2013 Countdown to Christmas - Day 18!
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2013 Countdown to Christmas - Day 19-20!




EMMA: "Christmas is giving, Christmas is truth, Christmas is sharing (except for the juice)" (grins) MOM!

She immediately went toward the kitchen.

KARL: (following) the juice?

EMMA: Oh, yeah. You probably haven't seen my post-it notes yet.

(she opened the refrigerator)


Two things about this photo. 

  1. She took a full apple juice out of the pantry and added it next to the 2/3 full one to claim them both. Tis the season.
  2. Her handwriting is, indeed, this atrocious when she's writing fast. 

Seriously, though, on the handwriting. At the end of last year we got a notice that she had failed her Texas standardized test in writing and had to retake it over the summer. The scores were attached and she had received a ZERO in an entire section.

US: Emma, this is really surprising. You're a great writer. Did you finish the test?

EMMA: Yes, I finished it.

ME: Was it legible? Do you think they couldn't read it?

EMMA: Well . . . they did say that you could lose points if they couldn't read it. And I wrote really small to fit it in.

US: sigh.

She has two methods of writing - big, fast and sloppy, or neat and "grab your magnifying glass" small.

On the day of the district-wide retest, I picked her up after.

ME: How was the test? Were there a lot of kids there?

EMMA: A ton.

ME: Anyone you knew?

EMMA: Yeah, a kid I know from band was there. He said "What are YOU doing here?" when he saw me. 

ME: Well it is a little surprising. Why did he fail the test?

EMMA: He said he was hung over.

ME: (shocked) Uh. . .not . . . cool. Moving on . . . did you write legibly?

EMMA: Yes.

When her retest scores came she scored a 98 or something like that. A vast improvement.

OK, back to the clues. As you can see, I taped Clue #20 to the apple juice. As they were removing it, Emma was reinforcing her claim to the juice.

EMMA: See these notes, Karl? Hands off! The apple juice is mine.

KARL: You bought it?

EMMA: No, but I claimed it.

KARL: You can't "claim" it. It's not land. You didn't conquer it. (in a mocking tone) "Oh, I am ON this land mass. Therefore I CLAIM this land mass. I OWN this land mass!"

EMMA: (grinning) Hey, you usually drink it all. It was worth a try! What's the clue say? 





OK, this was a bit of a gimme. Two engineers decorating and you're going to find little areas of matching items, like a sofa table with all the snowman decorations grouped together.

They went straight to it.



KARL: The money is in this box, Emma. Geez, Mom. A box? You hid the money in a box? 

ME: I was pressed for time.

EMMA: (examining the origami dollars) These are cute!

ME: They're rats.



We had to leave right after the clue hunts to get to appointments for the kids. In the car -

KARL: Dad, you have Siri on your phone, right?

JOHN: Yes, why?

KARL: Ask Siri "What does the fox say?"

JOHN: (presses Siri button) What does the fox say?

SIRI: We will never know. It's an ancient mystery.

Everyone laughs.

KARL: So that was worth update 7.0.2 or whatever.

JOHN: Ha! Exactly!

We entertained ourselves by asking Siri other questions, like "Why did the chicken cross the road?" and "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?"

Good times!