2013 Countdown to Christmas - Days 16-17!
2013 Countdown to Christmas - Day 19-20!

2013 Countdown to Christmas - Day 18!

We all survived Finals Week! Whoot! It was time to get caught up on clues.



Now my original plan for the butterflies was to hide them in the toaster. We have a four-slot toaster and I had a rhyme in my mind like "I have two dials so you can choose, crispy 5's or mushy 2's" 

But I never got around to getting the clue typed, printed, set in an envelope and sealed with wax, so each day I've been fishing the butterflies out of the toaster before the kids come down for breakfast, just in case they choose waffles. That would be a disaster because they would most likely ignite the dollars in the process, since they wouldn't think to check the toaster for money first.

This morning Emma came around the corner just as I was fishing them out of the toaster, for a third day, and although I'm not sure she saw me, I decided to change the clue anyway.

I figured they would look cool flying among the twigs in this orange vase by the front door.






KARL: I folded dollar butterflies, and hid them in plain view. You'll have to be observant, because ORANGE is your only clue.

EMMA: Do you think she means AN orange or just something orange?

KARL: Probably something orange.

They wandered through the living room looking for orange items. Notice in this photo below Katie sleeping on the couch. Lucy was trained not to be on the furniture, but when we got Katie, she had a mind of her own. Her persistence paid off and we finally gave up keeping them off the couch, but when I bought the bird chair, I said NO DOGS. No people either, as it turns out, because there is always a set of coasters or a box of Kleenex on the chair to keep the dogs off. *sigh*


As I followed the kids into the room I saw Lucy on the arm of the bird chair.

ME: Hey! Lucy! Get off that chair!!!

KARL: I don't think they care about your "Precious" Mom. 

Clearly not.

"Precious"!? Sheesh.

Maybe if they were more observant they would have noticed that the chair is orange. But they didn't. Eventually they found the dollars in the twigs.

EMMA: What are they?

ME: Butterflies.

KARL: They look more like moths.

ME: You try it.

KARL: Touche.


We also hunted Clues #19 and #20 today, and that write-up will be later. Both kids have appointments.