in the junk drawer in the kitchen.

And sure enough, to the kitchen they went.



Karl seemed shocked that when he opened the drawer, the money wasn't just sitting on top like an Easter egg. (Please! They're FIFTEEN!)

KARL: It's not here. I guess we have to dig for it.

He spotted the baggie of Box Tops with some money inside.

KARL: Here it is. Oh wait - it's only one dollar!



EMMA: Oh! We need to look at the clue again. It says a brush for dogs . . . (grabs dog brush), a brush for lint . . .(grabs lint brush)

KARL: Wait - isn't one "a deck of cards"?

He opened the cards and found the second dollar. 




Please note that in the photo above, Emma is actually holding the spool of thread in her hand, rewinding the thread and paying no attention to the tightly rolled dollar that is sticking out the end.

EMMA: We need to look for random tools.

ME: What's in your hand?

EMMA: A spool of thread, but there's no dollar.

KARL:(glancing over) It's right here! (pulls dollar from the end of the spool)

EMMA: (sheepishly) Oh.



They started taking everything out of the drawer looking for the final dollar. Karl started opening something excitedly.

EMMA: Karl, that's not in the clue. It's gum.

KARL: I know! There's one piece left!

EMMA: Aww. Split it with m-

Karl shoved the whole piece in his mouth. (Spirit! So much Christmas spirit!)



Notice the kitchen island filling up with items from the junk drawer. They found an old iPod and some other treasures and finally, at the bottom of the drawer, a binder clip with the final dollar.

Now here's where the Christmas miracle happened.

Brace yourselves.

EMMA: OK, Karl, let's clean this up. Put the big items back first.



I just stood there in shock!

Now granted, it wasn't the most orderly put-back. Emma took on more of a management role while Karl was the labor. He got everything in and then realized he hadn't added the screwdriver or candle lighter. He shoved them on top and forced the drawer closed.

And then, as you might guess, the screwdriver blocked the drawer from opening.

ME: Hey! This drawer opened before you got here.

KARL: Uh oh.

ME: (pressing fingers into the drawer to lower the screwdriver) I got it! (surveying the drawer) Have some pride, man. You put the biggest items on the bottom and then pile the other junk on top! (demonstrating)

KARL: Well it's not all junk. We use some of that stuff regularly. You should move those items to the "Somewhat Important Stuff Drawer."

EMMA: Karl, we don't have a Somewhat Important Stuff Drawer. 

long pause

EMMA: Do we?

KARL: No, we don't.

It was a fun clue! I forgot to take a victory shot, though.

In other news, Emma's Band Holiday Concert and Dinner is tonight. Emma plays the Sax during marching season, but she's actually an Oboe player. This will be her first performance with the oboe this year and the first one since the loss of Mrs. Lawrence. Emma has taken private lessons from Mrs. Lawrence since we moved to Texas. Sue was a lovely lady, quite talented (we always bought her handmade reeds) and the only local oboe tutor. Most oboists in the area took private lessons from her and many of her students played at her memorial service in November. She will be greatly missed.

Tune in tomorrow for a photo of Emma's concert and the hunt for Clue #4!