Christmas Clues 2012: Day 9 - be kind, please rewind!
Christmas Clues 2012: Day 11 - WORDS! What are they good for?

Christmas Clues 2012: Day 10 - Making spirits bright! (only not!)

12 Clue10

Emma went back to school today! She's on three prescriptions, but no more fever. Still, to catch up she'll need to attend tutorials before and after school for most of the week, so there was no time for a clue this morning. In fact, I'm sure I'll be posting in the evening this whole week.

Knowing that I had all day to get the money hidden and clue prepared I naturally waited until both kids were home from school and Karl was dangerously nearby.

There are plenty of jingle bells around the house right now - a wreath on the dining room table, a few ornaments on the tree, and, if they were at all observant, this tree:

13 BellTree
I was crouched down putting the money in the jingle bell when Karl appeared in the hall. As luck would have it, I am not always good about putting things away. I had done some cleaning earlier and the cleaning spray was within arm's reach so I quickly grabbed it and squirted the table to "explain" my presence.

ME: Gosh! I cleaned this room today but already there's more dog hair.

KARL: (disinterested and obviously not listening) Where does it come from?

ME: The dogs. It comes from the dogs.

KARL: (turns corner into the kitchen) Uh huh.

I have no idea why I thought he would clue-in and notice me crouching by the table. Earlier I was mopping the dining room floor and listening to some festive holiday tunage. I started singing "Oh the weather outside is frightful . . ." and Karl just abruptly got up and walked out of the room!

ME: Where are you going?

KARL: I'm pretty sure you're about to do something embarrassing, like maybe dancing with that mop, and I don't want to witness it.

ME: As if! I am MOPPING, quite seriously, thank you very much!


He returned, sat down, put his headphones in, and stared at the screen.

One time at school they were doing some testing with Karl and his powers of observation. One guy was engaging Karl in a conversation while the other sat at the table quietly. He then removed his shoe, tapped it on the table, placed it on his ear, tossed it in the air, etc., and Karl never noticed.

COUNSELOR: Karl, did you see Mr. Johnson doing anything odd while we were talking?

KARL: Who's Mr. Johnson?

MR. JOHNSON: I'm Mr. Johnson. We met 10 minutes ago.


So you can imagine that there was never much chance that Karl would notice me dancing with the mop. 

There were Rockettes kicks, Elvis moves, everything I could think to get his attention, and he never looked up.

I finally just gave up on the housework, because if the only fringe benefit is 10 minutes without dog hair and nothing more tangible, like groans, eye rolls and "MOM!" from a kid, well then . . . why bother? Heh.

14 Read10
Emma was slightly annoyed that he always removes the seal. He compromised and let her read the clue first.

As usual, they didn't properly decipher the first two lines. They assumed it meant snow, or maybe decorations, and tore around looking at all the decorations.

ME: Hey! Have you learned nothing? Read the first two lines again - to what do they refer?

KARL: (reads) Jingle Bells?

EMMA: Well we don't have jingle bells in this house. Except for that tree over there.

She picked it up and gave a cursory look and put it back.

Next they checked the jingle bell wreath in the dining room. No luck.

ME: You have actually been blazing hot to the money already.

The returned to the original jingle bell tree and looked a little closer.

15 Look

16 Success
After they finished the clue I reminded Emma that it was time for her cough medicine. She is an absolute wimp when it comes to foul-tasting liquid medicines. She was very put-out by them prescribing a liquid and attempted to tell me that she was *cough* no longer *cough* in need *cough* of the medicine *cough* because *cough* her cough *cough* was all *cough* better.

ME: Come on! You're a tough girl. It's one teaspoon of a foul liquid - slurp it down and chase it with juice.

EMMA: It is sooo disgusting, though! The worst thing ever!

ME: Not the worst thing ever. What about the stuff they have to eat on Survivor? 

EMMA: That would taste better.

ME: So you're saying you'd rather eat some exotic bug than that cough medicine?

EMMA: No, I'm saying the bug would TASTE BETTER, not that I would actually eat it.