Christmas Clues 2012: Days 12 & 13 - it's a double!
Warm Winter Wishes ~ Pop 'n Cuts & Copics

Christmas Clues 2012: Days 14, 15 & 16 - it's a triple!

I think it's fair to say that I'm not doing nearly as good or timely a job with these clues this year. It's been a busy month.

Friday was a devastating day for our country and I found myself unable to do much more than cry over the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school. We've talked it over as a family and the kids are coping, but it's hard to make sense of the incomprehensible.

By Sunday we were ready to start the clue hunt again, but I was three days behind. I came up with an idea. I told the kids we would catch up all three clues, so they should start with #14.

35 Clue14 36 Read14
KARL: Where are there a lot of boxes?

EMMA: The garage!

They went out to the garage, where my boxhoarding had reared its ugly head again.

ME: I'm impressed that you're willing to look through that giant mound of boxes, but I don't think I want to document it with a photo for my blog. Too embarrassing!

KARL: Is the money out here?

ME: Nope.

Side note - this morning I took my trusty box cutter to the garage and broke down the entire stack and hauled it to the curb just as the recycling truck rolled up. The boxes are gone! (Well, for now)

Back to the clue hunt.

EMMA: Where else are there boxes?

KARL: In the coat closet there are a few. We haven't played with chalks in years, though, so it would have to be a really old box.

ME: Hmmm, so YOU haven't played with chalks in years, huh?

EMMA: No, we haven't.

ME: Right. YOU haven't played with chalks. YOU!

EMMA: (lightbulb moment) Come on, Karl - it's in Mom's office.

37 Boxes
It actually didn't take them long to locate the box labeled CHALKS. 

EMMA: Here it is.

ME: Wait! Open it there on the corner where the mess isn't visible in the background. Slide a little to your left . . . OK, there.

38 Find14
They did not find any money in the box.

They found Clue #15! Bwaa haa haa! They were surprised.

39 Clue15

KARL: Do we have any bird cages in the house?

EMMA: There's the cage in my room that has Hedwig in it.

They ran upstairs to Emma's room.

40 Look15
No luck.

EMMA: But this is the only bird cage.

ME: Well, what does "abode" mean?

KARL: Home. Or house. 

EMMA: Didn't you make Mom a bird house in wood shop, Karl?

They tore downstairs to my office. The birdhouse is up on top of the cabinets, so I spared them getting a stepladder by announcing that it wasn't there.

EMMA: Hey - don't we have little birdhouse ornaments on the tree?

41 Find15
They succesfully located the final clue #16:

42 Clue16
I really felt like this was a gimme, so I was very surprised when they flopped onto the couch, stumped.

What's most interesting about this photo is that, tech-savvy as we are, somehow we still need three remotes to control all the options for our TV!

43 Ponder16
ME: What is the clue referring to?

KARL: A solar eclipse.

ME: A solar what?

EMMA: eclipse.

ME: What's that you say?


EMMA: (sitting up suddenly) Karl, Mom's digital cutter is called an eclips!

44 Find16
They thought it was pretty cool to find all the money for three day's worth of clues in one spot. I did take a victory shot but it was blurry, so you'll just have to use your imagination.

Emma is once again donating all of her money to charity and decided tonight to give what she's earned so far to Project for Awesome 

I'll leave you with this little tidbit from dinner tonight. 

EMMA: Are you playing Words with Friends again, Mom?

ME: Yes. Aurgh! Jennifer just beat me. I guess I'm not the second-best in the world. Shocker!

JOHN: How about instead of "Words with Friends" you play "Dinner with Family"?

KARL: The graphics are awesome but the story line is horrible.