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Halloween Flying Easel Card w/*FREE* Ghost Template

I love it when I post a card idea and it inspires other people to try it. In the case of the Flying Easel Card, I posted a photo about a month ago of the Pop 'n Cuts Butterfly Flying Easel Card that I designed for UStamp with Dawn & Friends' Cards with Cool Moves event. That card has a video and PDF tutorial, but they are only available to the registered students of the CWCM event.

Not that you really need a video, mind you. It's one of those cards that you can just look at and figure out, which is what Frances Byrne did when she posted her beautiful Merry Christmas Flying Easel Card complete with flying Christmas tree.

This week Shelly Hickox posted a gorgeous Birdcage Flying Easel Card using her signature Faux Finishes. 

So now, in one of those "inspiration full circle" sort of things, my friends have inspired me to make another Flying Easel card, this time with a basic picture tutorial and a *FREE* template for the ghosts.

This card is heavily influenced by Shelly's. Her Faux Finishes are so beautiful that I took a baby step in that direction by embossing my hanging ghosts and frame to give them more weight and shine. Shelly also mentioned wanting to make a FEC that also pulled up a fence, and we discussed how that might be done using a combination of mechanisms. In my case, I took the lazy way out and just glued a fence behind the bottom section of the frame. The mechanism combo idea has great promise, though, and I'm hoping Shelly attempts it!


Both Shelly and Frances cut the inner (smaller) shape out of the Pop 'n Cuts Base and then glued a full frame around the opening, using adhesive only on the bottom half of the frame. This is a great way to make the card and for a photo tutorial of that method, check out Shelly's post

Mine is a little different because I also cut a half-outer-frame from the Pop 'n Cuts card base. This gives me a double layer for the upper frame so I can sandwich the fishing line between the two layers. Either way works and the card will look essentially the same regardless of the method you choose.

If you'd like to make my version of the card, first you'll need the template for the ghost. Click the link below to open the file and then you will be able to save it to your computer. (Personal use only!)

  Download Hanging_Ghost_Template

 Here's how I made my card:01_FEC

To make the outer frame, I used the largest two Wavy Labels Framelits. I used strips of Washi Tape over a piece of white cardstock until I got an area large enough to cut the frame.


For my ghosts, I cut them from white cardstock and then pounced them with Versamark ink, covered them with white embossing powder and then heat set. I repeated this three times to get an enamel look. To assemble the Ghosts, I started by sliding #2 into #1, getting the bottom notch in the slot, and then folding down the back of #2 to get it through the slot. Unfold on the other side to lock the pieces together.


The third Ghost goes in the same way - start by getting the bottom notch through BOTH of the previous ghosts until the bottom notch is in. Then fold down the back half and slide it through the slot, unfolding on the other side and locking the pieces together. You'll now have a triple ghost that will open and close.  


The solid Ghost can be used as an Easel Stopper. I flipped the ghost to the back, added strips of black Washi Tape over the eye holes, and then on the front I stuck small googly eyes to the sticky side of the tape. To make sure the eyes stayed permanently, I also added Glossy Accents around them.


To make the card, I first die cut a Pop 'n Cuts Square Card with Ornate Edge using no Pop 'n Cuts insert, so I had a solid card. I cut the oval from the front of the card.


For the outer frame, I only wanted to cut the upper half, so I stopped my upper cutting pad at the halfway point of the Framelit and then rolled it through. 


Now fold the front of the card as shown. The outer frame will stand up, providing a place to attach the fishing line that hangs the triple ghost. I also glued a die cut fence to the back side of the frame.


Then I glued the Washi Tape frame, which I had also pounced with Versamark Ink and embossed with clear powder until it was enameled, to the front of the card. I also added the solid ghost, on pop-dots, to the interior of the card in a position where the googly eyes would be viewable through the holes of the triple ghost when the card was closed.


You can see how the card operates in this side view. Notice the solid ghost elevated on pop-dots so the easel has a stopper.


The moon is just a 2" circle with a black stamped bat and some ink brushed around the edges. I attached it behind the upper part of the frame so it will raise and lower with the card. The greeting is from a Stampin' Up! stamp set called Best of Halloween. A lovely gift from my friend Fran Sabad. 


I cut another Pop 'n Cuts Card Base from black cardstock and added it to the back of the card to make it sturdier. I attached it lower than the other card so I would have room for some little photo turns to keep the card closed. It lays pretty flat without a closure, but it's nice for getting in and out of the envelope without an accidental reveal.


You can see in this close-up how I attached the fishing line. I used a crimp bead over the line to seal the loop and then just attached the ends between the two upper frames.


Here are some shopping links for the three dies I used:


Other Supplies:

Authentique "Glowing, Enchanted" Patterned Paper

Washi Tape

Stampin' Up! Greeting stamps

Lawn Fawn Bat stamp

Googly Eyes

Fishing line + crimp bead

White & Clear Embossing Powders

Happy Haunting!

EDITED TO ADD: Once my unlisted videos get leaked to the public via Pinterest then there's no reason to leave them unlisted. Here's a video tutorial for a Flying Easel Card: