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We are having quite the timey wimey birthday here as these two little darlings:


Have somehow turned (overnight, I believe) into these giant 15-year-olds!


Karl and Emma were born 15 years ago today on a rainy Thursday in New Orleans, LA. They were exactly 7 weeks early, born by emergency C-section because Karl was not growing. Emma weighed 4 lbs, 9 oz but Karl weighed only 2 lbs., 9 oz. As you can see, he has since caught up, shot past, and doesn't seem to be in danger of ever not growing again!

Emma has marching band camp in the evenings so we decided to have our birthday celebration at lunch. We met John at a Chili's near his work and enjoyed some family festivities.

Emma has long been a Dr. Who fan - she's even in the Dr. Who Fan Club at school, but Karl only caught the bug a few months ago. He's managed to catch up quickly as a super fan and just the other day he snuck outside Emma's door and played an extremely loud recording of a Dalek; "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!" and got the desired effect of watching her scream and jump a mile high. (And then chase him down the hall yelling "Not funny!")

You'll notice Emma wearing her 10th Doctor tee-shirt. She also has a similar shirt for the 9th Doctor, who is her favorite. I asked Karl which Doctor was his favorite and he also said the 9th. (Well, they are twins, after all!) As such, I felt I just HAD to try my hand at a 9th Doctor birthday card (times two!)

I've used all Stampin' Up! supplies for this card, including the exclusive Pop 'n Cuts Card Base, Dress Form Insert and Deco Label Framelits. (picture links to follow)


When they opened their cards they were very impressed, particularly with the little Sonic Screwdriver tucked under the Doctor's sleeve.


Karl had predicted that I'd asked about his favorite Doctor with an ulterior card motive in mind, so in addition to congratulating me for a card well done, he spent quite a bit of time congratulating himself for figuring out what I was up to.

If you'd like to make your own 9th Doctor outfit to fit the Dress Form Pop 'n Cuts, download a FREE template (PDF) or a FREE SVG file to cut on e-cutters.

PDF Template for printing and hand-cutting: Download Ninth_Dr_Template

SVG File for use with e-cutters:  Download Ninth_Dr_SVG

Here are the Karen Burniston for Stampin' Up! dies that I used on the cards:

All stamps, inks, ribbon and cardstock are from Stampin' Up! I used some old leathery paper from my stash for the jacket and added black brads as buttons and a blue rhinestone for the Sonic Screwdriver.


Karl's presents were mostly money, although he did get an Xbox doohickey for his computer and a charger doohickey for that and a computer game about pirates that looked shockingly violent. (No more Veggietales pirates. sigh)

At lunch Emma opened a Hetalia stuffie and a book on how to draw Anime characters, but her main present had not arrived yet. Luckily it was in the mailbox as we left for Marching Band practice, and she was thrilled! She had mentioned one time that she'd seen a Gear Ring online that looked really cool. Google fixed me right up with the link: Kinekt Designs Gear Ring

Check out her ring in action:

All in all an excellent birthday for two fabulous kids!

I'll leave you with this blurry photo that I love anyway. What hasn't changed from their 1st birthday to their 15th? They both LOVE CAKE!