Pop-up 2Torial: Spring Loaded Double Fold Pop-up Card
Pop-up 2Torial: Doublewide Pop 'n Cuts

Pop[up] Spotted: Amazing inspiration!


Before I send you clicking around the web to see some stunning projects using my dies, I thought you might enjoy this story.

I grew up in Oregon, as did one of my friends...let's call her "Shelby Hiccup". Shelby and I got into a Very.Important.Discussion last week about the proper way to strap a Christmas tree to the top of a car.

Growing up we always went and chopped down a tree because, as previously mentioned, I grew up in Oregon where the trees outnumbered people and it was our civic duty to chop one down every year and hang tinsel on it. Civic.Duty.

My Dad taught us that the tree should always be strapped to the top of the car with the trunk facing forward so that the wind wouldn't back-bend and break the branches. Shelby maintained that she had no such experience because they just threw the tree in the back of their truck (with the coon dog and grandma's rocking chair) but that, regardless, it was much more *attractive* to have the tree facing forward. 

Now I'm not saying the conversation got heated with dueling Google searches, one person trying to rescind the other's Oregonian Card while the other said some snarky comment about how much "fun" it was to chat with engineers . . . nothing like that. . . but in the spirit of good will and forgiveness, I did send Shelby a little visual apology. This little cutie is hanging out on my desk now:

OK, enough silliness. Onward with the spotting!

When I saw this first project posted on the Sizzix Facebook Wall (are you not a fan? You should "like" the page so you don't miss any gems or sales or anything) I immediately fired off an e-mail to Kelly Booth with a subject line of "Hey Modest Mouse -"

You really need to be tagging me with these creations, or sending me a text, or e-mail. What if I miss one?!!!

Your accordion album is the best thing I've ever seen in my life, forever and ever, Amen. Like, I can die happy now.

Kelly has used the Bigz Accordion Album, the companion Bigz Frame & Label, and the Flagpole, Lantern & Sign Sizzlits Strip. Then she went to work, Kelly-of-the-Copics style, and filled it up with adorable snowmen. You've got to see this thing close up! Click and come back...I'll wait.


Oh good! You're back. There are more treasures to be seen!

Speaking of the Accordion Album die, I am noticing is out of stock all over the web - let me know if you're a retailer who has them in stock and is willing to ship and I'll update this post with a link to your website. 

Check out Sandy Diller's "Give Thanks" Album. There are so many clever ideas here! Make sure you scroll down on Sandy's blog to see all her other recent pop-up creations plus some very cool techniques for tags!

If you need to know how to assemble the Accordion Album, refer to this assembly video filmed by Scrapbook.com 


Next up, Anna-Karin! I'm starting to think that maybe Anna-Karin is trying to amaze me to death. Her projects are the type where you go "Wow! What a cool technique!" and then you scroll down to the next photo and you're like "Wow! What a cool technique!" and then you scroll to the next photo . . . and this goes on until one masterful project has blown your mind with, say, 294 techniques.

This weekend Anna-Karin participated in a Sizzix DT's Festive Blog hop and posted what can only be described as the most masterful of all masterful pop-up mini-albums. I absolutely LOVE what she showed with the new "stand-up" Pop 'n Cuts inserts - how you can use the negative space to your advantage. In Anna-Karin's case, she left the negative space open so the pop-up is viewable in the "flat" position and then, when you open the card, the pop-up stands up! You really need to click over and view this amazing display of artistry and technique!

Anna-Karin included a ton of Pop 'n Cuts inserts and accessory dies in her album, so you'll need to check her blog for a full supply list, but shown on this page set are the Ribbon Tree Pop 'n Cuts Insert, the Noel Sizzlits Set, and the Bigz Fancy Frame die.

But wait! There's more! Anna-Karin also posted a card on her blog using the Floating Floor technique. She is a master of using the pop-ups to animate her photos. 

Anna-Karin used the Pop 'n Cuts Base Die for this card.

I could go on "spotting" all day and I definitely appreciate it when you e-mail me your links. I have strict rules about things where I have no willpower. I don't buy Cheeto's puffed balls and I don't surf the internet. But I don't want to miss your beautiful creations, so please just send me a link, or tag me on FB or Twitter.

Shelly Hickox, who I will neither confirm or deny is the aforementioned Shelby Hiccup, posted this gorgeous card on Thanksgiving to give thanks for all her fellow-Oregonian/engineer friends and the fun chats she has with them about tree transport.


Shelby, er Shelly, used the Bigz Raising Platform and Bigz Fancy Frame die for this card.

I will leave you with this stunning card by Tammy Tutterow. The pop-up inside is so sophisticated in its styling. She really illustrates that pop-ups, unlike Trix cereal, are not just for kids. They delight all ages and especially the men in your life, so don't be sending them boring flat cards, yo! 

This beauty features a brilliant stamped-scripted embossing technique for the card front, so definitely click over and give it a look-see!

Tammy used the Label Pop 'n Cuts insert for this card.

I am glad to report that we finally got the tree up yesterday, despite Emma being miserably sick with a cough/cold. She wandered down earlier for juice, but is otherwise bedridden and sickly, poor girl. Hopefully she will only miss one day of school, but based on the coughing I can hear . . . not so sure!

Happy December!