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Lucky in Kentucky!

It's a beautiful morning in Kentucky. The sun is shining, the coffee is delicious (hazelnut & vanilla together - definitely will be buying these K-cups! Mmm) and I'm sitting here looking over all the photos that I remembered to take of my awesome class at Scraps, Etc., KY, yesterday.

Here's the store and the wonderful owner, Lori:

The Sizzix Rep, Debbie, picked me up from the airport and I'm staying at her beautiful home in my regular room, courtesy of Christina, who is unfortunately (for me) visiting her grandmother for the weekend. On our drive home from the store last night we saw two deer cross the road, mama and baby, and here is the photo I took of the deer:

The class was a great group! My dear friend Fran, who has been an awesome internet and phone friend, but we'd never met in person until yesterday, drove up from Lexington. Here's the picture of us together. Yes, her eyes are really that beautiful shade of blue!

And here's the photo I always mean to take - where I ask my students (Fran, Teal Nancy, Denise, Lori, Emily, Debbie, Jan, Karen, Barb, Evelyn, Liz, Vicki, Pink Nancy, Marlene) to each grab their favorite card from the class and hold them up for a group shot:

What? The photos don't show up for you?

That's because I FORGOT TO TAKE PHOTOS! As I always do. *sigh*

Today I'll take photos, I promise. And I get to see Lori again tomorrow, so I'll remember to get a photo with her. And Fran is back today, so we are definitely getting a photo together.

But could someone remind me?

No, for reals. Could someone remind me?

Off to Stamping Buddies!