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CHA-W 2013 Sneak Peek - NEW Pop 'n Cuts dies!


Journey Header
Well it's that time again! Time for another trade show and another release of Sizzix dies. The Journey collection is my biggest collection to date and includes NINE new Pop 'n Cuts inserts! Here's a little video preview:


After watching the video (you did watch it, right?) scroll down for pictures of all the dies and the item numbers and MSRP of each. Now, if you want your local store to order these dies, you need to TELL THEM! Call up the store and give them a list of the item numbers that you really desperately want. Sizzix ships orders in the order they received them, so if your store orders at the show, (or through their sales rep if they aren't going to the show) they will get their order the soonest.

The NEW Pop 'n Cuts Base is going to be a nice addition OR starter to your Pop 'n Cuts collection. This Base Die is not going to come with an insert, unlike the first Pop 'n Cuts Base (which came with the Circle Label), so the price will be $39.99 instead of $49.99. All of your Pop 'n Cuts inserts from any collection will fit in ANY Pop 'n Cuts Base. (Yes, this includes the exclusive Pop 'n Cuts dies for Stampin' Up!) Rest assured that if the label says Pop 'n Cuts, it was designed by Karen Burniston, and I designed Pop 'n Cuts to be three things: SIMPLE. INTERCHANGEABLE. COORDINATED. 

658378 PNC Base Square Card
658378 Pop 'n Cuts Square Card Base - $39.99

If you watched the video (you did watch it, right?) you saw that a lot of the new inserts will accomodate Movers & Shapers shapes to be able to cut decorative holes in the pop-ups. There are two new Movers & Shapers sets in the Journey collection:

658367 M&S Butterflies
658367 M&S Butterflies - $15.99
658368 M&S Flower & Heart
658368 M&S Flower&Heart - $15.99















These shapes can be nested in any of the Pop 'n Cuts inserts that have openings. This includes the Circle Label and Label from the existing Pop 'n Cuts collection, and four of the NEW inserts from this upcoming collection: Coffee Mug, Suitcase, Wavy Frame, Funky Label.


658374 PNC Mug and Heart
658374 Pop 'n Cuts Insert - Mug and Heart - $19.99
658377 PNC Suitcase
658377 Pop 'n Cuts Insert - Suitcase - $19.99
658371 PNC Wavy Frame
658371 Pop 'n Cuts Insert - Wavy Frame - $19.99
658373 PNC Funky Label
658373 Pop 'n Cuts Insert - Funky Label - $19.99

































Remember how I said that Pop 'n Cuts are COORDINATED? All four of these new inserts have a companion decorator option. There is a Coffee Textured Impressions folder to coordinate with the Mug, a Suitcase Bigz Die to perfectly decorate the Suitcase, and Framelits sets to decorate the two new Label inserts.

658366 Bigz Suitcase
658366 Bigz Suitcase - $19.99
658380 TI Coffee Set
658380 TI Coffee Set - $10.99
658362 Framelits Funky Label
658362 Framelits Funky Label - $19.99
658363 Framelits Wavy Label
658363 Framelits Wavy Frame - $19.99
























There are some new types of folds available in Pop 'n Cuts inserts. First up, the Chair and companion Foyer Textured Impressions Set.

658370 PNC Chair
658370 Pop 'n Cuts Insert - Chair - $19.99
658381 TI Foyer Set
658381 TI Foyer Set - $10.99














Thought Chair Card
Dies used: 658378 Base, 658370 Chair, 658381 Foyer TI, 658363 Framelits Wavy Labels


 Another new type of fold is the Window Cards. These cards will allow the larger image to come through a window onto the front of the card, and then the card will open up around the image so it pops up inside. (Really easy to understand if you watch the video. No pressure, though.)

658369 PNC Butterfly Window
658369 Pop 'n Cuts Insert - Butterfly Window - $19.99
658372 PNC Label Window
658372 Pop 'n Cuts Insert - Label Window - $19.99


















 There are, of course, companion decorator dies for these cards as well. The Edge & Scroll die can be used to make a backing card with a decorative edge. (You can also cut a backing card with a trimmer, so this is just an optional accessory, not mandatory) The Butterflies & Labels Bigz dies will fit the Window cards perfectly leaving a little shadow.


658365 Bigz Edge and Scroll
658365 Bigz Edge & Scroll - $19.99
658364 Bigz Butterflies and Labels
658364 Bigz Butterflies & Labels -$19.99











Can you believe I'm not done yet?! There are two new word Pop 'n Cuts inserts with companion single Sizzlits dies to decorate them.


658375 PNC Congrats
658375 Pop 'n Cuts Insert - Congrats - $19.99
658376 PNC Friend
658376 Pop 'n Cuts Insert - Friend - $19.99
658360 Sizzlits Congrats
658360 Sizzlits Congrats - $7.99
658361 Sizzlits Friends
658361 Sizzlits Friends - $7.99

































Just one more accessory die to show, which is one of my very favorites! This Textured Impressions set will work great for card fronts or the background "scene" of any of the Pop 'n Cuts inserts.


658379 TI Birds and Banners Set
658379 TI Birds & Banners - $10.99


So there you have it! My new Sizzix collection, shipping June 2013. I'd love to hear what you think of the Journey collection in the comments section below. In fact, I am going to bribe you to leave me comments by giving away prizes! GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED You'll be set to make some killer Valentines Day Cards with any of these three prizes.

PRIZE #1: Pop 'n Cuts Base Die with Circle Label Insert

657802 Pop 'n Cuts Base Die - $49.99















PRIZE #2: Winged Heart Pop 'n Cuts Insert PLUS Movers & Shapers Heart & Wing set to decorate

657797 Pop 'n Cuts Insert - Winged Heart - $19.99
657793 Movers & Shapers Set - Heart and Wing - $15.99
















PRIZE #3: Love Pop 'n Cuts Insert PLUS Love Sizzlits Set to decorate


657800 Pop 'n Cuts Insert - Love - $19.99
657789 Love Sizzlits Set - $19.99
















You have until TUESDAY, JANUARY 8TH AT 5 PM CST GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. WINNERS CAN BE VIEWED HERE to get your comments in. I will use a random number generator to pick the winners and will contact you by e-mail for your mailing address. Prizes will be mailed the week of January 14th. (I'm still cutting kits for the show, yo!) Leave a comment on this post and you're in the running. Tell me which of the new dies will top your wish list!

If you're coming to the show, stop by the Sizzix booth where I will be demoing the Journey collection. 

One last thing. As of January 3rd, you can order from the Stampin' Up! Spring 2013 catalog that includes a couple of exclusive Pop 'n Cuts dies. When I get back from the show I will be filming a video on these dies, but in the meantime, here is a quick undecorated photo.

It is difficult to see in the catalog that the A2 Card base is self-closing. It cuts diagonal slits at the bottom of the card for the decorative edge to slide in. This A2 Card base works great just to make self-closing cards, with or without a Pop 'n Cuts insert. It can also be used as a Movers & Shapers Base and Base Tray.


Stampin' Up! Exclusives - #130099 A2 Card Base, #13100 Dress Form Pop 'n Cuts Insert (not shown #130101 Dress Up Framelits)


Over a year ago, when I was working on some ideas to pitch to Stampin' Up! I consulted my friend and longtime SU! demonstrator, Kirsteen Gill, and asked her if there were any themes or shapes that she thought might resonate with Stampin' Up! enthusiasts. Kirsteen suggested the idea of a dress form and it ended up being the one that Stampin' Up! chose to launch their exclusive Pop 'n Cuts system. If you're interested in these dies, you can order from your local demonstrator and I highly encourage you to do so. Many of you have e-mailed asking if there will be more exclusive Pop 'n Cuts for Stampin' Up! and all I can say is - let's prove that we want more!

To show my appreciation for Kirsteen's awesome suggestion, I will include the links to her online store if you don't already have a demonstrator:

There is also a stamp set that will match these dies (I did not design the stamps)