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Clear Accordion Album Birthday Card

Steampunk Door Birthday Card

Did you hear about how belated birthday wishes are all the rage now? Apparently wishing someone Happy Birthday with a handmade card on their actual birthday is soooo 2012.

For example, it is my mother's birthday today, but did she receive a birthday card in the mail from me? Of course not! I love her too much for that! (heh)

Once a birthday is well past, THAT'S when it's time to celebrate! So today we're celebrating the March 15th birthday of my friend Shelly Hickox. Shelly is such an amazing designer and is especially fond of steampunk, so I decided to dig out all manner of paints and stains and metals and such and do my best to make her proud with a Steampunk Door Birthday Card.

Steampunk Door Card Closed

Do you see any patterned paper on this card? No? That's because there isn't any! I made all the patterns and textures myself using a method that went something like this:

1. Paint the item a base color.

2. Use Distress Black Paint over the top.

3. Freak out because it's way too dark.

4. Spritz with water and blot with a rag.

5. Use Distress White Paint over the top.

6. Decide it's too light.

7. Spritz with water and blot with a rag.

8. Dry it with a heat gun.

9. What would happen if I sand this?

10. Don't I have some Vintage Photo Distress Stain somewhere? 

11. Did I try spritzing/blotting/sanding/blasting with a heat gun? How about another round of that?

12. Lather, rinse, repeat.

But experimentation can yield some cool results, so there's that.

Steampunk Door Card Pediment

The fleur-de-lis is a piece of confetti. For reals, yo. I just glued it on there with some Glossy Accents, then put Glossy Accents on top to make it shiny. I shouldn't use Glossy Accents because I am (a) impatient and (b) a messy crafter. It doesn't matter how far away I put the item to dry, I will inevitably put my hand or a tool or something else down on top of it while it's still wet, thus wrecking the gloss. After wrecking the gloss I did some combination of Steps 1-12 above and suddenly it looked kind of old and weathered and non-confetti-ish. Bonus!

Speaking of Bonuses, how perfectly does the new Tim Holtz Pediments die work over the top of my Bigz Door Die? Perfection!!!!

Steampunk Door Card Side View

I mixed old metals from my stash (hinges, arrow, 1/16" eyelets) with Tim Holtz metals (gears, knob) to create the Steampunk look on the door. For the doorknob plate I stamped a Lost Coast Designs stamp onto shrink plastic and shrunk it.

Steampunk Door Card Partial

I've found that if you're using actual metal hinges on the door (not decorative, but functional) then it's best to just cut the door at the fold so that only the hinges are used for opening and closing. Otherwise it can be tricky to get the hinges in exactly the right spot to work in conjunction with the crease.

Steampunk Door Card Open

If you were at all worried that there was nothing popping up on this card I say pshaw! Do you even know me? I made a very simple box pop-up from a strip of transparency and added the 3D Balloon from the Celebrate Sizzlits Set. I also used the label from that set for the greeting, which is a Stampin' Up! stamp.

The pictures don't really do justice to the metallic rusty texture of the balloon. An embossed piece of silver cardstock with any number of Steps #1-#12 created this:

Steampunk Door Card Balloon

A couple of final notes - I found a pre-made clock post in a bag of Farmhouse embellishments so it saved me making my own. I also decided the upper left corner of the card was in need of something so I stenciled Shelly's name. It's meant to look somewhat graffiti-esque.

Steampunk Door Card Closed

The brick is a Tim Holtz Texture Fade, heavier on Vintage Photo and Sanding in the 12-step process. I stamped the rulers to fill the rest of the space.

Because I am a giver (I give!) I plan to actually mail this card to Shelly, after using it here on my blog and posting it over on the Inspiration Emporium "Add a Little P.O.P." challenge. Now THAT'S friendship! Ha ha.

Happy Birthday, Shelly!