Halloween Pop-up Card with Double Spinner
Pop-up 2Torial: Pop 'n Cuts Reindeer Spinner Card

Skellie's Story (only 363 days until Halloween)

Skellie was born on October 23rd, 2012 in the midst of a massive studio purge/clean session. The skeleton stamp set had recently arrived from Lost Coast Designs and, having ordered him over the internet, I had no idea that he was going to height-in at over 10" tall! 


The massive purge/clean session was months overdue and I was attempting to return my studio to its former glory while simultaneously impressing and confusing my friend Eileen Hull, who was due to arrive on October 25th and had always heard me say that my studio's regular decor was "Hoarders Chic".

Meanwhile, my friend Gretchen, who lives close enough to make any sort of neatness facade on my part completely futile, was regularly checking up on me via text and encouraging me to stay on track with the cleaning. I suggested that whoever told her I was not cleaning and instead assembling a giant stamped skeleton was obviously delusional as I would never do such a thing.

And then I sent her this photo:


Why don't you come over and see me sometime?

About this time I also got a text from Eileen, asking how my day was going. I replied with this:


Gretchen thinks I'm cleaning! Tee hee hee!

With a synergy that could only be arranged by mysterious mystical Skellie forces, I also received a "what up?" text from Shelly Hickox, thus ensuring that she, too, would start receiving Skellie poses.

It's just that the cleaning is so TIRING!

WHEEEEE!                                                                         What a workout!

Shelly proceeded to tell me to knock it off, already, because she was a VERY.IMPORTANT.CRAFTER and was trying to WORK.ALREADY! She said she was filming a tutorial video and lamented that her voice sounded like (her words, not mine) Minnie Mouse.

Ever the supportive friend, I sent her two more poses:

Gretchen, meanwhile, asked if I had completed the cleaning of my office

I sent her this:


All done except over there!

Convinced that there were more laughs to be had, and finding this exercise infinitely more entertaining than cleaning, I started crafting props for Skellie:

If you can believe it, I did finally grow weary of posing Skellie, taking pictures of him and harrassing my friends. (I know! Cray-cray!) I finally let him thank the audience and bid adieu.

The goal with Skellie was to have him dancing on the front of a card. To do so, he was going to require some string and a pull cord.

I found a charm of two bones and some black beads and got busy stringing up his dance cord. I'm not exactly sure why I didn't notice what everyone else noticed . . .

I showed it to John and he instinctively did what all men do when faced with such a jarring image. He clutched the front of his pants and winced.

JOHN: OUCH! That looks terrible! Why exactly did you choose to use TWO beads?

ME: What? I'm not sure what you . . . oh. Right. 

Shelly also had a few comments about poor Skellie's medical condition. I pointed out to the critics that he was still smiling, herniated jiggly bits and all, but nonetheless he went into a corner until such time as I could find time for reconstructive surgery.

It was only a short while later that the FedEx truck arrived to deposit FIFTEEN BOXES OF DIES in my foyer. Having just sorted, purged and broken down about 25 boxes that day, I reacted to the arrival of my new dies in a less than mature manner . . .

I walked right over to Skellie with a pair of scissors. SNIP!

And yet he was STILL SMILING!!!

I tried to work on Skellie's card the first part of this week to get him ready to post by Halloween. I wanted to show how to fold and double the Pop 'n Cuts Base Die to allow for a double spinner. The week got a little full, though, when Eileen and Lorine became hurricane refugees and I was forced instead to hang out and have margaritas. (Forced, I say!)



I did finally get him onto the front of a card, though, with my double-spinner, etc. Finished it up as the first Trick-or-Treaters were ringing the doorbell!

01 Skellie Front
Notice that his junk string was cleverly hidden behind some pieces of paper? Voila! I also made him a cool pair of shades so he would coordinate with the card interior, featuring Chester & the Boneyard Band.

02 Skellie Open
03 Skellie Upper
04 Skellie Lower
05 Skellie Mechanisms
You can see the mechanism for the double spinner in this side view.

And that's the story of Skellie!

Happy Belated Halloween!

06 Skellie Summary