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Pop 'n Cuts Valentines Day Card with Mirror Technique

Floating Floor 2.0 Template to fit Pop 'n Cuts Frame

Yesterday I was blogging on the Sizzix blog, which is a Blogger blog. (It's fun to say "Blogger blog") As I looked for the "insert file" button to add the PDF for the Floating Floor 2.0 template, I discovered that there was no such button. A Google search told me that to upload PDF files on Blogger blogs (go ahead and say it a few times, I'll wait) that you must first upload it elsewhere, like to Google Drive, and then link it in. 

So I did.

And this process has been not-so-easy for some folks, who say they can't download the template.

If you're one of those poor unfortunate souls for whom the template would not download on the Sizzix blog, you can get it here instead:

Download Floating Floor Template Frame copy

This template fits the Pop 'n Cuts Frame Insert to add a floating floor behind the frame that can be used to animate flagpoles or a multitude of small pop-up items as explained in the first Floating Floor Tutorial. You can see more photos of this project and a supply list on the Sizzix Blog here.

06 Frame Amped Open