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Pop 'n Cuts Clear B'day Card PLUS October Secret Word Giveaway Winner!

October Designer Challenge - Clear Creations!

It's Designer Challenge day on the Sizzix blog! This month I challenged eleven designers to make something using Karen Burniston dies that incorporates a clear material to make an object float or defy gravity.

You'll find links to FIFTEEN clear creations on the Sizzix blog as well as this new project and video from me. 



Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about using clear materials for the pop-ups:

  • What type of clear material should I use? You have several choices. You can use the plastic packaging that the dies come in - I save all my packaging for use in projects. When using packaging, however, the plastic is very stiff. You'll want to bend the folds back and forth a few times to weaken them and make them fold/unfold easier. Other choices are scrapbooking transparencies, either printed or plain, Bazzill Thin Plastic Paper, Grafix plastic, or office transparencies. When choosing office transparencies, I use write-on transparencies instead of printer ones. They are normally a little less expensive and a little thicker. Just make sure you keep them in their original packaging so you don't accidentally send them through your printer.
  • How do I attach the clear pop-up inside the card? My very favorite way to attach a clear pop-up is by using metal. The easiest is staples, which can either be worked into the design, hidden or covered. Another option is brads or eyelets. If you prefer to use adhesive, then choose either a very strong dry adhesive (glue dots or tacky tape) and plan to cover the adhesive with an embellishment, or use a strong glue that dries clear, like Glossy Accents or Zip Dry.
  • My card is bulky and doesn't stay closed - any solution? Especially when using the thicker plastics, like packaging, your card is going to get bulky. You can either add a closure to the card, like a belly band, Velcro, magnets or elastic, or you can just put it in an envelope, seal it and mail it. Most likely the time through the mail will flatten it, and if not, well the recipient wants to display it open anyway!

Here are some shopping links for the dies and papers used in the card. Very sorry to say that I could not locate a source on the exact Ghost stamp - I've had it for years. The bat stamp is Stampin' Up! and the "Halloween" and "31" were from a clear Recollections stamp set I found at Michaels.

A big THANK YOU to Anna-Karin, Caz, Donna, Fran, Frances, Gretchen, Helen, Karen, Kelly, Raquel and Shelly for participating in this month's challenge. Make sure you click to the Sizzix blog to see their creations!